Caller: Blaming Religion for Terror is a Cop Out

bob in kansas city missouri a body a
professor of religious studies really katrina mexico petra meredith i just
retire clear at the character twenty karen well good any of this coroner religion notable probably related to ticket and i
don’t know about it plug my help but uh… i just want to play a quick
look at how you’re taking it on that because i really believe that on the blaming of religion just sort of a is
reality fertile ground for appreciate called so
that we don’t have to look into the kind of things you look at the history of the
economic how we have how we’ve treated people and
thought i would think that this interview him anthony delicate lama fault itself because the saying really do believe
that you’re pointing out for all kinds of things would likely to christianity
pulpit and you have martin luther king using the frame bible missing book the
pre pack the fingerprint intelligent but you get into a different way yes i
really think which is right i just want to put your finger okay that’s my view
is that this is a this is a way to not deal with the
history of the economic and all of our other issues by blaming religion in general comment and and in fact i think that this whole
idea of looking for the deeper cause uh… in islam the hue of lob ism in the united states you know you’ve if you’ve heard the
program i a priority around a lot about the supreme court him now we have exact
his constitutional monarchy here monthly payment on they will be wrong on
this and i would love to have a debate was somebody about it who who piano is fairly well educated on
the topic uh… but the person who put me onto
this actually was phyllis schlafly on this program and and and essentially what she said
this is number years ago she agrees with me by the way that the supreme court has
overstepped their power and has been since eighteen oh three uh… it’s what you do you fight is a if
as a liberal i find it very weird when phyllis schlafly and newt gingrich agree
with me on anything but they agree with him this and she said that the abortion you know the the in in roe
v_ wade the court actually created law because
they’d be defined three separate trimester zin and different rules for
each trimester that’s something that should be done by
a legislature not by a court courts shouldn’t be making laws and equal should be deciding who wins
and who loses in a case where people litigating against each other i mean
that’s you know at least appeals court new and and they her point and i think that
there’s some truth to it is that if if the supreme court had not decided roe v_
wade but instead another few years ago on by
and i realize you know did terrible thing you know the women dying from coat
hanger abortions and whatnot but still a couple more years gone by and a
legislative process made abortion legal in the united states and had defined well out individual states he finds the
case may be what how they were going to regulated and you know when life begins
and when you know what they did turn dot you wouldn’t have people killing
abortion doctors because it would have been something
that we all collectively did know that was the the original sin was the supreme
court is like the original sin was the while bests uh… startup i don’t know if i would
agree with that because i think that it had been legislatively there would be an
excuse for the politics only issues and everything with probably in bed in the same way
they’re using a civil rights act affirmative action and so on and uh…
you’re probably right but i’m not sure if i write although the civil rights act
you know as some to some people say you can track that back to about about the board but uh… but no i i p e probably right by i think i’m

  1. Religion is not a "cop out." There are certainly other factors, but to try cherry picking those that ignored their religion's doctrine and claimed that it promoted their ideals, like with Martin Luther King, does not get religion off the hook. Religion is the reason why these disgusting ideals existed in the first place.

  2. I think everyone is mentally handicapped and stuck in pre-adolescence to some extent. Religion purposely worsens it to better take advantage of people. Politics too often does the same thing. It is sadly amusing how many atheist libertarians there are who brag about how enlightened they are even though they are just as disconnected from reality as the fundamentalist nutters. There are many other examples of people preying on these human defects for money and power.

  3. Religious beliefs should be treated like other beliefs. A person claims he sees a green hand pointing to Iraq and a voice saying "Attack here", it'd be wise to be a little skeptical. When G.W.Bush says he saw some kind of God's hand, or that he heard God's voice that demanded to introduce some particular bill, we probably should be a little skeptical too.
    Religious suicide bombers, of course, are desperate people who kill for a better afterlife because they don't know how ridiculous the idea is.

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