Buying Every Advertisement I See! (NOT CLICKBAIT)

bitch are you ready you're ready to do this man I'm ready are you ready to do this are you ready what's everybody I'm incredibly excited to do this video and I literally have no idea how this is gonna turn out so what about to do is by every single ad that pops up whether it's on Facebook or any of the websites that I go to basically if there's an advertisement saying buy this now or get this here I'm gonna do exactly that now I have set some rules for this so I'm gonna be spending $1,000 I'm gonna set myself a limit of like a hundred and two hundred dollars per item if it's less that's totally fine but I don't want to spend my thousand dollars within the first like two minutes I'm not gonna be purchasing services or programs these have to be solid objects or products with that being said let's get into it okay first things first I've cleared my cache afeared my cookies history these ads shouldn't necessarily be catered towards my searches which is even better which means it's give me even more random I am gonna start a Facebook because Facebook seems to be the place set advertisements are always popping up but Jordy this will be blurred because I don't want my friends to be in this video we'll see the ads that pop up okay let's do this it has to be something that can actually by now okay hydrates party I think it's a water bottle he's a water bottle smart water bottle I now how much is it 50 bucks we're gonna do black let's go ahead and add to cart checkout so this comes to total of sixty four ninety five okay so I'm ordered it thank you first product down let's keep going let's keep searching Facebook okay the night-sky celebrate a magical moment this holiday season by gifting a night sky okay let's apply this your star map from a night your hearts gift from 60 to create a custom star map what where do you see pretty sick where do you want to see this guy from let's do Toronto I don't know let's just do my birthday one there's your special occasion we'll do my birthday oh you pick colors okay let's do aquamarine write your message here daily life started oh that's silly commotion oh shoot okay the day life started let's go ahead and check out is it 60 bucks shipping is free nice that's another 60 bucks spent there on a star map thank you Dan okay so we've just spent another sixty dollars on a custom star map we were currently at $124.95 all the ways to go it's been about ten minutes order one of three limited edition toaster oh my god freaking toe I don't even need a toaster okay screw it let's get a Wayne Gretzky toaster so what do you got twenty-five dollars for Wayne Gretzky toaster this is so Canadian first off what the hell is this thing so it burns Wayne Gretzky's face into the toast let's buy it we have to buy it shipping is five dollars so this came to thirty three twenty four this is same time we're not gonna switch over US dollars to Canadian it is what it is hope my bank doesn't freeze my card can doing this not gonna lie this is kind of fun but it's also ridiculously random or you got next Loosli store winter is coming the super chunky net blent oh my god freaking blanket literally the last thing I need is another blanket I've got so many blankets and this one looks like thick as hell extreme chunky knitted blanket guys I don't even know what I'm gonna do with this I've got no storage for this you could pick different colors Oh yellow is sit yeah I'm getting yellow that one's sick yes I'm gonna get large shipping costs four ninety five seventy seven forty five we've currently spent $235 in 64 cents okay what's next we got a tap lock forget your keys a combination share with someone who needs this what this is so fun because it just keeps getting more random world's first smart fingerprint padlock ooh these are pricey these are pricey a hundred bucks okay let's buy one this is like the dumbest thing I bought a fingerprint lock which obviously means that needs to be charged nobody charges a lot you have it there because you're not around with shipping comes to one 32:21 I can already guarantee right now I feel like my bank is gonna call me there's all these random purchases on my credit card at the same time oh okay let's keep going one thing I am noticing and I don't know if this is something to do with Facebook directly but these are all coming from Shopify stems websites ok our total currently stands at three hundred sixty seven dollars and 85 cents let's keep going I don't know I don't know where these are coming from I've never searched for a fingerprint padlock in fact that's where the dumbest one on here and it's most expensive gravity blankets the weighted blanket for sleep stress and anxiety my got another blanket oh my the last thing I need my house right now or blanket alone I just got an extreme chunky didn't bite it which is like the epitome of what I don't need 250 250 bucks guys it's it's past my budget range I want to spend too expensive let's keep going Iggy's sweat proof undershirts now they're certain to suck ass why do I need I don't need this okay well let's get one is a sweat proof undershirt 4598 a running total right now is at four hundred thirteen dollars and eighty three cents blue cup more on Facebook then we'll venture off to the actual website review that was so done you know what's weird is the more that I'm buying the more like the larger the gap between ads are it's almost like they're just like hey give us your money we'll stop advertising bark shop Charlie picture there's a dog one on here Monsieur egg corn he's the fanciest squeakiest ain't cord around charlie I don't really even know exactly what this product is to be honest with you so there's an egg corn there's AG uh what is that a corn inside of an egg corn okay so basically it's a toy inside of a toy nineteen dollars flat Congrats your order is in that bring their total up to four hundred thirty two dollars and eighty three cents still not halfway no no no no no I literally do not want this at up up here what is a pure wave professionals choice home there I will never you I go oh my god I'm never gonna use I know I'm never gonna use this oh and it's 160 bucks which falls into the oh my god guys I'm having I'm having a real hard time buying this one I'm gonna be totally lost to you oh okay total came to 188 65 that one hurts but I'll have this thing to massage the pain and then that's corny as hell okay we're currently over the halfway mark we are at 620 $1.48 Charlie I just bought that buddy the more that I'm buying the less the ads are popping up on Facebook like now I'm just getting like like this page or visit here it's not none of them are like shocked now or by now Oh what the is is unisex sneakers designed in New York City made in Italy these shoes are so ugly don't make me buy these please help ok these shoes issues are actually $265 I'm not I'm gonna buy them those are awful guys don't buy those please hi smile we whiten teeth in ten minutes Oh Connor McGregor uses it no way okay is that a needle what the hell is it whitens teeth in only ten minutes eight shades whiter what okay so it's a device you put in your mouth and it's a blue light I've seen these at the mall okay 60 bucks sup at sixty two dollars and ninety eight cents let's bring our total to six hundred eighty four dollars and forty six cents yeah hold on my credit it's not going through he'll shut PayPal my card is being declined I think they froze my guard well leave this one up let's go ahead and go on okay we got an ad already Columbia okay let's buy some gloves view cart now this purchase does not go through that means that my bank has temporarily frozen my Visa card what a truth here moment of truth it was decline we oppose my counties looking at my visa bill right now it looks so random it looks kind of sketch guarantee they think that has been compromised if we detect possible suspicious activity on your teeny credit card we can I got a text saying TD fraud alert a purchase for hi smile was made reply why if this was you can we try this again then let's see if it goes through now okay so now one through okay now we're back in business our new total is seven hundred fifty seven dollars and ninety cents and it's been about 4045 minutes then we're just gonna go back to Facebook it seems to be the best one nostalgia fix thousands of retro games at your fingertips oh this actually sounds sick plug and play no seriously over 1,700 games oh I get to choose what like system Add to Cart a hundred bucks a hold on sweet what is it this thing's just got a bunch of games loaded on it free shipping total of this one is $99.95 our total right now is eight hundred and fifty seven dollars and 85 cents what about Twitter does Twitter have any ads promoted so we have an Xbox K but Twitter is gonna be different those gonna be promoted based off who I follow like let's see what this is for this is different though guys I did tweet about player known battleground for Xbox but we're gonna pre-order it because it was technically an ad 33 dollars and 89 cents our new total is 891 dollars and 74 cents go let's go back to Facebook anti-theft backpack 50 bucks okay so it comes with a charger guaranteed I don't win they're just doing this to steal my email address Oh 15 percent off wheel 15 what if I put wheel 20 gift Co let's try wheel 20 you got 20% off what stupid-ass code forty five dollars and 20 cents yeah we are almost there nine thirty-six dollars and ninety four cents oh here we go oh my god a perfect gadget holder that when you're feeling lazy sixteen bucks which we were still not done okay so it clips on that's kind of cool how much is shipping $7 so the total of this $24.90 which brings our total to nine hundred and sixty one dollars and eighty four cents we're still not there yet we finally fell in love pas these are like 3d cards like the most intense 3d cards I've got like $40 left to spend okay we'll buy a nativity pop-up let's just spend the $40 here Santa hammock pop-up card we'll get that one as well Christmas t-rex pop-up card yep probably one more we can do one more that'll hit our limit we'll add one more card to unlock $10 break other friggin getting you a Christmas shark pop-up card Add to Cart comes to 5650 our new total is 1018 dollars and 34 cents we've officially done it I just cooked on every single ad that was advertised me and I spent over $1000 so we have hydrate ink water bottle custom starmap Wayne Gretzky toaster and extreme chunky knitted blankets a finger print padlock a sweat proof undershirt Monsieur a corn dog toy and extreme power massager a high smile whitening kits winter gloves nostalgia fix gaming system and Xbox game anti-theft backpack a lazy mount holder and five pop-up cards now I know you guys are thinking Dan why did you just waste a thousand dollars we'll listen this whole video is made possible for my friends at stop ad it is by far the most effective ad blocker on the Internet it works in all browsers download at once it goes on all browsers it works on Facebook and that's why a lot of this was focused on Facebook because I would not have seen any of those ads if I had stopped ad which is great it's an ad blocker it's not an ad chooser a lot of ad blockers out there you guys probably know this will take sponsorships and let some ads through this blocks all ads period it is absolutely free to download there is a link in my description click that is an absolute free download you will not see any ads that goes for Facebook Twitter so huge huge thank you stop bad for allowing me to do this fun video I have now installed stop ad on all my peers it also stops phishing and I owe you you know I love this not that's gonna fish what stop at does is actually stops fishing your personal information being sold and exposed to other companies out there guys if you like this video idea please subscribe to our channel I've got a ton more coming out hit the subscription button it helps me out a ton see you guys next video [Applause]

  1. Just to let all of you know, I will be doing a review and unboxing of all these products. It'll take a couple of weeks to get them all in so make sure you have notifications turned on when I do upload it!

  2. I need a kid version of the sweat proof shirts because I play football (soccer) and I get really sweaty if it’s not the winter because in the winter I don’t have long sleeved tshirts so I get extremely cold I litterely freeze to death (statement)

  3. Actually it is clickbait because you said 'Buying Every Advertisement I See!' but you diden't buy the gravity blanket

  4. When he ordered the smart water bottle he blocked the order number but I paused it in the perfect timing the order number is Order #89211

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