1. "The Bulova commercial was the world's first legal television commercial and cost the Bulova Watch Company a whopping $9.00 USD."

    WHOPPING $9.00 USD

  2. Here is the link to the photo:

  3. here is an image from the actual commercial–which a test pattern with a moving second hand that says Bulova in the bottom right corner.

  4. Wikipedia describes the first TV commercial as: "displayed a WNBT test pattern modified to look like a clock with the hands showing the time. The Bulova logo, with the phrase "Bulova Watch Time", was shown in the lower right-hand quadrant of the test pattern while the second hand swept around the dial for one minute." The video above doesn't fit that description, might it be a later version?

  5. This was NOT the famous first Bulova TV ad.

    The first TV ad was indeed for Bulova, but it was a camera shot of the brand new WNBT test pattern, which was modified to look like a clock, with the phrase "Bulova Watch Time" in the lower right hand quadrant.

    Bulova wanted to be the first advertiser on the first day of commercial television (July 1, 1941) so NBC/WNBT guaranteed it by putting them on the test pattern!

    There is a photo of the camera taking the shot at earlytelevision d o t org

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