Building Political Power to Transform Our Food & Farm Systems: HEAL SoPL

– Everyone has their
own leadership styles, and this is about you being you, right? And sharing with us, from
your heart and your vision. – My vision is a climate with
unprecedented creativity, because we all feel so safe, and so cared for, and so nurtured. – Indigenous black people
of color all at the table providing the voice of their communities. – It looks like a network of thriving, fisher-led cooperatives
up and down our coasts. – To me, the vision is straightforward. It’s about having the political capital, the political power to create
change in this community. (cheerful guitar music) – We shouldn’t forget
about the environment. We shouldn’t forget about the people, cooking, picking, processing our foods. And we shouldn’t forget about the policies that shape the agricultural
system in the U.S. – Systematic problems
require systematic solutions. – HEAL to me stands out as
one of the few networks really looking at the root
problems of our food system. – We have to harness our
political and economic power to be able to make change. I applied to the School
of Political Leadership to educate myself, to learn how to run successful campaigns, and how the political
system works in the U.S. – I wanted to have more experiences working with other folks
around the country. Learning more hands-on what was going on in the food movement. – [Participant] It’s really invaluable to have a space with such different minds, such different backgrounds,
ages, ethnic demographics. – I think we all have a
real genuine interest in making a difference. – All of us in this school
feel a very strong connection with each other, and that feels like home. – There are not many
opportunities for someone like me, with my background to be able to partake in projects like this. Discover is trying to train people with different backgrounds. To do this work because we
need more representation of people of color, women of color, of indigenous migrant communities. (audience clapping and cheering) – Thank you all for coming today, – my name is Hunter Alexis Scott and I am running to be Mayor
for the city of Cleveland, – Yay, woe!
– Yaaaay – Yes, yes, so I’m a future Politian. I’m looking to build wealth for
communities and individuals. – And so, when yo started
to talk about wealth was your opportunity to say, “We
are the wealth, up in here.” They measure it by money,
we measure it this, like, let’s go in together. – I find it very uplifting
to see so many people of color and different generations come in and teach us the history or
teaching us a technical skill. That’s really valuable,
because the food system doesn’t always breed new leaders of color. – I’ve not really had anybody invest in me in the way HEAL has. – I feel that every time we meet, I go away with a wealth of
knowledge and inspiration, that fuels what I do everyday at home. – It’s easy to feel like
we’re up against powers that are so big and any
progress is insurmountable, but being around people and the work that they’re doing at SoPL. The trainers that we’ve
had give me glimpses of hope, of energy to
like, keep doing this work and stay in this work and
that’s really meaningful for me. – I’m already using things I’ve gained from the School of Political Leadership. The power analysis and the fundraising and now the messaging. – The tools that that I’ve learned through SoPol, have really
helped me see my allies, see my opposition and
really map out strategy. – All the knowledge that I’ve gained I’m already using it to
develop campaigns to talk about the history of the
struggle, to connect with people. – I look forward to watching my comrades, my SoPL brothers, sisters,
siblings, kicking ass. – I feel like the opportunity
tha HEAL has given me is really important to my life trajectory and I’m just really excited
about what I’m gonna do next. (jovial piano music)

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