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Mr Farage joins me now.
Mr Farage, do you think women should be banned from wearing trousers? No. Do you think that homosexuality is an
abomination against God? You know if we want to go through some
of the loopier comments of people connected to UKIP – although
none of them holding senior positions at all – that’s fine, but we
ought to do so with the other political parties as well. And what is happening here is out of a membership 37,000 people, a handful of people who say batty, often idiotic and
sometimes offensive things are held up as if they represent the
view of UKIP as a party. And it is wrong, it is disproportionate, it is unfair. I mean Ed Miliband is on today. You know I wonder whether you’ll ask him why he’s got BNP defectors who now serve as counsellors for him. I suspect you won’t ask him that question.
If one of my candidates was found to have been BNP, this would be a huge story. So…Okay well let me…
… so you know there’s a lack of proportion here. Well let me put the other side to this, which is everybody
standing for UKIP knows the the media spotlight is on them, you know… Yeah. …and time and time again it’s made very, very easy. You say it’s a mainstream plot against the party. It’s made very easy for the mainstream because there are so many people saying
offensive things. Well we have made mistakes – of that, there’s no question. Despite the membership form that we have that makes it absolutely clear we are a
non-racist, non-sectarian party despite the fact that to be a candidate you
have to go in at a much higher level of declaration, some people have got through. We should have weeded more of them out. However, when you look at the fact we’ve got nearly 2,500 people standing and a handful causes embarrassment, if
you looked at the other parties… I mean they haven’t just said bad things. There was a Liberal Democrat the other week, a serving councillor, convicted of racially aggravated assault, and that doesn’t make the national news. So I’m not saying we’ve been perfect. We
have made mistakes, but these people are not representative of UKIP at all.
Are you concerned that there is something in the way that UKIP is presenting or has presented itself that
attracts such people? No because they join every party.
and And, as I say, I mean you know nine Labour councillors left the Labor group in Harrow last year
over accusations of racism. There was a Conservative last year, official in Essex, forced to resign over Islamophobic comments.You know we haven’t got a monopoly on unpleasantness
and stupidity. Yes. But what I would say is this. Not only am I adamant that we are a non-racist party. This week I’m gonna fight back against
it. You will see our election address for the local elections this year and you will see a lot of black
ethnic minority candidates who are proudly standing for UKIP and I am going to approach this
differently in future. Alright well let me ask you about something that you said yourself in an interview in The
Guardian. You said that people should be worried if Romanians moved into the same street
as them, and you wouldn’t say the same thing about Nigerians presumably or Chinese or anybody else?
Well the question was, the question was you know “If a whole load of Romanian men moved in next door to you, would you be concerned about it?” Perhaps you would, yes. Why? Because you know the what has
actually happened is we’ve opened up the doors to
countries that haven’t recovered from communism and I’m afraid it’s become a gateway for organised crime. Everybody knows that. No-one dares say it.
But I mean most Ukrainian people are presumably law abiding, God- fearing, hardworking people like most Poles who’ve come here and so on?
Yeah. We should be able,when we decide who comes to live and
work in our country, to choose not just the quantity of
people that come but the quality of people as well, and any normal country would do that .We had four million people come in, according to
latest figures, under the last Labour government. What happens to Britain if there’s
another four million people coming in? Well I think it becomes a more divided
society. I mean you know that’s what I see. I see
anger amongst our young, who find it much more difficult to get
jobs than they used to. I see a lot of people who suffered wage compression over the course of the last ten years. They are taking home the same or less money and yet the gas bill’s gone up, and that has certainly provoked a feeling that we’ve got a very distorted
labor market. And we have divided communities. I mean, look, we are not against immigration. We want good, positive immigration. But let’s …
Really? Yes of course, but let’s do it the way the Australians do it. Let’s have a points system. Let’s have people who come here that have got skills; that want to integrate into our society and will be of benefit to us. What we’ve currently got, and what is not
being discussed at all in this European Elections, is the fact that we have an open door to
485 million people, any of whom can come – regardless whether
they’ve got good things to bring or not. A lot of people have felt there is a whiff
of racism about your party. You are saying this week that will be blown away forever? Yes, I mean I have never believed in the
past in positive discrimination. I’ve believed in treating everybody equally. You know
I’ve never gone for all female shortlists or whatever. But to see what’s
written every day, describing my party as being racist and homophobic, we will deal with that head-on this week.
And what you’ll see… Are there things in the way the party
organises itself and in the party’s rulebook that need to change to help that process?
No. No the rule book is very, very clear. I mean you know there are, as I mentioned
earlier, former BNP activists in the Labor Party, there’s a former BNP
activist standing for the Conservatives in a couple of week’s time. You know we’ve got rules to prevent all of that. Sometimes people don’t quite tell us the truth and,
yes, we need to put more resource and more money into making sure this can’t happen again, but it is not representative of our party. Well no other
party leader has had to describe his members or some of his
members as “idiots”. No, well no other party leader is taking on the establishment. You know
we have three political parties who signed us up to a political union in
Europe. That is where most of our laws are made. We have open borders which has had a very damaging effect on millions of ordinary families in this country and I’m taking on the establishment and
they’re fighting back. And what are those establishment members, David Cameron,
described you as ‘chicken’ checkin for not standing in the coming by-election.
Are we going to see Nigel Farage MP at the next ..after the next election? Well you know my focus is May 22nd and I thought for an hour or two about Newark and I realised that I couldn’t
actually go there because I’m busy touring Britain. I want UKIP to win the European
Elections this year and I’m going to focus everything I can on that. We’ll talk about the General Election
afterwards. Now you’ve wanted to push the Conservatives into offering a referendum, which they now have. Yeah.
How close are you, do you think, to doing the same thing to the Labor Party?We’ll I think the voices within the Labor ranks are beginning to be heard more and more – the wiser, more mature backbenchers
realising that unless Ed boxes off this issue, it could cost him a majority last year.
And I was out yesterday in Deal – out canvassing, a part of Kent that used to have a big mining community, there’s a solid old Labor vote there – and what is for certain is that we are digging dip into that old Labour vote. If UKIP beat Labour in those European Elections, I believe we’ll change Ed Miliband’s position on the referendum. Later on we’re gonna talk about the debate issue, I’m sure. Before we do that, can I talk
about your own position because you’ve been criticised very heavily for taking so much money from the EU
which is not audited and not looked after. One of your posters had
some guy sprawled in the back of a limousine saying you know, “Your taxes are paying for his celebrity lifestyle”. Yeah. It could be your celebrity lifestyle, some might say. Which we want to get rid of. We are the turkeys that would vote for
Christmas. We don’t want British MEPs, we don’t want British commissioners. We want to end all of this. But you’ve gone
right…You said yourself you’ve gone right up to the edge of the rules, possibly beyond it, in claiming your own
expenses. Surely that is not a good… I claim no expenses at all and we have ..You know once again the
British media get this wrong. We get a fixed rate
allowance to spend as we see fit, and I’ve chosen to spend it on fighting and campaigning
to get Britain out of the European Union. Now I know in Brussels they’re not terribly happy I’ve done that, but I believe through my lawyers what I’ve done is within the rules. And how much money are we
talking about? I don’t know, and the last time I named a figure I was accused of taking millions from
the taxpayer. Every British MEP costs £1.25 million a year to the
British taxpayer. Perhaps the answer is not to vote for MEPs in that case? Well I think the answer is to vote for MEPs who would like to close the thing down and not waste all that money.
Okay. Of the 14 MEPs you had last time, 5 have fallen by the way. That’s a very,
very high rate of attrition. It is. Well we…
Why do you think that was? Because we simply didn’t have people who were frankly of the right calibre, and we’ve de-selected people, we’ve been pretty ruthless. UKIP has changed a very great deal. As a gardener you seem to spend more
time weeding than growing or pruning. Well I don’t know. If you look at the
opinion polls, we are leading in the opinion polls. We have done now for the
last seven or eight days and I think that’s not a bad place to
be. Indeed. Do you think that after this – because we’ve had European
Elections in the past where parties have come shooting up, the Greens came shooting up for a while and then disappeared again – do you think you can translate this into
parliamentary seats? Do you think there is as it were a nascent UKIP group already in Parliament perhaps on the right of the Conservative Party which UKIP MPs could help to organise? with
child the summer left the labor party who has she would agree with so many of
the issues opened or migration and the question who governs this country I
remember after the last European election you know being told well done I should
you come second the national elections fantastic achievement we’ll never repeat in domestic politics
and last year the English county elections we got nearly caught a the vote all the
last by elections Westminster we come second in order them we haven’t
yet we needed in Easley we haven’t yet and bro got throughout run over the line but we’re getting
closer can I put you the situation all the conservative them a Member of Parliament who is in favor
of the referendum in absolutely clear that camera has to give
a referendum of the next election and has also said and in that referendum
I will urge a no vote to leave your would you
actually stand against let’s has a problem here that five years ago we sat here and
discuss European elections and you put it to be five years ago that
mister camera said vote conservative because if he becomes Prime Minister there was a costar guarantee you college
however remember Rebels will not be responsible but by making the point we’ve heard these promises and David
Cameron before yeah so if if I do some light bill cash is standing
someone who’s got long-standing about the Order Entry would you really
stand against I think bill cash is more popular problem the the solutions but the problem has a
solution yeah I think that bill cash you know for years has droned on about
Europe ball the country to death never offered any positive solutions
what we’re saying is freed from the EU he’ll get you we get out we get up but
you can try we get our democracy backup ride right back our self-respect back
and we can become a globally engage in nation we’re gonna talk later on but the
debates but for now not before I thank you very much indeed for joining us


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