Breaking Down How Donald Trump Won The U.S. Election

On November 9th, 2016, around 2:30am Eastern
Time, Donald Trump won enough electoral votes to become the President-elect of the United
States of America. Trump’s victory was unprecedented, unexpected,
and for many on both sides of the political spectrum, unbelievable. Seemingly everything we thought we knew about
polling, the media, and the population itself was wrong. So how did Donald Trump win the 2016 Election? Well, one major upset was the inability to
predict which candidate each demographic would prefer. According to preliminary exit polls, Trump
carried mostly white, male voters, while Clinton carried minority female voters. But a smaller proportion of white, black,
hispanic, and asian-american voters cast their ballots for the Democratic candidate in 2016
than in 2012, something polls were unable to predict. Minority voters were expected to make up for
Clinton’s lower performance among white male voters, especially following xenophobic,
and arguably racist rhetoric from Trump. Clinton’s inability to garner enough votes
from these demographics is part of the reason Clinton narrowly lost in key states such as
Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Since 1992 these states have been Democratic
presidential strongholds, but they have large populations of rural and working class white
voters, who make up a majority of Trump’s base. In 2012, Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney in
Wisconsin by seven points, whereas this year, Clinton lost by just a single point. Clinton’s problem in 2016 was that she simply
did not gather the democratic support she needed, while Trump’s base stayed consistent. Between 2012 and 2016 nearly an identical
number of Wisconsin voters, 1.4 million, voted Republican, while roughly a quarter of a million
fewer people voted Democrat.  When more people vote, Democrats tend to
win, and in this election, more people didn’t vote Democrat. In 2008, nearly ten million more voted democrat
than Republican, in 2012 that number was down to six million, and in 2016 the two parties
had nearly the same number of voters, and Clinton even won the popular vote by about
a quarter of a million. All the while, Republican votes have remained
consistent throughout all three elections. It may be more accurate to say that Trump
didn’t win this election, so much as Clinton lost it. One of the big reasons proposed for this low
Democratic turnout is that Clinton simply did not widely appeal to Democrat voters following
the defeat of Bernie Sanders. Many of those who did not support her in the
primaries reported feeling coerced into voting for her on the basis that she simply wasn’t
Trump. States where Sanders won the primary, such
as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, didn’t see the support Clinton needed to win in the general
election.  Many of the same rural, working class voters
who cast their vote for Sanders may have been more inclined to vote for any outsider candidate
rather than necessarily any Democrat. Those who voted for Bernie Sanders: white
men, and millennials, went for Trump at higher rates than in previous elections. Exit polls even show that more Democrats voted
for Trump than Republicans voted Clinton. And while Clinton got more votes overall from
minorities, millennials, and those making under $50,000 annually Trump was able to secure
a larger portion of those demographics than in previous elections. The 2016 election was almost marked by extreme
voter apathy, despite the volume of rhetoric in the lead up. According to some reports, voter turnout was
the lowest it has been since the 2000 election with nearly half of all eligible voters abstaining. This election has proved wrong nearly every
political model used to predict the winner. Hillary Clinton put up a strong campaign,
raised 1.3 billion dollars, and had some of the best media organization in history. But in the face of a growing global populist
movement, many have pointed to this election as a referendum on change. Unlike Obama, Clinton was unable to win over
the support she needed, despite gaining more votes overall. Ultimately, this election reflects a growing
voice in the United States, whether it be those disillusioned with the political system,
those who feel disenfranchised within their own party, and even the alt-right, which has
devastated the GOP and longtime members such as the Bush family. But it also shows a change in the way presidential
campaigns can be run. Although Trump’s win is a surprise, it’s
the reality we all now live in. As this reality sets in for the U.S. and beyond,
millions are still shocked and asking how this year’s election predictions were so
off. Should we really be trusting polls as much
as we have? Why has polling accuracy declined so much? Find out more in this video. Thanks for watching Seeker Daily; don’t
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  1. Donald Trump won the election because he is the only cure for the Liberal disease currently spread all across USA…He is the hero Muricans needed…but not the hero they deserved.. Frankly speaking they deserved Hillary, a witch who would bring down USA and give chance for my country to become superpower mwahahaha

  2. The media and even YouTube channels (Now This World) have done everything they can to vilify Trump as much as possible to make him less popular, it turns out it's doing the complete opposite, Donald Trump uses this coverage to let people see his policy's and his comments about how the media controls us, and how we need to make America great again,and say about what's wrong with our country 🇺🇸

  3. tbh even if sanders had won the primaries. he wouldve lost to trump cuz americans aint gonna vote for a socialist. many hillary supporters would have voted trump if bernie was the democrat nominee. also, i voted for trump just cuz he was better than hillary. kasich or cruz wouldve been better tbh

  4. I'll never understand the Bernie voters who switched to Trump. That's like McDonalds running out of nuggets so you order scorpions instead

  5. only a surprise to liberals like you sonny, plenty of analysts explained exactly how and why Trump would win, best I saw only got Wisconsin wrong in final prediction but said 'even Wisconsin is in play and could flip to Trump' No one wanted to listen so were surprised. I wasn't as I'd listened to the right people. I'm a Brit so was largely just observing

  6. Wrong. Stop making this a hecking race thing. People didnt want Trump as their president, they just REALLY didnt want Clinton as their president.
    Excample: Bernie was anti establishment
    Trump spoke anti establishment rhethoric
    Clinton clearly was not anti establishment.
    You understand statistics, what you dont understand is politics.

  7. Donald Trump… January 20th, 2017… is when the one like a lion stood upon his feet as a man, after having his wings plucked.

    Daniel 7 : 4 (KJV)

    4 The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it.

  8. Yeah, you say Donald Trump is a xenophobe. Look at him traveling to Saudi Arabia, Israel, or China. You call that xenophobic. Also, speaking against criminals is hardly what I would call xenophobic.

  9. Your statistics can convince ignorant person but not informed individuals… so sorry your corrupt to the core candidate lost..

  10. Am I the one who couldn't not think about the way he pronounced electoral votes. I pronounce it ill-ect-eral. He pronounced it ell-ec-toral

  11. Radical Islam, illegal immigration, Hillary & the left was cocky, violent leftist protest, Trump worked harder & had more enthusiasm than Hillary. These are the real reasons Trump won & Hillary lost.

  12. Obama should’ve NEVER picked a fight with “The Don!” Now he knows that you don’t pick fights with a guy that knows how to bust up the corrupt system!! “The Don” isn’t a dude you should pick a fight with!!!

  13. They were showing the polls as leading Hillary Clinton by so much they were hoping nobody would come out and vote it was all a trick Smokescreen

  14. Hillary lost because her entire electoral run was based on identity politics. Or as I like to call it "politically correct bigotry".

  15. "everything we knew about polling was wrong"…Yeah, because nobody seems to understand how the electoral college works.

  16. Μαλακα trump, εισαι ανικανος ακομη και την οικογενεια σου να προστατευσεις

  17. To all the people blaming whiteys for this. Mitt Romney had way more white votes than trump ever got, and Trump gained minority voters.

  18. The ongoing investigations will POINT that Trump support in the USA illegally effected the elections and the Russian role was tangential.

  19. I would definitely say NowThis (along with Vox, Buzzfeed, and MTV News) also played a role in pushing away undecided young voters from the left

  20. Nailed it. Glad Trump was successful as the Democrats became complacent and pushing global agendas too hard. The country would have continued to decay.

  21. All potuses are selected not elected. Each has a specific purpose. All are controlled puppets for agendas that have nothing to do with your welfare. They don't care about you peasants.

  22. The Liberals want the White Males to take off their balls and put it in their wife's purse . That's what lost the Dems their election.

  23. It appears the America that the liberal media depicts is not accurate. And it is also alarming that people often lie in polls or in front of camera in fear of being labeled racists or sexists. Our freedom of speech has been undermined and these asswipes wonder why Trump won?

  24. I don't think you completely understand why Trump won the Midwest. mostly because of the automotive crisis where major automotive companies were attempting to move their factories to Mexico for cheaper labor prices. This completely shocked Michigan which left thousands unemployed and looking for a job. Trump was able to promise jobs to the citizens, whereas Clinton was trying to focus her campaign on identity politics. This is why he was able to gain control of the Midwest because he actually pays attention.

  25. If Trump colluded with Russia to win the election….then WHY did Clinton win the popular vote…and why is the electoral college not being pulled into the scandal? After all…the electoral college would have to be amoung the collusion in order for this whole "collusion" theory to be correct…how come NO ONE is thinking, or talking about this?????? Any thoughts…please??

  26. Lol, the comments from 2 years ago. How do you like Trump, now? He’s certainly a great leader, right? 😂 (sarcasm)

  27. Another reason Trump won is because he kept hammering Hillary on rotten trade deals and the need for border security.

  28. "Donald trump carried Mostly White male votes." Your poll says only male, it doesn't specify race. Also Females are a Majority for Voting as they utilize their right to vote more than men as they received it more recently.

  29. I knew he won hours before, in fact I went to bed because I was one hundred percent sure. I heard a reporter mock God, he said " not even God himself could help Donald Trump win this thing now" I laughed and went to bed. I'm still laughing

  30. What do you think your excuse for losing will be in 2020, because President Donald J. Trump WILL WIN in 2020… aGain.

  31. ผมขอขอบคุณ​ท่านผู้ทรงความยุติธรรม​ครับ🙏🙏🙏

  32. POTUS Trump won because of the silent majority. let's do this again . bigger and better. Four more years, Trump 2020 and beyond if possible , if not Trump Jr. 2024.

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