Breaking Celeb News |  Cardi B rules out political run

she pays hermanas bills she ain’t got no time to chill or run for office cardi B frequently makes her political views known on her ever-popular social media pages but the rap superstar wasted no time putting speculation to rest about a potential future in public office the I like it rapper whose real name is Belle Gillis al-mansur did not beat around the bush bluntly saying no no no when extra host AJ Calloway asked if cardi 2020 was a possibility [Music] despite this the rapper isn’t ruling out accepting an invitation from the Polk County Democrats a left-wing political group in Iowa to speak at a reception of her choice when she visits the state a name that would really scare me but I wouldn’t mind I would talk just how I talk cardi said adding that she wouldn’t care if a curse word gonna come out [Music] should she decide to speak to the Iowa Democrats cardi B said her speech would be relatable to all who listened people look at things that entertain them so if I could talk about what’s going on in America with a little bit of entertainment why not she went on to explain why she’d want to take that approach saying some people don’t really want to watch the news too because they don’t really understand what’s going on do you know that America’s reading level is on a fourth-grade level I’ve been seeing a lot of politicians they use these big fancy words a lot of people don’t understand what they’re saying so I would break it down [Music] the rapper has gotten the attention of fans politicians and news commentators of like following a string of social media posts critical of President Trump and the government shut down [Music] see also Democrats unsure if they should retweet cardi piece shut down Rand Democratic senators were left in a quandary whether to in January cardi B went on an expletive filled rant slamming the partial government shutdown and furloughed federal employees being forced to work without pay as a result of Trump’s fight for border wall funding I just want to remind you that it’s been a little bit over three weeks the singer said in her now viral Instagram video Trump is now ordering federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid this s/t is really f king serious bro this st is crazy our country is in a hellhole now all 4 of f king wall car be raped after the video began making waves Late Show host Steven Colver started a petition to have cardi deliver the Democratic rebuttal to president Trump State of the Union address the rapper’s response why not when asked by extra how she felt about the reaction to her political stance cardi said people were saying all of a sudden she thinks she’s so smart and it’s like this is not about being smart this is something you can watch the news and you can understand share this [Music]

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