Brazil’s ‘new’ middle class holds key to election

He’s spent his first years
growing up in this mud hut, became the most popular
president of Brazil, and is now in jail,
convicted of corruption. But Luiz Inacio Lula
da Silva could still run in October elections. And he’s even leading
the early polling. Members of this farming
community in the northeast say the leftist leader lifted them
from poverty with his programme of monthly cash payments
for those in need. Reviving the economy
amid rising unemployment is high on the campaign agenda. And with 60,000 murders
countrywide last year, so is security. In this farming town many
are turning towards far right politician Jair Bolsonaro. He’s vowed to crack
down on criminality and is running
second in the polls. More traditional candidates,
like former San Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin is
seen as safer when it comes to managing the economy. But he would lose votes,
even in his home city, if he was ever found
guilty of graft. Ultimately, it will be the
country’s giant new middle class that decides
the result. They may have risen up under
Lula, but for many, corruption and crime
have become a red line.

  1. Brazil has so much and so much natural resources, yet it is so poor and full of violence. Something like 23 out of the 50 of the most violent cities in the world are in Brazil (and about other 20 most violent cities are in other south or Central American Countries). These Latinos just won't prosper….

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