Brazil election pits far-right against far-left

[CHANTING] Rarely has Brazil had so
much riding on elections as it does in this year’s
presidential contest. The elections will be decided
in two rounds in October. And it’s turning into
what, for markets, is a nightmare scenario, the far
left against the far right. The result could end
up condemning Brazil to another four years
of political infighting. This comes at a time when Latin
America’s economic powerhouse is crawling out of recession. And to avoid a fiscal crisis,
it needs major reforms, a difficult overhaul of
pensions top of the list. Leading in the polls
is Jair Bolsonaro. The former army
captain who is known for disparaging blacks,
women, and homosexuals, has little support in Congress. But he has used social media to
build up a lead of nearly 30% in the polls. He’s the first
right-wing candidate with a chance of leading
Brazil since the country’s last military dictatorship
ended in the mid-1980s. His message is simple. Brutally suppress
crime, and restore what he calls traditional
family values. Voters see Bolsonaro
as an outsider free of the corruption
scandals that are discrediting traditional politicians. Bolsonaro has recruited Chicago
University-trained financier Paulo Guedes to run
his economic policy. This has helped to
placate markets. They would have preferred former
Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin, who’s seen as
a centre right moderate, but he has lagged in the polls. On the left is Fernando
Haddad, the former mayor of Sao Paulo who is representing
the Workers’ Party, or PT. With 16% support, the lawyer,
economist, and philosopher has been anointed by
the popular founder of the PT, former president
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Lula himself was barred
from running after being gaoled for corruption. Haddad is seen as a
moderate, but his party has become increasingly
radicalised and is steeped in
corruption investigations. Other stronger candidates
include environmentalist Marina Silva and leftist Ciro Gomes. Like other countries, the
2018 elections in Brazil are being played
out on social media through memes and fake news
posts on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Policy debate has been the
first casualty in this election. Analysts agree that
in the longer term, serious discourse will
be needed about reform if Brazil is to prosper. But that’s unlikely to
happen in this election. [MUSIC PLAYING]

  1. wtf FT, PT is not far-left…in their govt there were: privatizations, outsourcing, alliances with far-right politicians, liberals commanding the economy, record profits for banks, etc. Pathetic journalism..shameful.

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  3. It doesn't fill one with confidence in a reporter covering an election, which he himself has stated will be determined by social media, when he can't even pronounce meme

  4. This whole news is fake!! Bolsonaro is the only one who never ever been involved in any corruption case!!! Them can call him racist, homophobic, whatever you want, BUT YOU CANNOT CALL HIM CORRUPT.
    Is time to take back control of Brazil.
    Is time to take over South America !! Bolsonaro 17.

  5. Calling a milquetoast party like PT "far-left" is absolutely ridiculous. Then again, you say Bolsonaro is the first right-wing candidate with a chance to win since the dictatorship, ignoring previous neo-liberal presidents like FHC, so that's telling.

  6. That’s such horrible and cynical report! PT isn’t far-left in anyway. It’s center left, who ruled democratically for years. But Bolsonaro is a crazy bigot, that made his political career as a defender of a brutal dictatorship and diminishing human rights. He is a fascist, very similar to Chavez in Venezuela or Duterte in Philippines.

    There is a real possibility that Brazil is electing an authoritarian demagogue that, not only will radicalize the crisis, but also should put an end to its short lived democracy.

    He himself said several times that, if elected, he will arrest or exile political opponents and even threatened to shoot partisans of PT.

  7. Understand: from the left nothing really comes out. They lie, edit images, and label others what they are. So I advise: see the full context and not be zombies or parrots!

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