Brandcast 2019: Brand & agency leaders drive results with YouTube | YouTube Advertisers

okay okay you gotta say it with pride okay okay it's okay YouTube has been a pivotal partner across PepsiCo it's really leading us for some of the most effective work that we've seen today YouTube has been a driver of growth for our clients it's helped us understand the purchase journey in a more deep way for many of our clients audiences YouTube is the new prime time we took a YouTube first approach in launching her she's hot cocoa kisses new YouTube allowed us to connect with the right creators to create really authentic messages that would resonate with our consumers scale that YouTube has as we insights that actually delivers we continue striving our audience just isn't watching TV anymore and for us to be able to connect with them we have to be on YouTube we took a YouTube first read of approach to our new campaign and we've see that all benchmarks for both reach and engagement we've had phenomenal results we owe it to YouTube YouTube has a very broad offering so we're able to take advantage of all kinds of tools with one relationship with one platform and reach our consumers in a variety of ways YouTube stands alone as a platform that allows us to do that Thank You YouTube for creating this environment where we can really engage with our customers and not just broadcast okay

  1. Mohon maaf kenapa YouTube saya lama sekali di tunjukkan di tolak tidak kenapa di gantung begini tolong jawabannya

  2. Neden YouTube kendi reklamını yapmaya gerek duymaya başladı?
    Why does YouTube need to advertise itself?

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