Brandcast 2019: Alison Lewis, Global CMO, Johnson & Johnson | YouTube Advertisers

[Applause] innovation is in Johnson & Johnson's DNA our founders started the company in the midst of the Industrial Revolution alongside the steam engine telephone and typewriter our company transformed society with life-saving innovations like sterile dressings for hospitals and maternity kits that made home birth safer for both mothers and babies today a hundred and thirty years after our founding our iconic brands like band-aid and Listerine can be found in the homes of over 1 billion people in more than 140 countries when I joined Johnson & Johnson in a brand new role the company had seen incredible global global growth for decades by reaching homes with TV as the dominant medium but at that time the model was in the process of undergoing a huge transformation to modern marketing but embraced digital these changes were at a scale and pace that is never easy I made a point of getting out to visit our marketing teams and consumers themselves in as many places as I could from Topeka to Mumbai and what I learned confirm my beliefs that we needed to make bigger changes happen at an even faster pace our consumers were living an increasingly digital life and J&J marketers needed to be empowered to help our brands connect with them when and where it mattered my most important role as CMO has been serving as a champion for this change through what I called data inspired creativity in embracing a digital first mindset we left behind the old model of launching a campaign and hoping that it worked today like all of you were focused on constantly monitoring our results pivoting as needed and engaging with audiences about their passions and on their terms the first step in our transformation was to seek out the strongest external partners and YouTube was an obvious choice it provides Anna CENTAC real-time reflection of our global society which complements our company's mission to always stay as close as we can to our consumer and partnering with YouTube doesn't just allow us to be more responsive to consumers desires it helps us to be more proactive and even more predictive for example when searches for beauty hacks using lemons began trending on the platform we paid attention then we hit our labs to look at how we could build upon this insight and created our own line of products featuring this in-demand ingredient like clean and cleared lemon we also partnered with YouTube creators Brooklyn & Bailey to develop a Jen's E approved skincare line called C and C by cleaning clear because who better to identify these insights than YouTube creators with a subscriber base of over 5.6 million potential consumers these examples demonstrate how YouTube is the only partner where you don't just learn who your consumers are but also what your consumers want YouTube also gives us a direct line to our audience allowing us to engage with them on their passions and YouTube helps us to create reach audiences we can't with TV we can reach the health conscious person at the gym the frequent flyer on-the-go the young professional commuting to work and many more not only that we're able to customize our messages on the fly evolving as fast as the weather changes this is customized creative at scale and one of the best examples of this is our work on Neutrogena makeup remover wipes with YouTube director mix for this campaign we created 21 customized videos each with its own unique combination of copy and images and using Google insights we leveraged time of day location and weather to serve the most relevant creative to the most relevant person when they needed it most the impact was huge we saw 14% increase in sales on top of that 72% of incremental sales came from brand new buyers we've never seen this kind of return of investment on our investment before using data inspired creativity we increased our sales we engage with a previously untapped audience and we converted them into customers throughout it all we relied on YouTube's insights to adapt again and again the launch of the campaign was only the beginning because we've seen such incredible success with director mix we led with a YouTube first approach for our largest consumer launch of 2019 Listerine ready tabs a solid tablet that turns into a liquid mouthwash as you chew it the challenge for us was that this product was so innovative that people had no idea how to use it we had to educate our consumers and where does anyone go to learn YouTube 10 years ago if the ice maker in my fridge broke I would have called an appliance repair service what happened at my house earlier this year well I got on YouTube watch videos and I actually fixed it myself so to tap into that learning element we worked with Google brand lab and YouTube to create a sophisticated consumer journey that answered critical questions what was it how do I use it why do I need it and we leveraged a mix of tools tailored for different consumers at different stages such as awareness and brand consideration again the launch of the campaign was only the beginning as our audience grew we adapted and pivoted to tell a stronger story this is a YouTube first approach and it helped us to achieve significant black brand lift results that were six times higher than what we'd normally see across J&J brands we also ran an independent study with which found that this approach increased recommendation intent by five times versus our industry norm so by leveraging YouTube's incredible reach tools and insights we were able to achieve something that marketers could only dream about five years ago it was our largest digital investment ever and we made that investment because we believe in data inspired creativity and we believe in the power of YouTube to help us drive results today we no longer looked at digital as an add-on we know it works and we know it delivers a better return on our investment that's why we've increased our youtube spend 250 percent since 2015 as I look back on our transformation I'm extremely proud of how quickly Johnson & Johnson drove this change and I'm thankful to youtube for their help throughout this journey our company was founded during one Industrial Revolution and today we're operating in a time that is just as disruptive and exciting data and technology are already in abling the next quantum leaps forward for business but it's up to all of us to help innovation elevate humanity not eclipsed it with YouTube as our partner were able to make the best most personal connection to the billion people who turn to us to improve their health and their lives thank you you

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