Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn: who won final TV election debate?  | FT

Good evening and welcome to
Maidstone Studios in Kent. Wherever you live, whoever you
vote for, one of these two men will be prime minister
in a week’s time. Welcome to the Media Spin
Room for the last debate of the UK’s general
election campaign here in sunny Maidstone. Boris Johnson has been
going head to head with Jeremy Corbyn on the
question of who should be the UK’s next prime minister? It comes just a couple of
days before the country is set to go to the
polls and answer that question for itself. So who won then? You have made that quite clear. The point is… the point is… Well, according to
the pollsters, YouGov, 52 per cent of viewers thought
Boris Johnson was triumphant, compared to 48 per
cent for Jeremy Corbyn. Yes, we are curt as a nation. It seems that ratio is going to
define everything forevermore. On different topics
of the debate, different candidates
fared better. On the issue of Brexit,
Boris Johnson’s clear message of “get Brexit done” seemed
to connect with the audience and got the most applause. Whereas, Jeremy Corbyn’s
stance of staying neutral came under much
scrutiny and criticism. You cannot be neutral on
questions like this any more, in my view, than you can try
to lead this country and be neutral on the issue of Brexit. But when it came to the issue
of the economy and the future of public services, the
Labour leader scored better. He made the strong case for
socialism over capitalism. And Boris Johnson? Yes, he did struggle. Your party has
presided over cuts in our NHS, increased waiting
times and waiting lists, record number of people delayed
in getting appointments, and a social care system
that is in crisis. But the debate became
rather testy at moments. Whereas Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn
clashed on the issue of racism and anti-Semitism, things got a
little heated here in the Spin Room, particularly between
Labour’s Barry Gardiner and the Conservative
Matt Hancock. Do you know the
answer to the question that has held in limbo British
politics for the last three and a half years? No, no, you’ve held it in limbo. No, parliament has
held it in limbo. No, no, you had a
majority in parliament, and you threw it away. You had a majority… Are you saying
that parliament… You had the majority. You’re are agreeing with me
that parliament’s blocked it. No, no, I’m… But the question, Barry, is… You see, you were
the government. For three and a half years,
you were the government… We tried. …and you failed
to get it through. No… We failed to get it
through because parliament kept blocking it. No… But the question of who you want
to be the next prime minister ultimately comes down
to one of leadership. Who is the person people
want to run the country? And according to YouGov. and according to what
the audience said here, it was Boris Johnson
who fared better. He was the one who seemed
more prime ministerial and had better answers
to those tough questions from the audience. Let’s look at this at the
state of the campaign. The Conservatives
are 10 points ahead. That means that with
nothing changed between now and next Thursday, then Boris
Johnson will be prime minister. And this wasn’t the
game-changing moment Labour needs. Jeremy Corbyn is still way
behind in personality ratings. And it seems almost
impossible he’s going to be able to make that up
between now and next Thursday. So if everything stands
as it did tonight, then Boris Johnson
is set to win. And the country will vote
for a Conservative majority next Thursday.

  1. Why is German media telling me that Johnson won the debate? As a German citizen I can't even vote for Corbyn, what are these people afraid of?

  2. The media supposed to be fair and not sided with any party. It seems that the all the news and media machines are waging war against Corbyn and Labour party. So sad! This is what you call 'democracy'! It bleeds and in a state of life-machine support. Wake up people.

  3. The Tories and their deal with Trump is the biggest THREAT for the middle class. I never voted Labour but I am seriously considering voting for Labour. My parents have a chronic disease and we cannot afford US medical bills even if we are supposed to be upper middle class.

  4. Doesn't really matter who gets in, they're all the same, and not in a silly dramatic way, but in the sense that they're working for the same people and have the same interests, for one of them to be in power, lol.
    Nobody voting on anything would be pretty hilarious, 0% turnout, but of course who's to say our vote means anything and isn't controlled anyway.
    It's all one big theatrical show, enjoy your reality television.

  5. 2:17 This guy sounds worse than my brainwashed friend who studies A Level politics.
    He knows the terms, but he is so freaking brainwashed he can’t come up with anything of any importance. He just goes over and over what doesn’t work. You know the problem with A Level Politics? It tries to scare the students: DON’T DO THIS; DON’T DO THAT! THIS WILL INEVITABLY LEAD TO THE FALL OF THE COUNTRY. They are telling us what happened but not WHY it happened. The students are not encouraged to think for themselves. If they are just telling students what CURRENTLY works rather than what could work BETTER, WHAT IS THE POINT OF A LEVEL POLITICS???

  6. I'm voting Labour. Conservatives have plans to scrap all funding for autistic children. My son's legal right according to his EHCP to speech therapy hasn't happened due to more cuts.

  7. Faced with claims that Labour antisemitism poses an existential threat to Jews, on the one side, and arguments that antisemitism is neither widespread nor institutionalised in the party, on the other, it might be tempting to split the difference and assume that the truth lies somewhere in between. But Jamie Stern-Weiner and Alan Maddison say the truth of this controversy lies not in the middle but at one pole: there is no ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’.

  8. As a British Jew I don’t fear Corbyn, but I’m horrified by how ‘Antisemitism’ is being used against him……..Antisemitism is real and it’s growing. We need to face into the role Israel plays in generating antisemitism. We need to recognise that Zionism can be experienced as both a movement for Jewish liberation and as a project of racist, settler colonialism. We need to be clear from which political direction the most serious dangers to Jews and other minorities are coming from. For some on the left, there is a need to learn some Jewish history and appreciate why so many Jews feel such an emotional tie towards Israel.

  9. M.P,s are on £79,000 a year put the useless bastards on national minimum wage people are living like dogs in the real world time to take OUR parliament BACK

  10. Good grief, Jonathan Pie hasn't half changed. I guess that daddy has some connections, although, I can't see the boy serving behind the bar at any one of Sarf Lahndon's finest.

  11. Jeremy Corbyn go F** urself with your NHS lies or il scream BOO at you and give you a dam heart attack stupid old man

  12. How can you say 'Boris Johnson, he was the one who seemed more prime-ministerial and had better answers to the tough questions from the audience'? That is entirely subjective. I could easily say my view that Johnson gets grilled in every encounter with Corbyn including this one because Corbyn is a good man of integrity and Johnson is a puppet for the elite, destroying this country with instruments like austerity which is only implemented to keep people in poverty and destitution and is never actually necessary at all, but I don't, because it's clearly not shared by everyone. The one thing that continues to baffle me in life is how people simply cannot see through the haze of bias and propaganda that is pushed by and rampant in every mainstream media institution in this country and the West. It is not hard to pick out a word, phrase or phrasing within every sentence written and word spoken from these bought and paid for institutions.

  13. so depressing.. this country seems to insist on self destruction and the elite seem have full control of the masses now through their media monopoly. Imagine how amazing life could be in this country if people actually just took a leap. instead ppl just want to keep serving the richest in society for some reason. quality of life will continue to reduce.

  14. am sorry it was to stage but i cant risk the Tory's selling our NHS just to get a deal with the Yanks who have showed how greedy and corrupt they are so if your willing to go to bed with people like that am sorry get out of the job its not whats needed why would you sell our health care to people who dont have it unless your rich why would you do that to our country the Toys have to go they failed in Brexit and now it becomes clear why

  15. In first pass the post and a bicameral uncodified system of doing things "leadership" does not matter much at all (definetley a negative tactic to focus on something so trivial when that may mislead some members of the laypublic with a warped one sided narratives)

    Democracy involves a primus inter parus the pm is a first amongst equals policies are what matter

    And Labour wanting a cheaper more affordable rail service that will earn the government further money in taxation or vat i presume , which can then create a positive cycle of growth if reinvested into education and healthcare

    I think nationalising the rail system (if done efficiently and effectively ) is simply the best policy of 2019 therefore labour deserve a win for creativity n intelligence

    Moreover a pm like boris whom is more of a figure head to civil servant s whom are out of touch with the majority of the working public is likely to be the face the media scrutinise whilst cuts slash the working classes' culture, morale, and resources

    Why not have a sustainble and well maintained (not excessivley cut or spent on) economy that values peoples' lives first, and their profit and livelihoods second

  16. The conservatives (as evidenced on social media , such as Facebook ) have clearly lost the election because of attempts to privatise the nhs

    1) Gladstonian Liberalism has stood the test of time
    2) it is morally permisable it ensures essentials like healthcare are not amorally commodified
    3) it encourages holistic n empathetic thinking towards others of different backgrounds
    4) it encourages a more moral and fair approach to responsible tax keeping n spending eg helping those who find it difficult to help themselves eg the nhs n potentially paying homeless peoples rent with council tax
    4) it ensures civilian satisfaction with the government by having a blueprint globally for cradle to grave care n empathy with a cultural softpower influence as a key trader n holisitic care provider in a globally crowded economy

    Put peoples' lives n essentials first, put profit as secondary

  17. Labour won this won. It will be interesting to see which party will win the election. Tories are now offering things they should have offered before now.

  18. Dear UK: You really are bottom of the barrel cretins if you vote in the Tories again. Especially this lot of absolute abject craven villains.

  19. Anti semitism anti semitism anti semitism is all i hear these days…hmm wonder why? Zionists are not Jews, they using Jews as a tool. Real Jews hate them we live in a multicultural country not a Jewish country..

  20. Do people even know what socialism is? The way he said Jeremy Corbyn won the debate on socialism vs capitalism astonished me. Labour are more social democrat than socialist. Socialism kills everything, and then it kills humans after it’s wrecked everything else.

  21. The sole purpose for this GE is to remove the quisling traitors infesting Westminster who are preventing Brexit from taking place. So Corbyn pretending to be neutral on the subject is completely disingenuous. Corbyn is clearly lying, he want's the UK to remain in the EU. He claims he will gain the best possible terms of leaving and then campaign against themselves to Remain as before. Is he seriously expecting us to believe that codswallop? What possible incentive would he have to even attempt any kind of terms of leaving, let alone the best possible terms. He's a blatant liar.

  22. Whats Brexit ? Whose Boris Karloff ? Whats Parliament (Rubbish) !!! Who am i AND why am i wasting valuable minutes when they spin so much twaddle its not even funny when i could be worrying about serious things such as ………Im not saying we all know politicians cant keep a secret Happy Christmas all just a bit of nonsense from a Granny 💫🌟✨😘

  23. Is the BBC & SKY biased against Corbyn? I think so. This is why the people voted for Theresa.

    Look at the policies not the propaganda

  24. Labour have no chance of winning Corbyn is a joke lol ,boris will give us brexit, WHAT WE VOTED FOR 🙂 cant wait to see what remainders have to say on Friday, cry babies.

  25. Who Won? Whoever Finance World & it's Media 'guidance Councellors' have opted for in the next 'Fixed' consentuality clubbing.

    Community UK….Hippies & Toffs together as one.

  26. There are other parts of the Global Finance movement can turn into a building site. They are much bigger generally & Warmer so require less building 'Heat' & already 'Racist' presumably?
    Worship 'Fossil' Fuel providers….they are 'Deity' Worthy apparently!

  27. Bloody hell dictating public option based just on yougov stats much?
    PS the only person really criticising Corbyn over his Brexit stance was Johnson. And not all the polls, including You gov polls, found Johnson came out on top for this debate. You Gov found Corbyn was way ahead on trustworthiness. And BBC Fact check roasted Johnson on pretty much everything.

  28. Another blatant disregard for Scotland . Wake up England …..Scotland has her bags packed and is in the taxi . Your fast asleep and overdosing on your own arrogance . Nothing ever changes eh ?

  29. Neither, they are both disgusting men who don’t care about the UK they only care about getting money in their pockets and getting to power to spite the other

  30. Pathetic that they use just one of the poll results instead of averaging up all the available polls. Laughable really if it wasn't so important.

  31. Boris Johnson burned £20 notes in front of homeless, he wants to remove the nhs so he can gain more money and the only answer he comes up with is "wE'Ll GeT BreXiT DoNe", he has done nothing to help or seem as if he cares about anyone other than the rich and he's just like trump but mot as obvious, Jeremy on the other hand, he is with labour and labour made the nhs so people can get FREE health care and people don't have to struggle, he also got to grenfell tower as soon as he could so he could help and talk to the people who lived in there, but Teresa May took her dang long time and when she got there "she didn't know what to say" and when Boris and all the other assholes are watching the Queens speech at Christmas, Jeremy is at the homeless shelter helping them out however he can, so for those who are voting Boris then u should really re thing your vote and for those who are voting Jeremy, good on ya ^^

  32. It's mind boggling how so many of those commenting below, on, ironically, the Financial Times' channel, seem to think that national economies run like household budgets. This country needs investment, the Labour Party are promising it. Their manifesto is fully costed, and has the backing of 163 of the most respected academics in the field of economics. Yet so many think their uninformed and uneducated opinion carries equal weight. This truly is an election based upon ignorance.

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