1. According to the Late Eustace Mullins, Hitler Churchill Stalin and Mao were Cousins and illegitimate Rothschlds .
    The first Conspiracy Theory and skilled artist.
    His first book the Secrets of the Federal Reserve 1953 was under the mentorship of the Renowned scholar and Artist
    Ezra Pound who was imprisoned in St. Elizabeth's Washington DC without charge for trying to keep the USA out of WW2. RIP

  2. Trying to think about the point of the tax cuts for the wealthy. I think if there is a principle that is positive it will be to encourage more high earners to live in the UK so you produce a smaller tax return from more people to produce a bigger sum. But it sits within an evolved culture to creatively swerve the legislation.. Seems like you keep building a proportionately bigger sieve.

  3. Thrown out at Westminster crown court before it could even get to the public crown court, and no one was surprised, they look after their own.

  4. What the BBC aren't telling you is we give more than 350m a week to the EU and they know it.

    The BBC are having your pants down once again and You don't know it…………………………………..

    till now

  5. This has no legs because anyone, even the ships cat, can find out how much we pay Europe as a bottom line.

  6. In 2017 the UK government paid £13 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was forecast to be £4 billion . So the UK’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at nearly £9 billion.
    The UK actually paid closer to £250 million a week. Which is still a lot of money.

  7. Please, listen properly. He says criminal offence when ACCUSED of lying, politicians are accused of lying almost every day and alot of the time the only liars are the accusers.

  8. How absurd….you may as well drag just about every politician standing for Parliament…It's true we should not be lied to but look at May top of the list of repetitive lies stating we will absolutely be leaving the EU 29th March!!! Our political system needs and overhaul.

  9. there is a huge difference between MPs normal lies and conspiring to deceive the public, which caused a disputed result. its a disgrace against hard won democracy. farage and johnson should each get 3 months in jail. they blagged it and were prepared to say and do anything to get the results. if tommy robinson can get jail, so can these guys. someone needs to put a lid on this.

  10. Where is the coverage of the Robin Tllbrook case saying we left the EU on the 29th March ?
    You can't just do whatever you like if it is against the law.

  11. Oh the bloody Irony of the BBC talking about honesty after they covered up for 'Saville's Kiddie fiddling' for years and the blatant lies and deceit regarding Tommy Robinson on the 'Panodrama' debacle. Double standard, agenda driven Wank stains!

  12. there is a court case at the moment to say that we did leave the EU on the 29 of march please check the site above and pass it around the net and donate if possible.
    this case is very strong..

  13. That guy with blonde hair look original like Donald trump😂😂😂😂😂😂😂4:57 when he come out bus XDDD at first i thought its him lmaoo

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