Boris Johnson claims he is ‘confident’ EU will shift its position on backstop

I think we can definitely
get ready. Now, I’m not going to suggest
that there won’t be, as I said, on the steps of Downing Street
there may well be bumps in the road, but we will be ready to come out
on 31st October, deal or no deal. Now, of course, our friends and
partners on the other side of the channel are showing a
little bit of reluctance at the moment to change their position. That’s fine, I’m confident that
they will, but in the meantime, we have to get ready for
a no-deal outcome. That is, I’m afraid, very much
up to our friends and I hope that they will
compromise, that they have seen that the UK
parliament has three times rejected the withdrawal agreement,
the backstop. It just doesn’t work.
It’s not democratic. I hope that they will see
fit to compromise, but in the meantime, we get
ready to come out on 31st October.

  1. The GoodFriday Agreement is a proxy excuse for keeping the UK in the customs union and single market.
    We know that for certain now because both the EU and Ireland have ruled out a hard border in their no deal planning.
    What's the point of a Backstop when no-one has any intention of putting a hard border in Ireland in any circumstances?

  2. " No no no, we want a deal don't worry we do want a deal." You always talk nice to whom you're dumping. I can already hear the door slamming at the end of October. She gone!

  3. What a nutter. He thinks the EU will change the foundation of its existence for a leaving member that threatens to commit suicide if it doesn't change want to? How daft can someone be?

  4. The EU are friends and currently economic partners but the UK wants the EU to become economic competitors.
    Competitors will not always be friendly.

  5. Boris has lived his life inside of the UK upper classes, media and the Tory party. He has developed in these institutions the belief that bribes and bullying along can get you anything. He is now facing an institution, for the first time in his life, which stands by its members and its principles and he not only does not know what to do, he does not even know how to understand it.

  6. Watching the E.U spokeswoman almost beg Britain to stay in the EU was absolutely hilarious,,, Boris could of got blow jobs from every woman involved in the EU hierarchy,,, rule Britannia ,,, bye bye EU parasites… 👋😂

  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What leverage does UK have to bargain with the EU? None!!! Boris is delusional and those that voted for Brexit are even more delusional than him. They have made their bed hard now they have to lay in it.

  8. Another airhead running a country! Give this dude time & all hell breaks loose. Doesn't know which end is up. Get him out of politics.

  9. expecting the EU to alter course is as stupid as expecting the American democrat to defend the republic, both desire this new world order, where a few control the flow of all trade and information – and those few are not even elected – the new ROYALITY of the planet is trying to form.. where the vote is like a fart- it's heard but ignored …..

  10. I don't think Boris is nearly as thick as he pretends to be. He is merely a pathological liar and fraudster. He truly seems to believe he can lie his way through Brexit. Looking back at the referendum and how that worked out, I fear he might be right about it.

    Boris knows of course that there is zero chance his new red line of no backstop whatsoever has the slightest chance of leading to renewed negotiations. Especially as he is refusing to even talk unless that impossible demand is met. This is not going to happen, he knows it and his plans are built on having no renegotiations. His plan is No-Deal Brexit, while blaming someone else for it and leading a "people vs Parliament" election soon afterwards.

  11. Always with the smirk. Is he on drugs? What is wrong with him? Why doesn't he seem to be able to take this serious?

  12. Really?? Playing a Russian roulette with people’s jobs & livelihoods to the last second is not a sensible thing to do.

  13. ""There may well be bumps in the road ..[0:06]"? It´s the concrete wall you´re going to hit in October at 290 mph!

  14. Declare your offshore wealth u.k for the deal .re panama papers and other truths revealed by wikileaks uk youre full of

  15. "Boris Johnson claims he is 'confident' EU will shift its position on backstop"?

    Well, I'm very happy for him…

    Could he perhaps let all us silly Europeans know what incentive we have to scrap the Withdrawal Agreement(WA) which we spent THREE YEARS negotiating with the UK? Why would we, at this late hour, reopen the whole thing, especially when the UK signed an extension agreement SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDING that very thing?

    Minor issues I know, but we would like to have some guidance from the master of the universe currently masquerading as the UK's Last Prime Minister…

    Equally, perhaps he could tell us why we should agree to smash the economy of the Republic of Ireland, and that of Northern Ireland, and destroy the Single Market. I know, mere trifles, unworthy of his attention…

    Meanwhile, back in reality, the EU is NOT going to shift one iota, unless and until BloJo guarantees, IN WRITING, a serious commitment to either a general election or another referendum, either of which would have to involve a change in the UK's previously expressed 'Red Lines'….

    The bloviating, workshy, con artist who is the UK's current Prime Minister is either lying to himself and the entire country, or is utterly divorced from reality. Either way, while you have my, and our, sympathy, we are obliged to protect the legitimate interests of the EU's citizens, member states, and EU institutions.

  16. The Civil Service have been planning for a No Deal for three years. Lets hope they do not let us down or heads will roll.

  17. So far UK has been negotiating with its friends and it has been shouting "I deserve more!".
    Imagine trying to negotiate with India.
    These guys are so stuck up.
    Hope they get what they deserve.

  18. No country, not even the UK, would leave a giant hole in their import regs. Its kinda childish to think anyone would. You can get a hard border, or a backstop or stay in the EU and borris is against all three. THere are no other choices. Its childishly simple.

    sorry borris the EU isnt going to leave a big hole in their imports where every scammer can simply ship through ireland and ignore regs on products.

  19. I think his judgement is that the EU leaders share his own grasshopper mentalist. He has somehow failed to understand that "no renegotiation" mean exactly that. He seems to think that it carries the same weight as his predecessor's refusal to resign.

  20. This man is beyond clueless; remember that, Brexit bozos, when you run out of food and there is rioting in the streets. You asked for this………………………..

  21. UK must finally understand that the backstop is not negotiable! Why? Because he is vital to the idea and values ​​of the EU!

  22. O look a multi coloured picture of Epstein's island Temple that was strangely raided Months later looking for evidence by the FBI . Andrew say hi btw

  23. Bobo The Assclown is your PM.😨 What else is there to say but lock up your ration booklets and lay back and think of England.😯

  24. let Ireland reunite and close the deal, despite the fact that the unionists love William III of England, the ancestor of the current king of my country.

  25. The withdrawal agreement isn't a deal. We want a trade deal like Canada or South Korea, no more, no less. Otherwise, as Hammond said before the referendum, we default to WTO.

  26. No! NO! Boris does not deliver us a No-Deal Brexit. He wants now a Brexit-DEAL! Betrayal again and again! Oh, how I love all wrong deals our governments, but a Deal-Brexit is a disaster the British people will pay the price than better No_Brexit – no risks, no-Brexit. But what is and means a wrong Deal? Our Money!

  27. They did not do it for the sake of T. May, although she was a trustworthy person. But they will surely bend over backwards to please this overconscious clown. Sure.

  28. Why would the EU care about the UK parliament rejecting the backstop 3 times? It's not like any other acceptable solution to the border problem would make it through.

  29. Apart from incessantly talking about brexitwhy don't we have a discussion on what exactly the conservative government is doing to disable people they killing USjust thought I'd mention it is not I know nobody voted conservative could give a damn and I'm being very polite de piffle

  30. Well at least you've got somebody to prove I existed, but I think he'll just cry and The British Empire'll die 'with me'. I mean. Lets be honest. With Johnson taking all the credit for all my hard work. What else do I honestly have to look forward to?

  31. It’s a joke, he says the EU has to get rid of the backstop, but have no alternative solution. He knows there will be an election so he just tell stupid random stuff people like to hear

  32. Boris are you weakning ? only no backstop how can you accept the rest of Mrs May's withdrawal agreement its the worst deal in history

  33. the eu have borders in many countries and they all have the same rules to follow, so i dont think it will be any use to the uk to keep asking for special needs.

  34. This man doesn't seriously think the EU will drop the backstop. He's clever enough to know they can't. This show is just for the british people.

  35. Let‘s hope that Britain can return to it‘s original glance of it‘s automotive industry with the new model they introduced, the Dyson V8 seems really promising! 🙏

  36. it's all about the backstop to prevent hard border – but do you realize that no deal = automatic hard border in Ireland? All I can say that UK is fooked.

  37. He's showing that he doesn't care. He's as 'confident' about the EU shifting its position to backstop as he is 'confident' that Brexit is strategically advantageous to the UK. It doesn't matter to him. He has reached the height of what he wanted to accomplish in his career and that's to obtain maximum power by being PM and now he will return favors here and there before bowing out and place blame for the catastrophe he unleashed to the next politician. Let the cycle repeat.

  38. The guy is just completely out of his depth! Any constructive negotiation, be it in politics or business, consists of working together based on trust and respect and try to find common ground and produce an agreement acceptable to all sides. NOT accusing the other party of anything in public…. Nor publicly digging in on positions, reducing your manoeuvring space to zero
    That is not how negotiations work. The fantasy, that after more than three years of work,, he can bend it his way would be hilarious if it hadn't such grave consequences

  39. The EU is irrelevant anyway, all over the bloc, the ordinary forgotten native folk are rising up against the dictators in Brussels and electing anti-EU politicians

  40. Priminster Boris Johnson hold this message and hand it over to the priminster of Germany Angela Markle she well known me who
    Iam tell he mo RAAD judges on YouTube former judges on Twitter Facebook said take it easy with us with your negotiations about the lives the EU or the only results will be live with out deals the same as he Sodgest it for me to only talk to you and the presedent of France Mocron he's not wrong let's trust each other sit zik zak and talk straight mo RAAD judges as I understand like to do business with you in the coming months best of luck Boris Johnson see you soon. Mo RAAD political madical Judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

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