Book Update 1: The Armageddon Letters HD

hundreds of books have been written on the given of squares just thousands or maybe tens of thousands of articles I really don’t know if you look it up on Wikipedia you will see that it’ll take a while to go from front to back it’s a long entry and there’s a lot of facts in there and some of our research is represented in the research of people all over the world so I’m gonna write another one why why after all this time and all this data why almost fifty years later is another book necessary another book is necessary because you don’t get it yet nobody gets it yet the Cuban Missile Crisis is a is an event we study exclusively because of what did not happen I don’t know if you can think of other events like that maybe you can but I can’t think of anything that really quite fits this it didn’t happen that’s why we don’t get it because the further we get from it historically speaking in years and months the further we get from it the more it seems for some reason like it couldn’t happen it being an all-out nuclear war it couldn’t happen the reasons pile up oh my goodness well the Americans had nuclear superiority their Soviets wasn’t doing it blah blah blah blah blah this book the Armageddon letters just sweeps away the last forty eight nine whatever years and we go right back to the source right at the moment when nuclear wars seemed probable to the three leaders Fidel Castro John F Kennedy Nikita Khrushchev forget what these scholars have told you forget what your own instincts tell you about how things had to be the way they were because they were the way they were as a matter of fact what you will discover in the Armageddon letters which is like a triple biography of one week in the lives of three of the most interesting people in the history of this planet Kennedy Khrushchev and Castro triple bio one week long that’s the book with commentary but what you will find if you get back to where they were if you get right back to the last part of October in 1962 you go with them you go right into that bunker where Castro was writing his letters to Khrushchev you go with Khrushchev 20 miles outside of Moscow where he is drafting underground in another bunker the letters to Kennedy you go with Kennedy who refused to go into a bunker but who had the papers in his hand in case things got out of hand that he would be on a train bound for the hills of West Virginia and another bunker from which he would be writing his letters you get into the bunker with these three guys and you know what you’re gonna find they thought nuclear war was about to break out and they didn’t think there was a damn thing they could do about it is that scary I think so have we gotten it yet I don’t think so you


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