Bloomberg plans to join the 2020 presidential race. Here’s what it says about the Democratic Party.

  1. The only reason for Bloomberg to enter the race is fear of a wealth tax, now that Biden is gradually being exposed as a non-entity who won't be elected and therefore won't be able to protect the wealthy from being taxed.

  2. Bloomberg – why he don't run as a republican like he did in NY to become Mayor? I think He has a better chance to win as a republican. If Trump can do it he can do better. He is intelligent and have political experience. What do republicans think?- They can't do worst than the current.

  3. The best thing Bloomberg could do is set up a third mainstream party, if he’s a bored rich man looking for something to do.

    Frankly, having just two main parties for 350-plus million people offers a pathetically underwhelming ‘choice’ for the electorate, being marginally ahead of North Korea or China, but not by much. (Yes Yes, I know there are other choices in America, but they’re all crushed by the Democrats and Republicans alike teaming up to ensure nobody else gets their snouts in the trough. The one and only thing both parties agree on is that they’ll be Damned if The People get a third party to choose from.)

    After all, as it stands, you Americans are faced with the Kodos or Kang choice.

    Either you go for the generally weak, timid Democrats (the old guard, at least, who don’t want to rock the boat too much and quite like their donor money too, thank you) who are about as ‘radical’ and ‘far Left’ as a little old Irish granny on her way to morning mass before she hits the post office and the butchers, Or you go for the cowardly, hijacked Republicans (an entire party of which has surrendered to an orange halfwit and his babbling mob, and seem to be sitting on the floor like hostages at the bank, waiting for some outside force to end the madness). Neither of these is a particularly appealing option, although – obviously – the Republicans fare far worse, at present.

    So, if Bloomberg’s serious about making a meaningful difference, he’s got something like 25 billion quid to play with. Peel off some of that filthy lucre, set up a third major party – start by grabbing Bernie, Warren and The Squad, and he’ll automatically have nabbed half the under-40 voter base at least – and do something meaningful and with a legacy purpose, although it’ll be too late for this election cycle.

    Otherwise, he just runs the risk of further hacking away at the anaemic Democrat candidates, even further weakening votes for faltering, doddery Joe Biden (who patently dislikes young – under 40 – people), and even further running the risk of that utter prick Trump ending up in power again because Bloomberg has even further divided the Democrat vote.

    The stakes are too serious to stop that orange scumbag without a bored billionaire deciding that he wants to play politics at the top table too, so he should do something better with his money. Helping Americans to get a third main party – although she really needs more than just three – would be a better legacy than just this kind of stupid vanity project for him.


  5. I, gave up sugar drink's years ago, but it was my choice, not a rich socialist, wanting to limit my choice, he can afford his cocain, pot, or what ever? But he is nut's, the Govt. can advice me that it is bad for me? Drug's are a scurdge-build the wall, cut off the cartel money for demarat's, but a Big gulp, is bad for your health, but drug's is a death sentence-you get fat on Big Gulp, you get dead on drug's-he is so child like! He could afford to feed every hungry child in the US, buy school supplies for every child living in a welfare state, Black and Brown children, need education, not food stamps and Govt. plantation policy-before you die become a human, you earned it-cheated for it-does not matter! In hell dollars, gold and silver, melt-but you could end so much suffering-you can lift millions of children, out of poverty? You just need a heart! Big Gulps is not the most pressing thing in America, the Wall, education, and a job, not welfare state! You are a looser-when it come's to our children, if you don't make a profit, not worth your time-how sad!

  6. you didn't post or say when President Trump called  him little mike, but then again WP want Ex mayor Blomberg to be the president and not President Trump,..r

  7. I’m not too impressed with any of the current Democratic candidates so maybe Bloomberg is the answer. If Trump is still in the White House at election time, the Democrats absolutely must have someone that can beat this lying, self serving crook. That’s priority number one. Bloomberg just comes across as someone that has a better chance of doing it. Hopefully he will enter the race.

  8. Bloomberg needs to just sit his butt down, IF he wants to do something donate funds to Joe Biden! HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE TRICKY TRUMP BITE THE DUST! he is AFRAID OF JOE, that's enough for me!

  9. This is why this country is in such shambles, why are we looking to elect greedy billionaires who are against revolutionary and lifesaving proposals like M4A?

  10. If he was to go against Trump in final round, Trump would lose. Fact. Trying to pin him as a crook, when Trump is million times bigger crook and charlatan is just sad.

  11. All democrats have turned crazy.
    Trump may be awful but the lefties just get plain crazier every day.
    Free taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens?
    Someone, please help me understand how we can pay for health care for the 20 million illegal aliens..

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