1. That’s crazy I wonder what the government is hiding with the black out there’s always something 🤔🤔🤔

  2. I wonder if people pitching in to help each other out had a lot to do with things not getting out of hand. I am glad to see that people are able to get things done when sh*t happens. Bravo! 👍🏽

  3. This was the result of Russia trying out there new E.M.P. weapon on the United States , New York will be the first city to fall when world war 3 breaks out then Washington .

  4. This happened on the 42nd year anniversary of another blackout and no one finds that suspicious? No one finds it suspicious that the guy from the power company says it shouldn't have happened because of their redundant grids overlapping, yet it still did? Does anyone really buy that this wasn't a preclude to a terror attack? Are people really that idiotic? I wonder what else the government didn't say…

  5. Clearly they are preparing for something major. Stay woke, it’s happening right before our eyes yet we continue to sleep like sheep

  6. So on the exact date the New York City blackout of 1977
    happened this happened, and they call it a coincidence… Yeah… not buying it.

  7. Its ironic that the power went out on the same day it happened in 1977. I remember, its the year I graduated high school. Makes me wonder if there are other forces at work here.

  8. Some one must have made an EMP device, knowing our infrastructure is rated a D+. Or it could be a kid who hacked the old system for fun. Or it could also be hackers Russia paid. It could also be some one from the Darknet. Or it could be some one in one of those Area number bases that are testing out new tech, since they have been doing a lot of digging and could have easily tripped a power line.

  9. The Russians Did It! The Russians Did It! What's the matter with you people? Can't you see that The Russians Did It?

  10. I like how journalists can stand around and chastise people trying to do their jobs as if they were criminals while contributing almost nothing productive to society.

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