Black Excellist:  Top 10 Richest Black Communities

top ten wealthiest african-american neighborhoods welcome to black excellest calm the site where we celebrate black excellence opulence and affluence our mission is to inspire you as we enlighten you hello and welcome back in this black excellest presentation we will highlight the top 10 wealthiest african-american neighborhoods african-american neighborhoods or black communities our types of ethnic enclaves found in many cities in the United States since the 1960's the black middle-class has grown tremendously african-americans have become more educated and have moved into corporate America and professional jobs no longer isolated and identified by skin tone many African Americans develops their own black upper-middle class neighborhoods while the african-american homeowners have gravitated to these affluent neighborhoods in pursuit of lower crime rates better schools and neighbors who share their socioeconomic demographics today we will take a look at communities that have higher than average populations of African Americans these prestigious neighborhoods are where African Americans are succeeding in terms of income homeownership and academic achievement since this top 10 list highlights communities we have selected predominantly black neighborhoods with less than 30,000 people and our researchers have factored basic indicators such as cost of living economic equality and livability some of the earliest african-american neighborhoods were clustered in and around New York City but we want to give a special shout-out to Maryland seven of our top ten richest black communities are located in the old-line stake in this original black excellest video we will be featuring the wealthiest and most affluent black communities across America so without further ado let's get started number 10 view park Windsor Hills California this large middle to upper-class black community comes in at the number 10 spot with an average family income of eighty three thousand dollars view park Windsor Hills is part of a band of districts from Culver City's Fox Hills district on the west to the los angeles district of lamar park the area is the single largest geographically middle and upper-class black community in the United States over half of the adults and view park Windsor Hills have earned a bachelor's degree from college the median home value for view park Windsor is 553 thousand dollars number nine Lake Arbor Maryland Lake Arbor is a thriving african-american community in Prince George's County Maryland the average family income for this town is 93 thousand dollars Lake Arbor has a population of 92 percent African Americans safely landing it on our list of the wealthiest african-american communities in the United States Lake Arbor established Prince George's County as the most desirable destination for young affluent african-american families moving from Washington DC for suburban lifestyle the median home value for Lake Arbor is two hundred and eighty four thousand dollars number eight Hillcrest New York this prosperous middle-class african-american community makes the top ten list with a median family income of ninety four thousand dollars Gilchrist is a middle-class black community in New York with a 56% african-american population in the early 1900's hillcrist became a summer retreat for african-american working-class families who had traveled by train from New York City located in Rockland County this area has not always been predominantly african-american in the 1990s there was a dramatic demographic change as african-american newcomers were lured from New York for lower taxes and greater real estate value the median home value for Hillcrest is 358 thousand dollars number seven friendly Maryland friendly is a prosperous upscale black community that makes the top ten list with a median family income of one hundred and three thousand dollars friendly is another affluent predominantly black neighborhood in Prince George's County Maryland with an african-american make up of 74 percent landing in at the number seven spot friendly has the largest number of black owned businesses of any community on this list the friendly area was largely rural until about 1960 and has steadily grown with the emergence of multiple upscale single-family housing developments the median home value for friendly is 269 thousand dollars number six Ladera heights california this stunning community located near beautiful beaches and nearby cities such as Hollywood and Los Angeles ranks number six with an average family income of one hundred and three thousand dollars Ladera heights is an affluent black prestigious community in the sunny state of California where much of the area's appeal stems from the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean maderas african-american population stands at 71 percent in addition to hillside houses as well as its proximity to the beaches and Hollywood over 50 percent of the communities adults have a four-year college degree this influential community is divided by lower and upper Ladera to distinguish old and new african-american money in this area located near Culver City and also known as the Hidden neighborhood its residents remain low-key about their affluence the median home value for Ladera heights is seven hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars number five Port Washington Maryland this prosperous community is located just south of Washington DC and has an average family income of one hundred and four thousand dollars this little star port down the Potomac River from Washington DC was once the only defensive fort protecting the u.s. capital fort Washington is an upper-middle class black community with a 68% african-american population young professionals with families and two college students predominantly live in Fort Washington the median home value for Fort Washington is 305 thousand dollars welcome again to black Excellus comm please follow us on instagram number for Brandywine Maryland Brandywine is recognized as one of the most flourishing african-american cities in the United States with a median family income of one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars this is another upscale upper-middle class community in Prince George's County with 66 percent of its population being african-american this predominantly black neighborhood is surrounded by parks and wildlife areas that make it feel like it's a world apart from nearby Washington DC the median home value for Brandywine is three hundred and fifteen thousand dollars number three Mitchellville Maryland this upper-middle class community has an average family income of one hundred and twenty one thousand dollars it has a make up of 84 percent African Americans and can boast of its excellent schools and a high school graduation rate of 80 percent most Mitchellville students go on to colleges like nearby John Hopkins University Georgetown University and the u.s. Naval Academy Mitchellville to is a prosperous african-american gated community in Prince George's County in Maryland residents of Mitchellville take tremendous pride in their friendly community into beautiful homes the median home value from Mitchellville is 327 thousand dollars number two rosary Ville Maryland this upper-middle-class community is another neighborhood with in Prince George's County with an average family income of 117 thousand dollars it has a Mesa of 80 percent african-americans with its close proximity to Washington DC rosary Ville has access to many arts and entertainment venues such as museums performing arts spots golfing as well as nightlife activities rosary Ville story is emblematic of the socio-economic and demographic evolution of Prince George's County that occurred in the mid 1980s against the strong resistance of many large national builders who perceived Prince George's County as a cheap retreat for urban African Americans who couldn't afford upscale amenities for their homes black buyers rushed to embrace elaborate features such as two-car garages brick and lush landscaping the median home value for Roosevelt is $300,000 number one what more Maryland Browning off our list at the number one spot is a prosperous upscale community in a yes you guessed it Prince George's County Maryland as with all of the Prince George communities on our top 10 list Woodmoor is an ideal location for first-time buyers young families as well as professionals who work in Washington DC this prestigious community is eighty-four percent african-american and has a median family income of one hundred and forty thousand what more is an affluent african-american gated community centered on a private Country Club and golf course the Country Club at would mourn the golf course was designed by Arnold Palmer home values in wood more are among the highest in the state of Maryland demonstrating both the sophisticated tastes and buying power of the predominantly african-american market it is one of the most well educated cities in the US where 58% of adults have earned a bachelor's degree from college Woodmoor is home to the popular amusement park Six Flags America the median home value for Woodmoor is 398 thousand dollars did we miss anyone if you want to nominate your neighborhood or have a suggestion or two for our next edition of the top 10 wealthiest african-american neighborhoods please add to the comments below we appreciate the fact that you stayed with us until the end thank you for spending time with us and don't forget to like this video also make sure you subscribe so that you never miss a video bye for now we will see you tomorrow you

  1. Didn't PG county have the highest subprime loans in the country? Since when is middle-class Rich? PG is a joke!

  2. I visited a very affluent African-American neighborhood in Prince George county years ago. It was wonderful seeing so many successful families.

  3. Cool video but only problem I have is they not educated on the fact that black people has always been the most educated race on this planet…. ijs it’s really true tho

  4. So will this make us evolve and become better human beings? Blacks living with blacks and whites living amongst whites? How will we learn from different cultures? We will all start working at an all black only or white only workplaces? It’s starting to seem that we’re going backwards instead of forwards. We as human beings keep to continue the cycle of shallowness and only concentrate on color of skin oppose to the quality and intellect of our fellow brother and sister. I don’t mind supporting black or white businesses as long as it’s quality and customer service is on point. I hope one day we can finally wake up and realize we are all brothers and sisters, and we all need to raise our families to not being racist to only live for our own “preferred race” to be around. It’s so funny that most white people have more black in their own dna and most black people have most white in their dna. Time to wake people and focus on more important things like our over sexed people of all ages, caused by daily internet usage on a global scale. Need to concentrate on the no respect for marriage or being raised to be in a thriving marriage based on love and not just a business partnership, where divorce becomes the normal way of life. The list goes on people.

  5. There are many neighborhoods here in Houston tx also. I dont see how none in Houston didnt make this list!

  6. I would like to nominate my neighborhood. Stone Creek Ranch Delray Beach Florida. I am a 36 year brother who has resided in FL since i left Haiti and my 11 million dollar estate would wow you!

  7. The highest median income on this list is only $140k. To those who've never seen 140k in their whole working life to this point, this may look like wealthy, but it's about perspective. There are wealthy whites who would laugh at this list and consider it an insult to AAs who are doing very well and better than what the numbers say here. Their idea of wealth is measured in millions, not thousands. Maybe this list should have been termed the 10 Best Communities for Black Americans instead.

  8. It's funny how some of these huge homes are under $500.00. Here in Toronto a 3 bedroom townhouse will set you back $600.000.

  9. Ok the fact that "African american" has to be higlighted so much in america shows how racist the country is. "African americans have become more educated"? wtf?

  10. I grew up in View Park, and still live here. However, this is from 2017. The median income for our area is well over 100$ so wondering where their figures are coming from. And the homes they showed I have never seen before…sooooo not sure about the accuracy of this video. View Park is way more wealthy than Ladera Heights and it is older.

  11. I live in Port Tobacco Md. My neighborhood is 50% black and 50% other(white, Asian, etc) and it’s a gorgeous neighborhood with huge homes. Our neighbors next door and across the street are black and they’re awesome neighbors. We love where we live and all of our neighbors! 👍🏼 The homes in my neighborhood are expensive. The cheapest one is $580k.

  12. Okay side note: I'm an LA native (south central born) and I don't know where they got those "median home values" for Ladera Heights and View Park/Windsor Hills from. You can't get a home in either area for under $850,000 without it needing some kind of major work. But maybe I will be able to finish this masters degree and get my [damn near] 6 figures to pursue it 🙂

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I wonder how we would be effected as a people if these areas were common knowledge, or these places were mentioned in popular music all the time?!?!

  14. I’m from LA, wasn’t surprised Park View-Windsor Hills and Ladera Heights made the list. It is an affluent area of African Americans situated in what I think is a prime area of LA.

  15. Black girl from London here, this video made me wanna pack my stuff and move to Maryland! 🤣 I’ll deffo keep Maryland in mind when I move outta here.

  16. See this list is so wrong there is a neighborhood in Atlanta where its 68% black and they living in million dollar homes.

  17. I'm glad this strolled down my feed didn't even know we had hope like this shared it to the five people that I know that will listen and instantly subscribed THANKS

  18. I have been living in CA almost all my life and View Park is right around the corner from the hood. CA/LA is expensive period. View park may have a lot of blacks, but that DOES NOT MEAN IT IS A TOP PLACE TO LIVE. There are other places you can take your family and BE VERY SAFE. View Park is NOT one of them!!!!!!!! Same with Ladera Heights…OMG this is insane!!!!!

  19. Sooo when blacks want to live around other black its celebrated. When whites want to live around other whites its racist. Lol go figure.

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