Birmingham Somali Community- Event On Social Issues| By Sparky Center, MamaAfrica Foundation & KIKIT

if you tell him I'd be saw a summation i see i see any letter added so many devices fields including training whatever Camilla Serena become a traveling to utter a la Pieta nonce with mono and I lunch okay now that people know what I family's here now by the way too into Somalia hi SATA ii I'm vodka tumble Serena I'm new luda opener so I tried out the service manager of a project will kick it which is based on truxel road which is only a few doors away from mom Africa we are actually we're neighbors and in terms of we also work started now to develop a relationship where we can kind of work together in community settings so I just want to kind of give you a bit of background while i'm here today to talk about is what brought us together to gaze the issues of cat and understand that there is a problem within the Somali community and the Yemeni community which we have here with the issues of cat but we also like to do today is a consultation with you guys where three questionnaires where we would like to hear from you what issues are concerned you are the community and also in terms of how can we work together to address them on a community aspect so they will cover a number of different themes are also you'll have them under question a sheetz so if you guys can fill them in towards the a to let us know what we should be looking at and how you can work collectively together and that will be in how community aspects criminal justice terms of building type of relationship with with the police and other community services that you've got locally you didn't want to talk to you a bit about the law of taps so you guys know each other because it's just recently been bad and I know that you know in terms of lot of people did explain and there is agreement and disagreement so I see I heard from some they say it's a cultural thing you know and then I speak to other elders from the Somali in the future and they said no it's not part of our culture it is basically something that's there that people use so we get two sides of the story some people say cat is a cultural thing for the smiling every community and some people say is no culture it's not part of our culture is just the problem that we want to sort end so in jun 2015 14 cat was officially made would officially banned in the UK so it's no longer now it is a criminal afternoon in terms of if somebody gets caught with it and just to let you know what we've been trying to do to address it locally so that there was no community tensions we work very closely with with the police locally so when the Badminton forced what we did in what is the beast is coming in and start locking people up who who just had cut on them or they were cheering it so what we did in berkeley partition with at least with where the actual program that we kind of developed with the local cited works very well there wasn't a single arrest in sparkbrook viper-one arrest right which is fantastic news because we had a massive issues and the transformation of something that was available readily and people are selling in shops that suddenly got banged and we didn't get up to several years of prison frame so it was cut something for the community to adjust and i think that you know the key should be applauded for that of the way in handle it wasn't just enforcement it was about working with us to educate us to say look this is now banned substance we don't want to just lock people up we want to completely SAT there which we done a leaflet everybody got leaving around the Spa Creek area in Arabic and in Somalia and then on top of that you've got leaflets on which should be on your cable which we post it to almost every household in spot them so we want you to make sure that nobody got rested and nobody don't roll cut now is a Class C drug does everybody know what classification classiest let me know okay that's fine plasti is in the same classification as cannabis so people get caught with cannabis that's not she in terms of cannabis any other classes rain is just yet just to kind of add to that and one of these will be trying to do for a number of years is yes engaging different communities hunting in terms of we find out that you guys are are working locally right next to a spa be doing a fantastic job we've been doing drug and alcohol work for now over 10 years in different communities we know that you guys are new community and what we want to do is in volume or get involved with what's going on locally and also to support parking and loma prieta love to come into the community and to also utilize some of our services and also let them know what else is available thank you very much glad you put our places allowed there with you thank you so among the foundation basically is dealing with these issues the other issue is about women have your problem or nightmares for example where we came from Somalia because of the war they didn't have social care now most of them have problems problems of family prick numbers now welcome to the family breakups comes the police comes and it against and says father don't have it to a radius of two months to a paragon of his home now watch what happens when a young both the 16 years old the staying at home with his father away and restoring you know you cannot see your father what happened there is a gap there that son can be taken over by any individual any level can take that case or is all this now this is what we are trying to discuss with you know with a comedian so that we can take this qualitative to social services and to the Domino City Council the standalone the other thing is MGM MGM is going to do some other society this is this I call it the disease because in that it'll become a disease global women now that practice has to be stopped we are trying to do some awareness to the scope Somali community to women so the fdm is completely stopped in our way of life now with the help of convenience we are trying to discuss same time with a drug problem cut cut with a big big problem 20 society and it has been for ages for 20 years and over now luckily the government stopped I comment return to the government thank you very much now with with kickings click it has been there for 10 years and we are there for our most Mountaineers we are combining a force to stop this from our youth the very very vertical conference sponsored by because it's gone sorry about your last one I'm going to keep our eldest one of our list and we the core of our site RLS within the department wrestle wake up you'll be able to even listen I am already much like a lot I'm do it I guess I you know yeah I know we're gonna go to see ya hey if that's like we're gonna landed on your day nurse and bigoted may add to our life by dragging it out of that learning thank you for the opportunity to say a little and just a couple of minutes of your time i'm working with us today i'm working for him because I wanted to learn about today's project I know that he's been working in Spofford for 10 years he's helped a lot of people from a lot of different communities not just from British Pakistani community service aide to ssf glass I'm just getting to that and I just want to justify grew up on where I've come from thank you and it wasn't planned that i would say anything today but i thought it was really important that I demonstrate the importance of working with others I'm perhaps mama africa and i'm smiling women in community services taking some learning from kicking I'm not just taking the learning from the work that they've done but benefiting from the relationship to their gods but I don't know if you all know but I'm a police officer how do I cover this area but I'm not just any police officer I'm the head of policing for East Birmingham so I cover the whole chill constituency you're the constituency and walgreen constituents I'm a Chief Superintendent yes so I control the 500 police officers that are working in your communities and not support you I'm not here in an official capacity I'm working on the project but next time you see me I think you'll see me in an official capacity like I'm today because I decided to take me off to meet you I get to do I get to meet you really I get to I get to understand your issues and you know for me today the issues that you have expressed concerns about our issues that concern me you think about radicalization and extremism it's on the tip of everybody's tongue it concerns everybody and we all want to work and support young people and there are many risks and vulnerabilities for young people the risk of getting involved in crime or the risks of getting involved in taking drugs or alcohol making bad decisions not staying at school and getting an education you know not learning about their that their face their culture and their heritage and learning to respect other people's face cultures and Heritage's in Birmingham we are many communities on our strengths and our success is when we stick together and we work together and we learn from each other nice it's a privilege for me to be here today you know I thought about the trauma that has come from the civil war in Somalia and how that translates into the challenges that you face today in Britain I'm deeply concerned by female genital mutilation what I think we would not come to see us child abuse I'm worried about the physical consequences and the emotional consequences and I think we all feel a deep sense of responsibility to make sure that we protect our young children from umber miam child safeguarding adults safeguarding and issues of domestic abuse are the very highest priority my commitment to you today is that I want to understand more I want to help you more I understand you have an events on the twenty-fourth if you want me there in an official capacity participating I just like to thank us for helping me to understand you introducing you and if I can support your organization's I'm learn about you in the way I can learn about actions I'd be very grateful because i think it's not just about police it's not just about the City Council its police it comes to all the services working with communities and community groups and that way we will make a very successful permian we will make a very successful group of Somalia communities on a very successful group of all communities working together I think we all same direction and all she had a lot of Galus to go into education first education is the key to life if one guard gated communities from their own pocket to actually educate our gallery to computer so our one doesn't stop in family also hey grab in where we come from originally and we also educating young girls not to be radicalized because this day is all you're not only boys even girls the young gal is to utilize the students the college where students are also being radicalized so we also pick in fact lead us all of us be a month and we need to train our children to be in the correct position in the direction because we are all Muslims and we might have different issues but ridiculous a shin is not part of our culture is not about any other security officers or anybody else in there in the government because we are the roots of our community all this Union and other the minimal today because it's friday we're gonna get all of them to can i hope will happen in the other big events coming up and women are the rules of the community is that thing we doesn't know her house properly doesn't like all the women for coming and for supporting on africa foundation i mean so my limit we don't have time today is Friday so I don't want to take much of your time thank you for coming undone i'm ash from Kalamata and softer Howie I with that of category other so they're real who you will have become help you Oliver mubarak expected Hamas Magdalene and after how are you thinking I'm trying i am chris padding you go out have a seat each book and kill you a medicine t-cell also addicted and then reading STM you did Kendall communicator Samantha I'm gonna leave us in under a minute to go political you come up with the mother you come on let's go more saline all right come online in person and I like tropicalia haggis Renata you community you sucka and why Castro had in a nurse Ramadi and my house I saw Monica has a snow man who passes for Molly look at him how so polluted India having him we're in each group and has two children in alcoholism get out coming up and my magic how happy loving over the community and have you blew up to my ass so mad women and working tomorrow hi to me and Mama Africa and we had added and the other Sarah have such place for Mario or makati idea why I have a ruling and Hannah over hiding on location I would you wanna take a look at that unites pockets together ladyship see why might they don't give it a cool game okay starts a little bit up yeah it is that I hate solace he's already contentedly I'm so paddy o Allah hu for other a monkey suit to get it to play enough ottoman and shout loud howl a sturdy later and what we saw at the syllabus on a match i dinna after that the carom should we buy lemme shut up and we have our you want you to store that and heckle you later how can I survive for them i delegate a snowman yet south of hawaii and halel imitate culture supernick but the telling about us or take any how can we carry the battery blah blah how r its arrogance Jamie why then Otonashi rubric a lovato I know tomorrow Wario I'll cover of the neck your back and I was like a nigga I mean look or not able to single mother single mother way ahead in van I don't have very soft was kind of crazy Nick a good with italic public or two to really a good guy and happily to you up my libido and is yellow happy operable hard I oh so he look revenues for deer lease or galleria poverty salvo you should or a so now you have a kiss her and all again Luis Chinese see and maybe popularity back to the fractal and adding some when i had my cultural embodiment of particularity you free melody like you free my learned opponent but can ever had advocacy activities for Mariano Castillo in a couple of Telugu yet now so I in and mechanic a tiny but I get to go to you how many mothers had a kid and I get a Nintendo postulate look how far night a definite and so mine is I'm not can you go bad in a little different today asked for swish appeal or I go to other movies will do is that you finally I drove up today hawlucha five minute Tomica Saturday and what look again I would run about coming in every day I he wants to have in the truck jumped up your leg up you can get to give us and we had a battalion open up a deep on a car done yeah I know gosh help me that on the latke foundation wanna kiss elidio pedia and Masha Allah mache you can look at this even more time come back and nobody had ever had a simple from apart well let's get would it all and got economic and how could you go away garam masala & Howell tato activity Ella later Kelly tried my mother foundation is so violent woman and I both had nothing else exam for gusta had a tight and you Katie a little bow in Martha second of Somalia allafrica because when I'm I'm Africa's provided to be man for Mama Africa look I an error message do we know why we're not about the error message in dirty money behind the Himalayas hockey centre back to centella there's a lot of friends and chalet talk forgivable wood or one because let me get one I don't wag nothing like him from the way Keith on Duma I shall a postcard heat and political and Helena forget God please alderman Mata and the Colombian Sparky foundation way as does King serpentine serpentine I will not be covered by the Norden one lyric anticipated armored car so do I Adam S&T when i pea Rodney see Nina Oberon market you


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