1. Medical Bill can hold AA meetings in the oval office. Trump has done more than all his modern day predecessors. He would have done a lot more were it not for the spineless rinos and dirty dems who dont care if they endanger the nation or hurt citizens so long as they can attack the president. A Weld/Kasich ticket, as exiting as watching grass grow

  2. The rep party is so united, its amazing. while the dems are so divided:
    A house divided against itself will not stand.
    Trump wins 2020
    Radical-left throws trash cans and scream at the sky again.

  3. Give it up dude. You don't stand a shot against The BEST PRESIDENT EVER Trump! He'll eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner all at once. TRUMP 2020 AND BEYOND! 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏😊

  4. Who? Never heard of him and it wouldn’t matter. Trump is getting stuff done no one else will or would do. 4 more years of growing America would be awesome.

  5. Sit down weild. Your the one promoting yourself over your party. Wolf in sheep clothing. All this guy is doing is criticising what trump says, not his policies. He is looking to build his base for down the road.

  6. The only reason why Bill weld is getting attention from the liberal-left is because he's downgrading Trump, and we all know that's all the liberal-left cares about,who can say the worst things about Trump.

  7. news……….AG Barr is proven unpatriotic, got caught. See his 1989 testimony to congress and report on FBI. Thanks rachel meadows.

  8. Lol, all the Trumpets are starting to get mad because they're not gonna like seeing people like Bill speak out against Trump.

  9. Bill Weld is a smart guy and though i am a Bernie Sanders supporters, William Weld is a gutsy and respectful man who can get the GOP back on track and away from the toxic stupidity and criminal behavior the GOP doesn't even question.

  10. EVERY Republican voter , plus most of the Independents , and some former Democrats voters will be ELECTING President Trump in 2020 … they ALL "get it" now !! … Bill Weld will be lucky to even get one vote in the primaries , and the fact that he says he's going to challenge President Trump tells the whole story , "Weld DOESN'T" get it …

  11. Why did the President just veto congress’s decision to end the war we’re in with Saudi Arabia in Yemen? Why are we supporters the guys who brought down the Twin Towers? (Most of the hijackers were Saudi). What is with him?

  12. RINO's trying to hold on to cushy positions. This wannabe just wants chaos and will fail as will these socialist dictator ignants of the left.

  13. What a moron. He thinks starting off his campaign on a liberal network attacking Trump as a dictator is a good start. Wow, talk about stupidity. Sorry, no way that traitor to the (R) base will succeed. Watch Trump disregard him and never give him the time of day. The RNC will not either.

  14. He don't have a chance in hell. Is this a joke or someone giving Trump thanks giving turkey early?

  15. Never heard of you don't care to hear from you Putin Trump trump Trump trump you're just a disruptor you're probably getting paid by George Soros to do this Clinton Foundation Democratic Party you're a loser

  16. You are wasting your time Mr. Weld. As a former tv celebrity mr. president trump knows confrontation in any super prestigious form by tweeting, rallying, cursing, ridiculing, etc. with always unbuttoned jacket. his majesty Pd.D. in Real Estate from Harvard gives him critical and analytical thinking. That's why the US is getting greater and greater. trump and his dynasty for ever.

  17. Cloud not sad but calling it like we see it. If RINO's don't like the President become demorats jerks of a feather flock together.

  18. Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Who?
    Anyone from MA is no longer welcome to be the POTUS. That is a definite so this idiot thinks he has a chance? Great, one more Deep State dumpling to tear apart is just what the election drama needed. Now Trump has a truck full of bonehead Democrats and one supposed Republican fraud who was mostly and historically a Democrat sell out. This is going to be so much fun.

  19. Sorry, Bill, but you saying Trump's not looking out for the country is completely false, given the positive effects his policies have had, and only getting better.

    Trump 2020!

  20. Mr. Weld is the virtual epitome of a RINO political operative. Listen up, most any time you hear a GOP politician declare that he's a fiscal conservative, it means that he's pro-abortion.

  21. Thank you governor Weld for giving conservative minded people who care about character and ethics someone to support!

    This segment shows why Fox News is such a joke. Zero journalism, 100 percent cliches and mantras.

  22. This is bad news for Trump. He's already polling at 8%…which is higher than Trump was at this point 4 years ago. Another 20% say that they are currently Trump but open to voting for him. If he finds a good message, he's gonna eat away at Trump's support to the point where it's impossible for him to win a general. Remember last time, Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and barely won the electoral college with 105k votes in 3 key states without which he would not be President.

    Once someone explains all this to him, he's gonna be pissed.

  23. They sure didn't give him much air time before cutting him off. We got to hear 20 seconds of what he had to say.

  24. You know fox news… If you're not careful you're gonna be caught doing the same thing to trump as the left media did you Hillary in 2016. Give trump too much bias and the masses will hate you/him for it

  25. Bill is polling higher with Republicans (8%) Than trump was at this point in the campaign 4 years ago. The comments in this by these talking heads are completely baseless

  26. No, Bill Weld will most likely not win the 2020 Republican Primary. Yes, I do have some major disagreements with the guy. That being said, I would warn everyone reading this to take Weld seriously. Libertarianism is the future of the Republican party, and even though I approve of the Trump administration, I am open to looking into other candidates.

  27. Fox News Trump’s propaganda tool , Bill Weld is a way better candidate and Many people will vote him even democrats.

  28. It would take a Republican nominee to challenge the president Donald Trump gangster President, to write the wrongs of this evil man,

  29. They will trample over and laugh at you, bully and ridicule you into silence – but don't give up Bill, fight the good fight, for the good of the whole nation, for all the people, heal the deep rift and hurt. Support Bill and right the course!

  30. Dave
    Here comes another fantastic President who I would compare to Ron Paul and America is just going to ignore it to stick to idiocy of partisanship. The man is the most fiscally responsible, moderate, lerbertarian on the ticket and the best bet for our country. I guarantee we are going to ignore this chance again buy putting our heads in the sand to stick to dogma rather than actually voting for a new kind of president

  31. Weld is a mole affiliated with Soros and the DEEP STATE GLOBALIST……put in place to distract Trump!!!

  32. They're so deep into defending Trump that they have to lash out at one of the smartest candidates of recent years. It's crazy that there is only one person in that group that was like "some people don't align with Trump." Fox news is Trump news now.

  33. You can tell who the media is trying to smear. Fox will smear Weld. The liberal media smears anyone but Biden. We need a true, moralistic, conservative to win. Weld is the man. Not quite a libertarian, but at least hes a Republican who actually is conservative fiscally and believes in small government.

  34. Same guy who called Hillary Clinton "honest?" No more lawyers in politics – notice all these "ex-lawyers" do is claim politically correct morality?.. I think all the guy is trying to do is create division amongst republicans – which is clever of the dems, being he has such a strong approval rating (and their favorite (Biden) is almost exactly where Clinton was in 2016 ("polls" and all, minus a new 2020 DNC collusion strategy)).

  35. tRump is toast. Any human janitor has more class than this Brokahantas Orangatang, governing by tantrum. It is a treat to watch the zionist Christians of fox noise continue to MIGA, Make Israel Great Again. Fox Noise: owned and run by zionist Murdoch. What a bunch of traitors. Go live in Israhell so you can be close to the rapture. It is true God sent tRump just like he sends the rain, it can produce a bumper crop or wipe out all crops, but you can't see but what you hope to see. Brokahantas to the MIGA crowd is nothing more than Sarah Palin V 2.0, a colossal failure. God bless America and guide her through this nightmare.

  36. Wow deja vu..literally all these comments say "weld is useless, hell never be president" and the media saying "what world does this man thinks hes living in?" Remember folks those same comments were about Trump in 2016 and here we are now.

  37. Bill Weld 2020! Fiscally Republican socially Liberal. Many people are somewhere between Republican and Democrat. It is time for a libertarian to take the White House and time for the 3 houses to compromise and provide the best solutions not for ones own interest but for the good of the country. If you don't know who he is why don't you do your research.

  38. Weld is more of a man than Trump could ever be .. Wishing you the best Bill …. from a Democrat

  39. These mouthpieces talking heads at Fox on their usual useless chatter.

    Weld has a track record as a State Governor who actually balanced the State Budget. And has some cachet as the attorney on the former committee to impeach Nixon.

    They wouldn’t know, anyways, reading and researching facts is beyond their pay grade. They would rather get engaged in useless banter and trash out a legitimate voice just to stirr up the circus.

    Lots of makeup, tight fitting dresses , and not a whole lot of substance. Typical of Fox.

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