1. We humans r d only species in the entire universe, who stock live animals in d slaughter house and then we kill our prey for food on a massive (mass) scale, animals or other specices don't do that only we humans do.

  2. One were animals two allot of animals including primates have groups where the more popular / high ranking animals get more then the others and plan and save food. This guy doesnt exactly understand just how life works for mammals. And about the dog thing some animals even within the same family same species will protect and care for a hurt or disadvanatged member. You can even see animals like bunnies contemplate attacking a nearby agressing dog that is going after a bunny or rabbit or what have you.

  3. Well, from a biologist standpoint its kind of a huge over simplification, but i get where he's coming from.

  4. I can't believe how naive they are about the animal kingdom. Animals work together and protect their own all the time, especially among kin. Getting some of your genes to the next generation is paramount.

  5. I think the big point Thomas is trying to make is that nature, while occasionally cruel, never takes more than it actually needs. Also, everything in nature is interdependent on each other. Take one thing away and the whole suffers somewhat.

  6. Umm… some animals will sacrifice the old to predictors so that the herd can proceed. For example zebra will forcibly push the old (unwilling) ones into the crocodile pit so the rest can cross while the crocodile tends to the geriatric. Source: Robert Sapolski

  7. Wow I wish more people were as decent as this guy not the greedy, crazy, ignorant Capitalist children all about hedonism at the cost of others and the planet.

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