1. "In the Spring of 1971, I met a girl. And in the Spring of 1995 I met a hotter girl. And on the Spring of 2017, I'm gonna be with that girl again, whether we get in the White House or not. I can't wait for us to relive the good days Monica…"

  2. listen I'm no bernie supporter (I'm a trump supporter) but the fact that they tried to convince they public in those emails that he was an atheist even though he wasn't was a horrendous act by the democratic party. the fact they doubted a mans commitment to his religion disgusts me. this is the beginning of the collapse of the democratic party.

  3. everyone critizes melanin trump's speech when this jackass is just talking about his love life. at least melanin talked about ways she was going to help in the trump administration.

  4. Goddamn, I hate how charismatic Bill is. He is a major part of the corporatist establishment but goddamn no wonder he was president

  5. This speech would make me nominate Bill again, but not Hillary. You can't come back from the lies. It was a beautiful speech, honest and adlib, but Hillary has a questionable character that Bernie does not. Bernie has had his finger on the pulse of American issues longer than any representative beforehand.

  6. I choose not to listen to this dirty old man. Seems many Americans  have forgotten how he shook his finger at you and lied. "I did not have sexual relations with that women." The stains on Monica's dress said otherwise. Now you think he will tell you the truth? Wake the hell up!

  7. Great speech Bill & Hillary's relationship hasn't been perfect but neither is life. They are good people & America will do better with them.

  8. Bill you fucking snake and coward, when Cuba knocked down those planes all you did was sit on your ass youll never have the respect as you did before and you never will

  9. So….. was this supposed to help build on Hillarys character or his. He's not running for POTUS. What does it matter what horse shit comes out of his mouth!

  10. Its really sad. Some people just have no idea what they have until they lose it. There are no longer people in the world like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Tell me one person in the world who has been in a battle for over 30 years and has no scars to show for it? She is not perfect but i assure you, she is the best thing that has happened to the US. Take a red or blue pill people. it is your choice.

  11. Listened the whole 41 minutes. A sentimental romance narrative with selective emphasis on her political career milestones. It is a speech that solidifies the base, not one that win over new votes.

    He basically put her on a pedestal and worships her in this speech. Then why did you Bill, go around hooking up with others? His words and action doesn't tally at this end.

  12. He said Mexican voters. Didn't the emails say the code name for Latinos is Taco bowl.What will the next emails say about blacks and Jews.

  13. Discredited, impeached, bald faced sexual deviant liar. They all should have stood with their backs to him. HOW DARE HE SHOW HIS SKIN STRETCHED FACE IN PUBLIC! !!!

  14. GREAT Speech. President Bill Clinton is the best orator of his time. He kept the audience fully engage from the first sentence, til the very end. I'm glad he shared wonderful anecdotes about his wife, it highlighted some of her accomplishments never mentioned in the media. Very positive speech.

  15. With the new idiotic liberal oscumma laws (based on the movie "Idiocracy"); I'm transgender and if Hillary becomes president and I get a job at the White House, what would happen if Bill puts the move on me, and he definitely will, and then he rejects me when he sees that I have a penis? Can I sue for discrimination?

  16. Smells corrupted politicians engaged only in putting the money from the lobbies in their own pockets and say whatever may keep the electors dumb and let them earn more money in the process

  17. This sounded like an eulogy for America, right after the grim reaper got selected as the Democratic Presidential nominee.

  18. The only rebuttal conservatives can come up with is calling one of the most respected leaders in world a child molester or rapist. Sorry guys it was consensual, and Monica was an adult. Denny Hastert, Josh Duggar, Ken Starr (covered up rape after rape at Baylor), Bob Livingston, Newt Gingrich (3 wives), the entire Alabama Republican Party, Larry Craig, and the list goes on and on. Oh yeah and Rush Limbaugh is a lying, conniving junky. Last but not least Donald Trump has made highly questionable comments regarding his daughter multiple times. I think all of you wingnuts are just jealous that a member of the opposite sex never has and never will touch your penis.

  19. Billy "Slick Willy" If Hildebeast is so wonderful and great why do you sleep with anything that moves? You had sex with an intern in the oval office when you were the President and you were suppose to be working for us! Not your sex organ! Billy you are a crazy loon. Anyone who thought this speech was legit needs to have their head examined. You are just itching to get back in the White House to grope more women. And your dumb, dumb daughter believing every frigging word you say. This is disgusting.

  20. Hillary is a great politician. She's able to lie to the people and under oath to congress, with no consequences. She's able to neglect her national security obligations without consequences. She's able to break the law with no consequences. She's able to blatantly rig elections with no consequences. She's able to push hypocritical policies with no consequences. No matter how blatantly unethical she behaves, she retains her loyal base. Only a great politician could have such a stranglehold on people's minds.

  21. Watch John Mulaney's special The Comeback Kid and he tells a story about his parents who attended the same University as Bill Clinton. He said Bill would "offer" to walk the girls back to their dorm rooms for "safety reasons", and one night he offered to walk John Mulaney's mom back to her dorm room. Go listen to that then listen to Bill's story about how he met Hillary in college – it makes his speech so much more funny and entertaining.

  22. He said a tax payer who's obeying the law? FUCK YOU BILL. So I'm assuming all those emails Hillary deleted were all the photos of children she helped? Or old messages of all the people who adore her. If she's so great then why is this country so fucked? Where is the evidence that she didn't any of that shit

  23. Bill Clinton a impeached president wow he is a great guy . And is that the NWO convention where are the American flags ? And I don't mean the one on the screens what a joke . If America is so great and crimes are down why are they going after guns ?

  24. Dennis hastert is a disgusting queer pedophile…shame on you Republicans for impeaching Clinton for simply playing around with an adult woman…but failed to notice the queer who you voted in for speaker of the house! a child molesting queer was second in line for the presidency?? aren't Republicans against queers?

  25. President Obama is right. Her faults notwithstanding, Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most experienced and qualified person ever to run for the office of President of the United States.

  26. what kind of crappy life does someone have to have to search for – and watch – and then comment on a video of someone they don't even like? Get a life

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