Big Money Donors Run Away From Trump And Embrace Democrats

According to a new report by The Daily Beast,
Donald Trump is losing quite a few big money donors who gave roughly $700,000 to his inauguration
in 2016 but now in 2020, they want absolutely nothing to do with him. Here’s a remarkable quote from this Daily
Beast article, 15 such donors who collectively gave more than $700,000 to Trump’s inaugural
committee, but who have since contributed to the presidential campaigns of Democratic
candidates, including Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Tulsi
Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper, Eric Swalwell, and John Delaney. So they’re not just abandoning Donald Trump,
they’re now flocking to the Democrats and on the surface that, that seems like a good
thing, right? Donald Trump has less money. Democrats have more and according to interviews
with some of these donors, the reason is exactly because they do not like Donald Trump’s policy. They do not like the hate coming from this
administration. They’re tired of it. They want them out. They’re going to start funding Democrats. But believe it or not, folks, that’s actually
not good. I don’t like this story. I don’t think this is a positive at all. Yes, it’s great that Donald Trump is losing
some of his donors, fantastic, and if that were the end of the story, that would be great. That’d be a happy ending. But I don’t like the idea of now this wealthy
billionaire money flowing to the Democrats. Money in politics corrupts. It corrupts candidates. It corrupts policies. It corrupts everything it touches in Washington
DC. You can start off with a candidate with the
best of intentions, the most inspiring transformational politician you have ever seen. Let’s call this fictional character Barack
Obama. Then you start throwing some corporate money
in there and suddenly that hope and change dwindles down a little bit more. It’s like, yeah, we can keep hoping, but you
know, change isn’t always good. Then it’s, eh, maybe we ought to stop hoping
and we’ll just kind of leave things the way they are and suddenly hope and change has
turned into let’s not worry about it right now. That’s for future generations to deal with. And that’s what we got with Obama and the
reason is because corporate money. It doesn’t help that Citizens United was decided
in 2010 while Barack Obama was two years into his eight year term. But that’s what happens. So I don’t care that these big money donors
think Trump is a horrible person. That’s great. We all do. Even a lot of Republicans think he’s a horrible
person. But I’m going to tell you right now, we own
the democratic side, we don’t want your money. And that list of names I read out, did anything
stand out to you, by the way? Did you notice a name that I didn’t read out
beeause it’s not in the list of people getting this money? Because that’s the first thing I noticed when
I read this story. Bernie Sanders is not on their list. Bernie Sanders is not getting this we hate
Trump money. And it’s because these big money donors know
that they can’t corrupt him. They can’t buy him off. The rest of the people on this list, yeah. Most of them already have been bought and
paid for, Buttigieg, Biden. Yeah. Warren, little on the fence there. But I think they think they can corrupt her
and if past is prologue, I think they can.

  1. Trump is a Belial.
    A self serving self dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  2. Why is money in politics even a thing?

    Did something in the US's history happen that required money in politics or am I overthinking it?

  3. That's great to hear, hopefully they realized that trump isnt worth it. Trump must really be pissed off!!! Yet money corrupts but hopefully it doesn't corrupts.

  4. Just goes to show there's no honor among businessmen, but hey, that's just the way Trump likes it: as soon as someone stops being useful to you, cut all ties and throw them under the bus. That's what his donors are doing now because his arrogant, spiteful behaviour is backfiring against what they endorsed him for. I can't want to see the orange piggy squeal when they abandon him like he did countless others.

  5. You are correct. Money is the root of all evil. PLEASE Democrats, you did not need their money before, and you don't need it now. Keep fighting the goood fight.

  6. This money would be better used to fire up billions of smear
    campaigns against Trump. Hell you can't even call it smearing because he lies and screws up dozens of times per day.
    Photoshop him into some mercenary leader because this is what he is right now.
    Getting the smart voters might not be enough, you need one guy in the shadows who is on the dark side, who isn't afraid of Slave Driver Trump . Trump Voters must choke on the amount of lies and sickness this war loving freak has spread.

  7. I wish big money donors would just stop donating to ALL candidates and instead, RAISE THE PAY OF THEIR FUCKING EMPLOYEES!! (If they own a business, which most do).

    Donating to Dems isn't helpful. They want the same shit Trump is doing, but without the obviousness of it.

  8. oh no,now trump will go after jailing Obama because his tiny ears perked up the moment he heard that name.he watches all these type shows,5 t.v.s going constanty in his little all those trolls he makes watch,write his pet peeves and enemys antics/rave review.trump doesnt do half his tweets,they are tp well written for his brands of stupid.prayers for Mr.Obama

  9. So Warren would take it and lose all her credibility, since she runs on the promise of no power to billionaires? Are you sure you aren't just heavily biased?

  10. American corporatism is the real issue. Corporations have more power than any dictator or king from the past.

    Fortunalty, guillotines still exist 🙂

  11. Placing bets on Bernie, is rather futile, his aging works against his best intentions as a future president, time has passed. Pity folks previous opportunities have lapsed.

  12. I seem to recall the fraudster telling everyone he was so rich he was personally paying for his campaign. Why not put a limit on donations, like maybe a $100 and do away with corporate donations altogether, although the fraudster would find a corrupt way around anything.

  13. I think they realized trump has created a 2007 bush economy and are seeking to curry favor because,you know,bailouts…

  14. I think given the current level of corruption of those in power , i would rather give the lesser of two evils the money to hopefully at least reduce the blatant huge corruption levels that we have seen .

  15. This will also create more division in the Democrats so when the election rolls around the Dem candidates that were not picked their supporters will not vote, vote to spite the chosen one, vote for Trump just to get revenge. All Trump has to do is keep the Democrats divided and his foolishly loyal supporters will be enough to keep him in office.

  16. I agree big corporate donors should be left out of politics however we are in an election like no other in our history and we need that money right now to beat Trump and to overturn citizens united once the Democrats are in office

  17. That's why we have to vote for the candidate that DOSEN'T TAKE BIG MONEY!!!! just think….you work for the person that gives you money….and Bernie only takes money from 'the people' so who will he work for as President??? THE PEOPLE!!!

  18. I beg to differ on your opinion of Warren being on the fence of being bought off that's a bunch of bulshit don't even put it out there women have a hard enough time as it is in this goddamn country

  19. Farron Cousins is absolutely right regarding big money and corruption in Washington. As an African-American, I was horrified to have heard when President Obama bailed out the auto industry, banks, and healthcare giants. The worse was when I saw live on TV, him walking out of the White House with the CEOs of banks, laughing and having a great time. At that moment in time, he had to power to change the balance of wealth back to everyday Americans but didn't and that's when I felt betrayed.

  20. Just now trump signed the China trade deal.The american farmers went from selling 16 billion in agricultural goods to 50 billion a year.WHAT A GREAT PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!

  21. if the democratic party well and truely wishes to lead america toward a better future, it's leaders should learn from the mistakes made by the republicans, most notably the connection with big money.

  22. Thank you for recognizing the reality of the situation; billionaire money isn't something we want on any side of our government but the taxes they're supposed to be paying.

  23. I thought Democrats didn't like Big Money Donors? Well, they're Liars, it's what they do…
    "hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential donations" Yeah that's really gonna hurt… LMAO!
    Just remember, Hillary outspent Donald Trump and we know how that worked out… 🙂

  24. Big Money Donors are afraid that Trump might make them ambassadors! A lesson learned from E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland.

  25. They're abandoning him because they got what they wanted from him, mostly the tax cuts. Now that he is no longer useful, they're gonna make sure he gets thrown under the bus.

    Although if Bernie gets the nomination they might come on back because they hate the idea of paying more in taxes again.

  26. Bernie Sanders is not on the list. Love it. Thank you for clarifying that. I was wondering why then I realized wait he doesn't take money from corporate

  27. Love to hear the deplorables and dumb asses who support comment on this😂 To their dumb asses this is just fake news in that alternative nutty reality cult.

  28. he actual quote which is attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild is: Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!

  29. One of the most accurate, and to the point commentary on politics I’ve seen in a while. Not surprising it could apply to many countries. When people truly get the lack of separation btw left and right because who truly runs govts anger will go to rage. The World political system is corrupt. All of us on this planet are effected.

  30. One of the reasons Trump started the BS with Iran and has Ghouliani still in Ukraine an Trump sent troops to Saudi Arabia! The Trump Campaign needs the illegal foriegn money coming to his businesses and his Campaign accounts! Illegal, but Trump knows McConnell will protect him!

  31. They ran to him first. Money shouldn't play such a decisive roll. The toll this takes on your competent political talent is detrimental to the countries future.

  32. Time to flush the orange turd 🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃

  33. "The truth is rarely pure, and never simple."- Oscar Wilde. Virtuous spending that gives us a Trump win is monstrous. Let's be open to winning the electoral college even if it takes filthy lucre to get the truth out and the self-interest in defeating Trump in.
    The popular vote, the likable ticket are nice. The electoral college, the winning ticket are crucial. Hold your noses and vote.

  34. While I agree with you on the money part if you meant to say Obama dont say this fictional politician… just say who you mean to say.

  35. You see how they didn't give to Bernie I don't want your corporate phunking money Sanders didn't get a dime?? That's why we need #PresidentSanders

  36. Hey Farron….I don't like the hate coming from this Administration, the only Republicans l find myself disdaining are the ones that vote lockstep with Trump and are easily cowed to do what he wants….which unfortunately seems to be quite a few deplorables. The clowns and mischief makers have done much to indignify and derisively poison the title of " Senator ". Most the time they are just doing damage control because they lack a spine to stand up to Donnie Dump or the other childish cult members ( the bully's beastly buddies )…..which includes Mitchell Mc Con well, the punk who never grew up. This undying support for Donnie- Do- Wrong instead of being circumspect in their duties is NOT to HATE DEMOCRATS OR TRY TO ELIMINATE THEM AS LESS THAN HUMAN AND UNAMERICAN. I BEG YOUR PARDON ! NOW ,THAT REALLY AGITATES ME . GOD DEIGNED FOR BE TO BE BORN AMERICAN, NO ONE ELSE !

  37. They won't offer any of that money to Bernie, not just because he won't take it, but because they can't get him to sell out the country for it like the others will.

  38. Excuse me… Citizens United was a Supreme Court decision. The SUPREME COURT was the body that made that a law… they are the ones that said "Yes, corporations are people." NOT BARACK OBAMA!

  39. I do compare news sources from Germany to Britain to here in America BEFORE I post, BECAUSE PEOPLE don't believe you did the Research…

  40. America can't survive 4 more years of criminal, unconstitutional & immoral behavior of a loony tune. America is DEAD if Drumpf stays to remove truth, justice & democracy from America as he & traitorous Repubes work to dismiss the Constitution. Vote to drain Drumpf's overflowing swamp if you want America to survive!

  41. I would not agree with the part for Obama.
    AS far as i remember moscow mitch blocked every attempt to change things in the democratic way.
    What he could get to do was by presidential order.
    Maybe i'm wrong.

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