Big Brain Anti-Communist Memes

once upon a time I was invited to stream on Bernardo and tsagaan support for him we discussed that for the first 30 minutes and then it went downhill however after more than two hours of quality content like this I was circumcised after I was 50 a treasure trove of means was discovered there are boys in the mullahs pushing for circumcision you have the doctors giving their own knowledge into it random unrelated shit can ask real quick Robin did you have a debate with exes II yes I did I did have a little chat with this young gentleman on mu this was known anyway this was Marie it does not want to talk about penis with a friend of mine we played DK he did he'd interviewed him and invited me a long time a chat I asked him if he'd ever had a job before and and it went really it went downhill from there yeah this person had child labor he is a well judging from the interview work-shy and he seems to think that the way that he would like to do his revolution is for everybody else to do it for him he is the laziest he is by his own admission the laziest revolutionary that I've ever fucking that I'm gonna tell you straight up Robin walking in bare feet yes basically basically basically that the question that I asked him that seemed to work in the most was if you have no idea about the means of production how the fuck do you intend to seize it like first-hand experience with the means of production to be able to analyze society and also like you don't need to be hands on a revolutionary fear to have some kind of purpose in bringing about communism oh well it would it would behoove one to know exactly how will work the main thing to actually be able to relate to part in this revolution doing my part it's not so much shake of our 2.0 more shake of our ub40 well it's almost but it's more Che Guevara do you do the work for me is it just officially going out there and taking the rings out of the hands of it also means murdering your opponents which he also endorsed somebody else to do that he sounds nice somebody else to watch them afterwards Whitney I'm not I'm not too keen on the whole revolution thing because usually what happens with revolutions as they come around and bite you in the ass just come out and say that instead of calling him lazy look no no I'm not I'm not talking him lazy I described why described why you think yes no I I asked it I asked him I asked him about about himself and that has been the conclusion that I've come and to be honest a lot a lot of bedroom revolutionaries are like this I'm afraid when it comes down to it reality has a tendency to not agree with communism I'm sorry what's your position I'm guessing you're a Social Democrat I would consider myself well I mean I wouldn't necessarily say Social Democrat I would say I'm centrist in in a fashion I borrow from all I don't really tie myself yes that I might imagine the idea imagine it imagine the idea of an ideology which can be wrong sometimes you imagine that an ideology of somebody having a coherent is the difference between us a coherent set of principle songs all very well and good until reality kicks in because reality is this weird weird way that you change you've only got your little coherence sometimes capitalism works sometimes socialism works and if you're going to just pick one or the other they're both going to me I know I know but I'm 42 so I've thought about it hasn't had a job and because he should know no he needs to get a fucking job he needs to actually have it have some experiences like some anecdotal evidence to counteract the sociology of Marx yes because reading is not live anecdotal evidence over theory yes because various bullshit we're theory means nothing theory means nothing without practice last time in the last time no no I'm just saying the last time that theory was practiced millions died I was about to say if communism fantastic but you have to prove the theory well this thing with practice is you can't have it without ciri to back it up well of course that's right I'm sorry you give it a go and then oh let oh look everybody died you're talking about some sophistry wonderful tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about please please I'm sure that you're a well experienced person who knows all about life if you know a bit about life you're not listening you're not listening I didn't say that these these theories are completely useless but it would be it would behoove you to sort of bring them into some sort of practice within life and if they don't work to bring it into practice when you've got the whole capitalist world with all the military and all the power and all the money trying to get in your way and you know get in in your way yeah Tommy it's gonna have military event well then it's not really very good if it can't beat that now can it wellis it can't be done because the bad people prevent it like I'm gonna do a literal Sargon and be like we can't you know we shouldn't oppose fascism because we can't practically stop it because they have too much power I didn't say that you're what you're doing is you're taking what I'm saying about your theory and then you're basically saying well but they're the evil ones you see the here's the thing communism is a form of evil just in the same as capitalism as a form of evil if they're also they're also well as you can see communism really does last you know that was very disappointing six-inch penis well this is the book smart thing you know people get confident when the rid of read a few too many books people get a bit too concerned when they've read lots of books have you just described social justice warriors in a nutshell do you know when they managed to mathematically work out how to tie a knot it took mathematics till 1995 in order to say yeah we can tie a knot ask ask a two year old or a 4 or a 3 year old they can do it just as easy you don't need to work out how to tie a knot like Karl Marx for instance he was living at a time where human psychology it wasn't necessarily as advanced and developed as it is right now it's like a great example of how sort of human identity works and and its interactions this animal farm from George George Orwell Venezuela and people say it's a meme it's not but anyone who goes like pure ideology they tend to fall into these pitfalls

  1. 42 yr old rational skeptic man who never grew out of the 17 yr old mindset 'I can just think a lot about things and come to the common sense conclusion, I don't need books'

    amazing really

  2. The knot example is really telling. Mathematicians didn't "take until 1995 to prove that you can tie a knot," they took until 1995 to work how to rigorously determine if a particular knot is truly topologically unique.

  3. … I mean, we already knew these dipshits knew nothing about anything logical… I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they know nothing of math either. Like 5 seconds on Google: And that's just the formal theory. It's not that no one could do anything with knots before, there just wasn't an impetus to work on them at all because one could tie the knot.. which is a proof by construction, herp derp, it was mathematically proven. These fucking morons. Haefliger, André (1962), "Knotted (4k − 1)-spheres in 6k-space" <- /s Yeah, in 1995 they were still working on the basic knot /s. Fuck my life. I don't know what stupid pop-math thing he thinks he remembers seeing in 1995, but seriously, what a stupid twat.

  4. He doesn’t want to destroy the economic system that has thus far proven to be the best system we have. He’s stupid /S

  5. the right response is to state that Marx´s thought is antithetical in comparison with Stalin´s practice.

  6. Actually, the problem is not that he has his own thoughts but that it is neither profound nor consistent.

  7. The guy literally described the P-NP problem of mathematics. P-problems are in a nutshell things we can easily solve with algorithms and mathematical formulae, while NP-problems are those that cannot (currently), but we can often verify, as a P-problem, if a solution to one of these NP-problems is correct, but we cannot find said solution with an algorithm. We can easily verify if something is a knot or not, but we could not for the longest time figure out how to make a knot mathematically. It has also nothing to do with what he was saying and that man is a complete buffoon.

  8. So having a coherent set of principles is a bad thing, because those principles can sometimes be challenged; but if the random principles you picked up off the ground are challenged, you can just drop them and grab new ones.

    Seems legit.

  9. Anti Communist memes are not needed, just simply point to the most socialist countries and compare them to the most capitalist countries.

  10. People who use the term "Sophistry," have a 99% of not knowing what they're talking about.

  11. oh wow, he almost sounded like he was making a halfway decent point, until he wasn't at all. i used to worship centrists like this, now i just feel like a fool in retrospect. neither communism nor capitalism are inherently evil, but either system have their own way of being abused.

    while most people are generally good and trustworthy, it only takes a small handful of assholes to fuck everything up for everyone. to this point, capitalism especially because even in a 100% free market, there will be problems in various aspects of society due to hierarchical systems, which is it's own form of classism outside of a state, which unregulated by proper arbitration can lead to a logical extreme of virtual slavery to serve a small privileged few.

    whereas with communism, until it reaches complete anarchism, the problem lies in how the socialism and communism is achieved and regulated. i think the problem in the past has been with single party systems lead and controlled by totalitarian dictators, and if we can find a way to avoid this issue, then communism finally becomes feasible.

  12. “Sometimes capitalism works, and sometimes socialism works. If you’re going to pick one or the other, they’re both going to lose.” THINK ABOUT THAT, KIDS

  13. >"Theory is bullshit"
    >"I consider myself a centrist"

    With only saying "I'm apolitical, I have zero interest in either positioning myself ideologically and make an efford to understand politics" would have showed more intelligence instead of doing the bug braiinz and failing horribly to attempt having the moral highground and talk shit about politics.

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