BidPrime: Government Bids In Real-Time

due to recent developments in the
e-procurement process the amount of government bids is growing rapidly
electronic platforms used for the bid process make it easier for the
government to turn even more of their needs into rfps which you’ll even more
opportunities for potential vendors and suppliers for years the period between
issuing and closing a proposal was at least 20 days this allowed for plenty of
time to prepare your offer now that it is easier for governments to post the
rfps many are issued within 7 days or less of their closed date how many bid
opportunities do you think are slipping under your radar our competitors are
manually mining rfps from each institutions websites this means that
subscribers are seeing these bids several days after the issue date our
software takes RFP data from over 100,000 entities and post it in real
time on the bidprime website don’t miss out on bid opportunities make bidprime
your resource for real-time government bids contracts and analytics

    Find out how windows of opportunity are shrinking for vendors and suppliers like you, and watch how real-time results MATTER if you want to grow your revenue.

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