1. bozo biden…… big talker, not a doer…….. except he got his son a 1 Billion dollar loan from the bank of China, what a great dad… lol he needs to write his name on his palm so he doesn't forget it. lol and, Joe, don't you remember ? Obama built a lot of those 'cages' and he deported millions. while YOU were vice president….. so, enough of the hypocrisy…

  2. Our Latin America policies ARE morally bankrupt. And people like the democrats are making immoral political capital off those policies. Donald Trump at least recognizes this moral bankruptcy, and is ready, willing, and working on becoming able to do something about it! BUILD THE WALL.

  3. I dont believe anything this democrat presidential runners says..or the media who support them.. all lies lies and lies. When all you see is the opposite of what they saying. All i see is Envy and Hatred against the President.

  4. Idk what they are talking about. If something us true should not believe it if something is not true toymymu should not believe it not my words but I do believe it.

  5. Eight full minutes talking about what Biden said, ,, ,and not one single second of Biden speaking
    .LOL..Biden is soooo bad that not even the Democrat reporterst let him speak LOL
    Biden said this, Biden said that ….But where's the f*** is Biden ???

  6. Trust in the president for now…he's not doing the right things morally…it seems betrayal is what's happening with the people around the world…all should work with each other…everything seems so offensive now…

  7. People are old when they say, let’s tax Wall Street. Wall Street isn’t the Old Boys Club of years ago, it’s our retirement money, who knows that better than wealthy politicians. They just think people are chumps.

  8. Checkout these unfiltered and unbiased media outlets. 100% factual
    The Jimmy Dore Show, Secular Talk, Status Coup, Democracy Now, The Rational National, The Humanist Report, Kim Iverson, Abby Martin's show, MCSC, The Tim Black Show, Redacted Tonight, Real News Network and many more…. Trust that we need change & if you're tired of being lied to by these networks like fox news, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, the view…ect they're the sheep herders leading this 🌎 to destruction #GETINFORMED #REVOLUTION

  9. We illegal immigrants will bring more relatives from Outside USA. And there is nothing you can do about it. Thanks to democrats and cnn who on our side. We illegal immigrants who jumped border also have dreams and want to live lavish lifestyle.

  10. It is hard to see all of the Democrats still trying to get the President in trouble when thy are the one's not doing there job .

  11. That’s bs his old boss deported more then trump and had illegal youths in cages and doped up, Biden and his son have enough problems to answer to, the Democrats failure to act on the border is gonna come back on them in 2020 not only in the presidents race but in both houses

  12. Isn't that WHAT Joe "1994 Crime Bill" Biden did when he introduced his bill???? As far as I'm concerned, Joe Biden=Donald tRUMP!!!

  13. I don't like Oroark. He is still young, he can run again. I like Warren, but I don't like the way she sounds when she speaks. I love Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris. I don't think Biden is a good idea. People think that he is a shoe in. But that is what they thought about Clinton in 2016. People like to see strength, and respect. Intelligence, and wit. People don't like someone to talk about things they are not educated on. We need a leader who knows when to stick to the issues, and knows when to strike back after an attack. Saying bad things about others is not a virtue. Pointing out your opponents weaknesses needs to be done at the right place, at the right time.

  14. Latin Americans living under crippling lawlessness would regain life if the border was secure. This continent can't morally afford anything less. Biden is a bafoon

  15. How about taking all the money (our money) and using it to help AMERICANS you know the people that pay your wages instead of stealing it and giving it to the criminals invading our country. Why are you ignorant fools so dead set on turning this great country into a third world country, you already have a head start with California being a third world state and pretty soon we will have to give California foreign aid because there is so many illegals there that it is a foreign state. Trump 2020, 2024, and hopefully 2028

  16. yet another headline trying to prop up senile handsey Joe… every candidate says the same thing, who cares other than CBS?

  17. Somewhat unrelated but I find it amusing when white folks, (especially the more-privileged ones) from the north-eastern states, complain about the " illegals".

  18. Biden you will lose for the lord of host is against you have raped and pillaged in yhe life of small children god will destroy you

  19. Scumbag Democrat Confederacy army of illegal alien Enemy combatants insurgents death to the Democratic Party Democratic Party has declared war on America in your children in your women is time to Eradicate the Democratic Party of the face of the Earth

  20. Biden is a democratic republican, he doesn't know exactly where he stands on much of anything. I think he's mostly interested in splitting up the democratic vote too thin for a Democrat to win the election.
    Plus there are far too many Dems thinning the votes as it is! We seriously need to vote for the leading two in the primary's and let them run it out until election time. And wich ever is coming in second, backs up the front runner!

    Actually! I'd like to see Warren back Sanders and run as Sanders VP! "That would be an unbeatable team!" Remember what the electoral college did to us the last election?

  21. The only family that should be separated is the #TrumpCrimeFamily and put in separate cells/cages! #Tre45on #TreasonousTrump

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