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a minute in this style chicks talking back to the quarterback wants a big glass yeah the catch we come in on the ball little bit of a jump because I've caused the walk I say what's on my mind you're wasting time you thinking the mistake with a con she is terms of our day that's alright it keeps me dreaming kiss me there you gotta go away I got my eight oh boy oh boy oh boy boy boy Daniel Daniel Daniel can you hear me okay can you hear me okay now lady in the background okay story of my life that's the story of my life always a lady in the background now it's gone right Daniel can you hear me 40% 60% the right ability voice of the lady okay now it should be fine right now it should be good no no okay how about now are you serious yep Wow okay how's that getting yeah okay how about now yeah okay now it's good okay good thank you very much thank you yep okay we're good now Good Morning America hahaha ha ha ha ha ha there we go there we go there we go you ready all set give me Curtis a check go again go again you have to talk into your micro you were doing it there we go bingo me I just got notification on parlor that severe Mohammed is no longer following me and I'm a better man because of it that Islamic terrorism to doubt Sharia law to nouns female mutilation – now's John Dalton denounces each name come on you guys sing along they can go ahead and try to drown me out go ahead try to ignore me because I frickin found you out you can't do that was controversial radio talk-show host on the planet series ladies and gentlemen could I please have your attention ladies and gentlemen could I please have your attention defying news store I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story for you to stop what you're doing and listen bring it on this Monday morning are you you ready to forget Morgan principal junction there we are there we are I gotta see what I look like right now actually I'm just kidding actually I saw what I looked like and I look like like a guy with a a Marine Corps shirt on right now and you know when they need to do I need to turn down that fan but before I do today is Monday June 24th I'll take care of the fan huh I'll take care of it just go ahead that's alright June 24th episode number 15 59 is gonna be all day today 9:00 a.m. news update because we broadcast to you every Monday through Friday and of course when news breaks but Monday through Friday 9 a.m. 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. ladies and gentlemen and of course when news breaks you can catch us when news breaks and I think we're gonna have a bunch of news the news cycle this morning opening up we got Bernie Sanders just having his 5 minutes of fame now we're gonna be talking about that this morning but he's gonna get drowned out with John Bolton going to war with everyone good morning Deb Jordan let's put you on the screen and say good morning how are you good morning everyone I'm doing great top of the morning to you you got a case of the Mondays no I feel pretty good it was a pretty restful weekend we had a good day yesterday got a lot of work done yes my my chores and we are slowly but surely ok we are slowly but surely getting our apartment together yeah we're all getting settled into the studio nice and cozy and on the 26 we got two more days and we pick up thanks to our favorite roadside assistance company Camden roadside assistance actually has has set us up with some aircon we're all ready to go yeah and that's gonna happen on the 26th we might be able to actually get it installed hopefully right away depending on what time I can get it picked up working around our schedule thank you Camden roadside assistance thanks to all of our supporters for for basically allowing us to survive Thank You Phil for 20 good morning god bless you and yes we will bring it Phil all right let me take care of something I'm gonna set my headphones down so vote everybody yeah when I say good morning to everybody I hope you guys all had a great weekend we got to spend a little bit of time with you on Saturday night but we had lots to do and we kind of backed down early but we understand a lot of people stayed up til 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning just chatting we love that we love that everybody is getting together and doing those things want to say good morning to Scotty the squiddy in San Diego and Chad Lipscomb funny Trice's in the house good morning Bonnie bunny I'm sorry lynnie no keeps Shane hello and dmq 9-1-1 good morning good morning – Gilbert Glen out there in Tennessee we have a night we've had two or three sunny days in a row here Flynn mr. Glen so thank you for asking right Letha a lair is over here and YouTube live you guys are amazing so good morning good morning to everybody over there on D live this morning all of our good people are over there I see mr. Mudd it's hard for me to see because that computer's at an angle and it's pretty far away from me I have all the logistics the dashboard up so Pete can keep an eye on the stream on that computer so I'm not I can't really see it Imams over there right I see that I have to squint a little bit but anyway good morning to everybody over there thank you guys for all of your support on this Monday morning we're gonna be talking about Bernie Sanders and socialism which is really communism and how he plans to pay for all this free stuff that he's thrown out there to every the promises that he's thrown out there to all these college students in hopes that it will bring up his brain his polls right because he is lagging behind everybody and the money's just about dried up he's trying to raise money to keep his campaign floating and these kids he's finding out really quick they may vote for him but they're sure not gonna give him any of their money because why they don't have any and just wait until he starts they start having to pay the government back for all these freebies yeah so that's what we're gonna be talking about today we want to welcome everybody wanna I encourage everyone to get over there to poller and our parlay whatever you want to see more ler Ashley clearly her the owner he started out calling it parlor a parlay and now he says everyone's calling it parlor so guess what it is yeah we encourage everybody to go over there and get your account and join us over there also on new way you can find us on me we it's proving to be a pretty open place we don't have any problems with censorship there Pete and I both are no longer on Facebook so you guys can find us on YouTube live D live for our streaming purposes you can find us on me we and parlor good morning oh the mouthful I'm gonna I'm gonna have to say this okay and I'm not there so it's not like I'm berating people that we've invited as listeners but anybody who's still on Facebook is an absolute buffoon oh yeah it's but there's no well I didn't put any well I very definitively with a an exclamation mark said that anybody who's still on Facebook is of a phone you know I had a while because I'm not on Facebook oh really good friends of mine haha and they'll have if you're a good friend of mine you have my cell phone number and you can text me information yes quickly as you can drop the post I guess but people find it hard to do that but um you know there's a lot of drama carrying on out carrying out over there and I am just so glad that I'm not in it I don't I'm not part of it and and it just feels really really good because we have so much work to do yeah you know I'm I'm just too busy I said some controversial ones before and it caused an uproar I said that anybody who's on Facebook is called a Marxist enabler Oh people went after they went pretty crazy but who was Ryan who was right you were right I was right you're a frickin Marxist enabler if you just sit there and say well they're concentrated scams okay I have my pictures here at my concentration right isn't that they say that's what my family pictures of my concentration camp Locker right Yeah right before they take you to the freakin gas chamber yeah sure just go ahead keep your pictures over there let me know how that works for you I'll be I'll be over here well it's much better I have a much clearer view of what's happening just by and and I'm able to make an opinionated statement and come to a decision about how I feel about something without having all of this influence and people calling me names and you know and just basically trying to change my mind and I'm I'm you know what I'm not stupid I'm pretty smart I can I can assess the situation pretty well right when I see it we've been through a lot and so we know pretty much how how it goes how things are going in and what things look like and I have my own ideas in my own opinion it feels good not to have a bunch of people that I don't know that I've never met telling me what I can and can't fake so yes it feels good so anyway good morning everybody but by the way one final note on Facebook so Facebook was entrusted with your privacy what did they do with it Facebook was entrusted with protecting your constitutional right not to be searched and seized without a warrant what did they deal with it facebook said that they were gonna try to make things better mr. Sandin and we're gonna try and improve upon things we can do things better what did they do with it Facebook was brought forward to testify and what do they do they lied now facebook wants to take control of cryptocurrency yeah yeah what are they gonna do with that so good luck with your frickin Facebook life may your freaking balls catch on fire over there later well okay you ready I'm gonna shift gears now to a very important topic get ready and I'm gonna say this very very very definitively I've got an opinion about what's going on in Oregon uh we have a communist governor named Kate Brown who is a known documented cold-blooded killer she actually called for requested the president and James commies FBI to come in and ambush a bunch of people that nobody had spoken to because these are really nice people you could sit down break bread say hello to them but no they had to do just surveil and slice and dice their words to come up with a scenario to justify military force but Kate Brown called for requested the federal government to come in they almost slaughtered everybody but in the end they ended up killing lavoy finicum that's Kate brown basically she's she's gonna see her self she wants everyone else disarmed but she has an army known as the Oregon State Police right now correct that she's using to she's actually wanting the GOP legislators who said no we don't want to just pass this legislation on behalf of the American people we want it all right you know the the Oregonians in particular we want to vote for this climate change stuff that's gonna cause I'm just gonna use an example let's say for instance if they passed legislation that requires everyone to pay $300 more for stuff because of climate change legislation which is as we all know an absolute blithering fricken hoax okay that allows the leftist to actually collect taxes under the guise of saving the planet the GOP said we don't want to pass this legislation we want it to go to a vote and they said well we have a super majority and they said okay well we're not gonna show up then and you have to have Republicans however many we are in the minority you have to Republicans there at least two of them and the Republicans said we're not gonna show up and she said okay if you don't show up our Constitution says that I can compel you I'm gonna send the Oregon State Troopers with guns to come get you and bring you in right and they said oh really and you that is it sounds like a threat to me you do that you think you're gonna cause me in my protest you're gonna cause me to just sit here and say okay go get me and go you're gonna force me into a vote you better send freaking bachelors that's what that's what was said in opposition to her threat to send people that now of course the left is spun that and said oh you're threatening us no you're the one that said that you're gonna send Oregon straight state troopers with Johnny Law Enforcement and she issued a threat the people of Oregon aren't stupid they they know what that means yes their reputation precedes them over and over and over again they are cold-blooded killers when you're saying you can't protest a vote I'm gonna send people with guns to come and get you and force you to come in that's called that's called a threat and that threat was responded to by a legislature that said you do that send bachelors because I'm not gonna be a political prisoner I'm going to protest what happened was when they expressed the legislators that is they expressed their intent not to bring harm to Oregon state troopers and what they did was left the state they went the opposite direction so as not to put the Oregon State Troopers in a position where they're being used like kate brown's little army because she's a cold-blooded killer she actually called for an ambush that resulted in the death of lavoy finicum if you don't know about that go look it up Jane Brown did that we almost died we almost died we were supposed to be in that convoy we almost died a bit based on Kate Brown now by the way she's gonna she wants everyone else gunless but she used her military force very effectively the Marxists do that that's why they want you gunned 'less that's why they have a gun grabbed because when she sends her troopers to come get you she wants you to just or your hands in the air like a freakin a disarmed Venezuelan right that's right Kate Brown all right now this is what happened guess what what the the Patriots they're called Americans okay in Oregon now there are Patriots there's like oathkeepers and stuff like that that's yeah you know they don't need to pick up the phone and call president Trump to protect them they have people to protect them and they said hey uh you state legislators you need you need a way out of here you need say patches do you need any help we'll give you a ride do you need a place to stay maybe in Texas or Idaho or wherever sanctuary states right mm-hm and Patriots stepped forward and said we will help you GOP late legislators out so that you're not harmed and those arrangements were made okay then all of a sudden Kate brown does some little intel things she's got her little Intel people we got Intel people and tactical researching last time she used the word tactical people died that's right her tactical thing so all of a sudden they shut down the state legislature and this is what Kate Brown and her little army and her freaking Marxist spies that work I guess for the Oregon State Troopers because you got to get those troopers all fired up with Intel about that and all of a sudden they spun Americans helping the GOP legislators get out of the state so as not to encounter any confrontation with her OSP army and all of a sudden they said the moleish there's a credible threat of militia militia and ladies and gentlemen I'm here to tell you this they're called Americans they want to spin that we had this same scenario take place and we're gonna talk about this more at the three o'clock hour a gentleman named and yes he is a very fine gentleman one of the one of the most high integrity individuals who ended up in the media's name is Eric J Parker jr. I know Eric J Parker jr. he is an American is it the highest huh Parker jr. and I know that I've seen him all over my paperwork I bet as a junior at the end of it uh-huh Eric J Parker jr. that's cute yes isn't that cute so Eric Parker is an American he's a fellow I'm going to call him a deplorable okay because that's what they do like they just demonize him and they say oh my god he has guns he's a deplorable look he's a racist he's the white supremacist he's not just all the way through but this is what I will say uh Kate – Kate brown hey Kate Brown check it out you're credible threats okay there is no threats actually the credible threat and it's not threatening Americans will show up to crush communism that's the only a communist would be threatened to be wiped out of function okay to no longer be able to function as communists in the United States of America all Americans need to do is to show up you're gonna be voted out of office you're gonna be run off to freaking ranches we're gonna actually put 300,000 cattle back out there in southeastern Oregon we're gonna stop your little relationship with Oregon energy formerly known as uranium one out southeastern Oregon and there is it should we call it a threat no it's a credible existence of Americans they want to call them militia they want to demonize them they've already done this before ladies and gentlemen they did the same exact thing they said we need to use military force because the Americans have shown up in southeastern Oregon I was one of them okay guess who else showed up at the protest this weekend it was that Karen Peterson yes she's not militia you shouldn't be threatened by her she wanted to go show up there tell you off you frickin communist and they shut the legislature down because why is that doing that that's okay I'll take care of that phone lines drop off it must have okay so anyways they shut down the legislature because Karen Peterson was showing up okay an Eric Parker said he was gonna show up right to offer assistance give people a ride and and help out he's an American and guess what he's one of the highest integrity Americans on the planet well I would say even higher than the FBI that we already know made up for instance they made up 302 reports fake ones against me out there and we know that the OSP doesn't have integrity because the FBI told them to turn off all their body cams and they did it so so they were working at the behest of the federal government he has higher integrity than Kate Brown I would take 100 Eric Parker's of that high of integrity over any freaking communists that works for Kate Brown yeah and I know Eric Parker personal why sure and to be clear he never said that he was gonna show up or go anywhere what what he put out there was that they had been contacted and they were just on standby they were watching they were watching very closely wanted to help me they wanted to help their neighbor what was happening that's his attitude I already know Eric Parker alright I know Eric Parker personally I lived with err Parker for months I know this guy to be one of I'm talking about an American hero an American hero and no nobody from OSP contacted me and said hey what do you know about this era partner got is he a dangerous guy I'll say you know what you take a hundred freakin OSP officers all right and you put them in a freakin can all right and and you can uh you got a can of integrity right and then you take Eric Parker right next to it and that guy blows you guys away is one of the most high integrity American deplorable that I know and I know him personally yeah he's amazing and you know what they're doing they're running hurt her tactical people okay and her Intel people are running around shutting lage legislature down saying that there's a credible threat of Karen Peterson okay or Eric Parker because he has a gun that's the way it's gone and it was it was like that in Oregon and California and Nevada and all these places long before the Bundys okay it was like that nobody ever nobody nobody protested it right because you weren't allowed to people were afraid to people were like if I say anything there are so many government officials here and the government has it's hit its hooks in in these states so so badly that if I say anything I'm gonna lose my business they boycott my business they start threatening me my kids that give my kids a hard time it is communism you guys I'm not kidding now this is what I'm gonna do I'm probably gonna repeat some of what I'm saying here at the Torreya o'clock hour I'm going to read a letter because this is publicly available it's been made publicly available yes I'm gonna read a letter maybe that was written no not by BJ's Oprah it was forwarded by BJ sober BJ super made it public yeah but you know a do BJ's Oprah I wouldn't consider him to be anything other than a frickin a mail boy for in this particular instance BJ Soper is just a mail guy for the state legislature and that's great that he shared it that's awesome but let's set B G so Prasad I'm not gonna put him in the same category of American let's put it that way sorry I have an opinion about BJ's over he set aside BJ so / somebody like Eric Parker is helping a neighbor in Oregon or a group of pedra species so for sure he's trying to be a patriot I just don't want him on the phone with the FBI like he did last time trying to trick and crawl up the ranks of credibility you know that's not Eric Parker Eric Parker and his group out there out of Idaho these are American freaking Patriots that are helping their neighbors in Oregon now the legislators the GOP legislators that have sought refuge why are you shaking your head no BJ Soper was on the phone with the FBI in the end and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna Shea shade throw shade at the guy okay I'm sorry BJ show / Soper's not gonna get credibility on the Pete Santilli show because I'm supposedly the FBI informant I read the discovery he's on the phone with the FBI BJ Soper needs to step aside and what the Patriots step up and take care of business take care of these legislatures legislators sorry sorry about that BJ but you know your actions actually proved up your your status here on the on the Pete Santilli show the Idaho three percenters Eric Parker we're talking about American heroes that've helped as their neighbors the state legislators the state legislators actually put forth a letter one of them put forward the letter that is absolutely incredible and I'm gonna read it at three o'clock we're gonna go into that by the way I'm not gonna say any more about about BJ supper when somebody mentions his name on the show or starts talking about BJ Soper I'll have it at painted about it because I freaking lost 619 days of my life and I'm reading messages and in 3:02 report saw BJ's opers on the phone working with the FBI call meas FBI who shot and killed freaking lavoy finicum on putting the blame on him but you're not gonna get any freaking credence on the pizza until he show especially since I spent seven months in friggin solitary confinement reading BJ so poor frickin 302 reports sorry anybody has a problem with that pick up the phone and call me we'll have a discussion about it okay so anyways this thing that's going on in Oregon we're gonna talk about it Oregon Republicans are quote still on the lam Vox says still on the lamp can you imagine that do you remember when Kate Brown was the the state leader out there and she told the Democrats to skip a vote right did Fox write something that the Democrats were on the lam no of course that did they write anything about antiva by the way what's the difference between an Tifa and the quote unquote militia is the militia are not burning stuff down they're not throwing poop at people okay they're not breaking frickin windows they're not a bunch of freaking communists on the payroll of freaking George Soros that's the difference self-sufficiency Kate Brown you have a credible threat of Americans that are gonna show up and crush your communism just by showing up we will crush your communism because the majority of people don't want to pay your $300 freaking global warming tax to George Soros and and frickin Al Gore and if you want to harm and threaten harm to state legislators for their protest guess what they're gonna leave your state where you don't have any jurisdiction and they're gonna be protected and said and what I mean we're gonna have sanctuary maybe in the state of Idaho I understand auto is doing a fantastic job aren't they take care of these people we'll take care of them you don't want to do that you don't want to take care of your legislators you want to use them as frickin vote pawns that's okay Idaho take care of them Texas well Ohio well they can come to Ohio you can stay here right you can stay here I've got a lot to say about this do not demonize Eric Parker because Eric Parker deserves and by the way how many people know this does the FBI do you think the FBI ever talked to anybody about Eric Parker oh I'm sure well no I'm I'm talking like directly to Eric Parker you ever sit down with Eric Parker do you ever live with the guy and figure out what the hell makes them tick the guy is just about I'm not gonna say at the level of United States Marine because I'm a United States no no but just about at that level Marine Corps integrity okay highest integrity on the face of planet they're calling him I some of they're shutting down legislature but let the legislature because of a credible threat of America can you imagine well they hate freakin Americans well I think it's a good thing that they shut it down why why because now their votes out the window oh yeah yeah okay that's fine I mean and that is the intention the test is for exactly what happened to happen and that is yeah there's incredible threats of protest yeah of course they want to amp it up and call it all kinds of other different things but yeah you know maybe she has learned a little bit of a lesson here she doesn't want to tangle with it it's bad PR when you start killing people because they have an opinion and because they speak out against you right and and that's her go-to thing her go-to thing is violence that's what she does and and of course antiva they're they're more than happy to oblige and so is the Ohio the Ohio the Oregon State Police yeah we know this they have a reputation killers end of story anybody Kate Browns a cold-blooded killer Kate brown used the entire month leading up to the the assassination of lavoy finicum sending letters to the president to bring military force having the OSP freaking run around and turn off their body cams in the end of course surrendering her sovereignty of the state to freaking uranium one in southeastern Oregon of course as well as the federal government to come in there then they lured these guys off of federal in that she doesn't have jurisdiction of course off of federal land so that they could go ambush him and go shoot them kate brown is a cold-blooded killer what did she do the month leading up to that she demonized Americans she said they're terrorists and guess what a jury this is a fact and I'm gonna state this at three o'clock a jury in the end said that the only people that broke the law was James commies frickin FBI informants and the jury said that the defendants which it was including me if I'd gone to trial but they actually ended up dismissing me because of a credible threat of Pete Santilli show right before trial they dismiss me a jury in Portland a bunch of leftist said the only people that broke the law was Kate Browns Brock Obama's and James commis friggin FBI informants of course they were the only ones to break the law right and they rendered a not guilty verdict so what I'm stating here is facts but when you look at it Pete what all you have to do is say this about Oregon hmm how many people did the did the people at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge murder how many people did what did they murder how many people did they kill they they have no they they probably I think they they killed a couple of cattle didn't ya just slice up some beef so that they can have a friggin bar how many people did the Oregon staple they had zero intentions of killing anybody nor did they kill anybody nor do they want to bring any harm to anyone and I know that I spoke to each and every one as well some of them that sneak in have bad intentions but those are typically the FBI informs that that show up with explosives right yeah well how many people how many people did the Oregon State Police kill lavoy finicum there you go yeah and that's it lavoy finicum yeah absolutely am i upset about how how Oregon is acting no I actually now now I know a lot about how they perform he'll spend an entire month softening the population up calling people like Karen Peterson a militia shut the legislature down so that they can go and kill her okay this is how they operate and they're there and by the way everyone in Oregon Karen Peterson stopped at a freaking convenience store and she'll be able to tell us this story she's an Oregon she lives in Oregon she's going to Salem she stopped picked up a pack of smokes I think and somebody said and she was wearing her her Trump 2020 hat and they said why are you threatening violence she said what that's what these leftists are told that the people that wear Trump 2020 hats threatened violence and they think that the legislators who said you're not gonna come and get me and force me to do a vote okay if you do that you think you're gonna do that I'm gonna stand my ground okay send bachelors because you're not gonna force me to go vote I'm gonna protest it's a matter of fact I'm gonna go the opposite direction that we're gonna cut we're gonna cover this at three o'clock this is a very very important thing depending on whether or not we have breaking news okay but this Kate Brown is documented to be a cold blood killer she's documented using an entire month to propagandize the population so that everyone accepts when she sends her army to go kill people kind of like what they did in Waco right they spent an entire month telling everybody that the people that Waco are really really bad so it actually it makes it more acceptable to send a freakin a Janet Reno tank into the front door gasps the people burn the whole place up 95 people died right and it's okay because they spent an entire month brainwashing you to think that these are really really bad people inside so it's okay that they died that's what Marxist propaganda does and it's the exact opposite of who Karen Peterson is it's the exact opposite of who Eric Parker is it's the exact opposite of who we American deplorable czar okay it's not okay for you to kill us because we say that we don't like communism I'm sorry no I'm not sorry I'm not gonna apologize I'm sorry to everybody else because you let them do that to you I'm sorry I'm so freakin pissed off about this do not demonize Eric Parker without going through me you're gonna go through me first are you okay with that yes sir you're gonna go through me if you have a question about Eric Parker you come to me before you shut down your legislature for credible threats of Eric Parker or or Karen Peterson these are the most beautiful people in the country in the United States of America in our history okay and you want to shut your state capital down because you're threatened by that only a communist would do that only a communist would be threatened by Karen Peterson and Eric Parker speaking of Communists this guy right here Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on my dad she wants to give away free free education hell yeah yeah she wants to give away free education do you know do you know what free education is ladies and gentlemen is there anybody out there that's listening to the show right now if you think that that kids deserve a quote unquote a free education if you think that canceling 1.6 trillion dollars in student loan debt that by the way Bernie Sanders his cronies made a ton of money on issuing those loans they make Commission's on those loans they make hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions on those loans they shuttle money around all their people made money the education institutions made money they built buildings okay they they paid professors right a lot of people have made money on this one point six trillion dollars in debt okay people took the freaking money ran now he wants to wipe out this so-called debt and he says ladies gentlemen uh we're gonna require Wall Street to pay a portion of it Oh The Wall Street's gonna pay for the 1.6 chili we're gonna issue a tax on Wall Street as if it's like not some human entity that actually pays money through Wall Street like Americans what's wrong why nothing do you uh okay all right I'm just going off here yes I am Sanders is gonna propose canceling an entire 1.6 trillion dollars no I'm going off and I need to settle down a little bit 1.6 trillion dollars in the u.s. student loan debt ladies and gentlemen this mother-effer is a communist indeed ok everyone needs to get in that guy's face and say 1.6 trillion or free education is not free somebody's gonna pay for it here's another thing you effing communists is I'm not gonna pay for free education to send our kids to go talk to a bunch of freakin communist professors I'm not paying for that cut their freaking money off this is almost worse almost worse just about the level of funding Planned Parenthood just about the level of funding Planned Parenthood they want to fund it freakin communist institutions I guess they're all set they got all their professors in there and they're all a bunch of communist freakin Birkenstock wearing freakin communist professors that are brainwashing these Millennials to think that they should have a sense of entitlement a bunch of Millennials that are a bunch of lazy asses don't produce anything and they want a free freakin handout and then they're all in for we want free education who do you think it's gonna be free at my expense you're gonna get a free education out of my pocket oh really you think so if you're communism yeah well there's no such thing as a free lunch you and I there is that there isn't you know I think people need to get educated about how the wall street works and his proposal is to make trillions of dollars by taxing throwing the expense at Wall Street yeah and he mean it sounds good on the surface it's like trillions of dollars are gonna be made over the next on a second standby I got a credible threat of American on the telephone line right now we're actually we're gonna do the opposite because we don't go by Kate Brown's version okay of credible threats of Americans okay we actually open up our phone lines believable if we had a legislature we would actually open it up and welcome everyone let's go to Kyle let's go to Kyle in Idaho Kylie there oh man my phone lines hold on a second oh go ahead talk to me again sir I can hear you okay go ahead now well he's been banned for thirty days I don't even know what he said but go ahead well he told he told us people to behave ourselves you know and and wait for the right moment that's right you know this whole thing they keep trying to get our guns and now we're seeing what they're really after and people need to wake up and I want people to understand what the Second Amendment is the first part of the Second Amendment is a statement and the statement is that a well-regulated militia being necessary for safety yes that's a statement that's not a question or anything else it's non-negotiable as far as our concern – yes puts a pause in something but adds to it okay so now we put a comma in there the right of the people to bear arms shall not cut a loosey goosy might is it is it kind of maybe is it or what is shell is it something but much more definitive yes and our legislators think that they're smarter than everybody else our NRA thinks that they're crafty by creating problems and then asking for money you know we're all waking up to everybody's little things and I am one of those people that think that shall not means just what it says and no one should regulate me on what I can and cannot have as far as my second Amendment nor sure to be taxed because it's a right I want you to tell me of any other rights that we have that uses the word shall not be infringed any other rights that we have in the First Amendment in any of them one of them has the wording in it shall not be infringed there is no shall not be infringed in any other amendment that's right that's right it is absolutely and if you read why and why is that because it protects all the other ones every last one of those and our Constitution will fall because they will have the guns and they will be pointing them at us and telling us what to do just like what's going on in Oregon New York and all these other democratic states but everybody out there don't fall for the baloney that's going on about the Second Amendment because through your history read the letters of intent and you understand it if you just read the two sentences you can read anything you want into it until you found out what the founders really yeah not only our founders I'm gonna go by what our current commander-in-chief Donald J Trump says for those of you that want to give up your guns get guess what he calls you this is what he calls you a sitting duck you're you're a sitting duck what is that that is the pret I'm gonna go by the President of the United States okay and then blend that in with the founders intent put that together and I'm gonna say that we Americans are going to defend our laws we're not a credible threat of anything other than the extinction of freaking communism if Kate Brown believes that there's a credible threat and you want to start using the whole militia demonization like he did last time that tells me that you're getting ready to kill people that's what they did last time they said that there's a credible threat of people showing up after Malheur National Wildlife Refuge they were actually cleaning the place they were making good soup I said all you need to do is sit down and talk with them she said no I'm gonna use military force and kill them because they're really bad people we've got Intel that Intel was fed to them by James commies FBI they were all a bunch of freaking crackhead FBI informants and by the way what I'm stating right here is factually correct because a jury even agreed and said the only people that broke the law were the FBI informant James commis FBI baby what you know this is the one thing that everybody really really really needs to look at they demonize us American militia people that don't want anything other than the Constitution to be upheld that gives the rights to every individual that's an American everyone to pursue yeah okay and their liberty but yet we're the problem are the ones that allow an Tifa to dominate the streets and terrorize people on a daily basis those are freedom fighters I love that guy well I love him too that's Kyle American from Idaho by the way ladies and gentlemen this is not a radical concept he's an American who also owns guns Oh Mamie imagine is how many people this Kyle shot lately I don't know but you got a $250 super jet from BAM dee Martinez good morning Dee Martinez is not stopping we are on the road to great beautiful things Dee Martinez thank you so much and Mike it's so drunk the 1770 1776 and you know what I need to step away just for a second ah provide some quick commentary I need to grab the door real quick okay Oh am i I have to sure okay okay and so when we look at when we look at Oregon I mean we know a lot of folks up in that area and and here's what's happening they don't want the public to vote on on this whole climate change deal this cap and trade and the reason they don't want the public to vote is because it's widely unpopular everywhere and they're not so sure it would pass and this is the only way they can get something like this 100% sure to pass and that is to do it the way they want to do it and that is but the legislature just pass it right and so the Republicans want it to be voted on by the people and that's the way it should be the people don't want this and and and the government there and Kate Brown knows it not even even the Liberals are like man you know and they're afraid that it will fail so that's what's happening up there that's communism that's how it is and so with Bernie Sanders when we're talking Bernie Sanders same thing Pete and I were talking this morning about the cost of Bernie Sanders idea to pay off trillions of dollars and in debts for college students and it gets passed down through the to the consumer right it'll cause inflation yes it'll get passed down to the consumer because corporations will be like through that you know so prices will get raised by Wall Street will become shaky right thank you to you Martinez will pay for it in the long run Thank You D Martinez thank you to all Americans I don't consider Americans to be a credible threat of anything except for wanting to put out communism like a cigarette only a communist would be threatened by Americans like Karen Peterson and Eric J Parker or Kyle I will check PayPal hold on just one second let me go to Steve in Steven Washington what's good what's up Steven Washington Steven hey being the battle the battle is being fought daily oh here's another one another deplorable another American who will never allow communism to exist in the Pacific Northwest this man right here who's on the phone the only person that should be threatened by Steven hey bean is a freakin communist because he will take communism put it under his foot and twist it like you're putting out a cigarette okay yeah Keith Brown will not exist with a whole bunch of Americans that will actually show up and say now you don't need to shut your Legislature down you just need to straighten it out and not let it be communist otherwise a whole bunch of people are gonna show up and say hey don't pass this trick in HR 2020 don't pass this bill with a group of super majority people that you've stacked the deck in your legislature how about if you take it to the vote for the people Americans will show up it's like kind of like shining a flashlight on a bunch of cockroaches the cockroach is like always ready flashlights one of these already that that got they voted it down they don't like that right that's why they stack the legislators that way they can ramrod their climate change spills and the Republicans said you know what all they were asking for is to take that vote to the people of Oregon that's all they were asking for and they said no no no we need to ram this down through and you're gonna be forced to vote and we're gonna send people with guns to compel you to vote and they said really well we're out of here with 2020 and now we will welcome those are my elected representatives Republican representatives fantastic and I told them this is this is what we expect from our elected and I told them that should you take this same stand against Erickson I mean against Inslee you will be protected there's people in this state that will stand between you and the bad guys yeah you know but by the way if you don't mind Stephen hating because you know oh go ahead go ahead and finish up on your your letters cuz I'm gonna read I just wanted to let you know at three o'clock I'm gonna read a letter that was actually published by somebody I already mentioned before we won't mention that but but very thankfully relayed this letter from one of the state legislators and I it's a beautiful beautiful letter it's very very pointed and Kate Brown needs to be put on notice that these GOP legislators these GOP senators are not gonna let communism it doesn't matter you know what if 3 percent of your legislature can shut your communism down I love that the whole concept of three percent ur ISM is about that there's enough people with sense in the state of Idaho to take care of their freakin neighbors and they're giving them sanctuary or I understand some people are in Texas I don't know where they're at they're providing sanctuary right yeah I'm I'm a little ashamed of my Washington state militia I contacted a handful and see if we were going to give any assistance or help or support oh yeah we support them we're not go we'll go when they call this isn't our fight this is theirs you know this is our Constitution being put on the chopping block by about your frigging communists and they're just next door to us they're coming this way you know but I guess I'm a little bit of a radical for even my own you know yeah but here's the deal whether being militia or you know Karen Peterson okay she's an American it doesn't necessarily require cuz when you say militia guess what Kate Brown loves to take that word and it's like saying oh I wish I had more people with red hats deplorable z' that had Mogga hats on in the state of Washington she'll grab that and say oh you're talking about white nationalists and racists and all that stuff we're talking about the same equivalent we've got civic minded organizations like their I had a whole three percenters she wants to refer to them as credible threats of militia okay in Eric Parker I'm gonna tune one other thing there is only one journalist right now anyone that writes something and puts up anything negatively demonizing Eric J Parker jr. out of the Idaho three percenters is that freaking Communist propagandist you want to publish something about Eric J Parker pick up the phone and call me and ask me what I know to be true about Eric J Parker nothing that they put out in the media why this guy ends up on these freakin leftist rags getting demonized as if he's some frickin monster he's one of our nation's greatest freakin heroes and I'll even tell law enforcement that law enforcement if you have a question about Eric J Parker okay I was embedded as a journalist sitting right next to Eric J Parker for months that guy deserves a freaking medal that guy has higher integrity than all of you freakin FBI agents combined especially the ones that we're working for James call me this guy will never ever ever be an FBI agent why because his integrity is way too frickin high okay and that's the God's honest truth I'd stake my life on this that I know this guy better than any journalist that has ever spoken Eric J Parker and you know what I'm going above and beyond I've talked about this Deb Jordan then I said I'm going to air with this you frickin disgusting leftist prop anyone that puts out a freakin negative picture like Stephen Meyer II did he ran a frickin he ran a trial okay just like the leftist run a frickin Russia Russia Russia hoax they used Eric Parker's picture they knew nothing about this guy and why he actually went prone on the freakin bridge and they just lied to the freakin to everybody to the American public to juries lied about Eric J Parker I knew the truth about Eric J Parker Stephen mayuri's a piece of shit freaking propagandist he just happens to be a career prosecutor he's a lying leftist all of you journalists putting up your go ahead I think once we have our full republic reinstated once once we are at an actual functioning Republic and all of its and all this meaning I think that all you guys are stood in Nevada and stood in Oregon will be there'll be a different light shed on you the history will show the better of all of you and guys like Eric Parker will be will be deemed as an absolute hero and marker right now just the articles that I've seen this week and he needs to sue their balls off okay I'll be a witness to say that that journalist okay in taking his words okay he may have said certain words they take them out of context and blend it in with negative freaking propaganda that is used to set the stage so that Kate brown can come in and kill Aaron Parker and make it acceptable because they got a picture of them with a freaking gun right well that's what they're doing though we shouldn't happen in Ruby and we've seen it happen at Waco so months and months and months of ginning themselves up that's right it's like a bunch of thug kids you know they start posturing that they're all tough and stuff then they start telling each other how tough they are and back and forth until they finally hits a boiling point then they go and do something destructive yeah they want to soften up the frickin dum-dum Oregonians okay they want to soften up the dum-dum Oregonians to say Oh who's Eric J Parker oh my god he has a gun and look at him he's got a beard too unbelievable and he's white oh my god oh and that guy is one of our nation's okay listen to me I'd stake my life on this I have documented proof I know this guy he is like my little brother okay why is he like my little brother no actually my look I have less respect for my little brother I have less respect for my little brother I do just because he's made mistakes it he he does he refused the correct mistakes Eric Parker has higher integrity than my little brother and that's the guy I won't jump for a veteran when I first met Eric Parker he had an air about him like he might have been a First Sergeant or something at one time I mean I seriously thought he served he has that air about boys he's serving our country and and law enforcement does it now this they go by Kate brown freaking Intel reports from the OSP yeah that's how frickin cracked up they are because you got to get law enforcement to all frickin whipped up so they can go shoot people and not and not have any freaking remorse you know and they do so they're not gonna get to know Eric Parker they just need to be able to shoot him based on Browns freaking Intel report right Deb Jordan burns when we were all down there and he was given his heartfelt opinion about things and I I swear this you can close your eyes and you can believe that you are listening to one of the founders speaking country dude he loves his family he loves his family he's got a beautiful family he's a great American family man and he's got a history that we're talking about a great American success story this guy pulled himself up from Trump from the worst scenario had to take care of himself at a very young age this guy is an American freaking success story took care of himself provided for himself living off the fat of the land his wife will go out if she needs to and freakin shoot a deer so she can feed her family okay this is a beautiful American family oh but they want to grab that picture like a bunch of leftist propagandists they want to grab his words that are gonna be very impactful cuz they're at Perko tell you I'm not afraid of any book anyone you know I'm afraid that you're allowed to run around being a communist that's what Eric Parker's our freedom but he doesn't he's not gonna harm anybody he's a very loving caring very one of our nation's greatest Patriots how do I know this I'm not oversell on this thing okay I lived with the guy for how many freakin months of the 619 days you know how many of those days were spent with Eric Parker I got to know this guy inside out I knew his case I knew he was innocent he went up on the frickin stand to tell the truth about his story and the leftist brown robe judge named glory Navarro wit ripped him off the stand because God forbid if the jury were to ever to get to know Eric Parker it was over for them and she pulled him off the stand didn't she yeah because it's all the truth we got his name and the date out and that was it named Andy no he said it was attorney said you looked up what did you see I saw snipers up in the freakin Hills I was scared out of my mud and so many words he said that I can read that transcript to you Georgian get off the set she pulled him off the stand because he talked about what he saw and talked about how scared he was I spoke with Eric Parker he was in fear of a whole bunch of people who called the BLM pointing guns at the American people that's the truth but you know what you're not allowed to hear the truth ladies John because they have a protective order you know you're not allowed to hear any of that stuff judge Navarro the freaking leftist as a protective order she's protecting the frickin the gun holders right in court when he said that you know he was seeing we're trying to figure out why what they have against this right why the libs consider us so dangerous and I think it boils down to that Constitution because we're willing to support it and put our life on the line if in that case then Kate Brown should be shaking in her boots knees knocking okay because we Americans the majority of us we love the law we love our constitutional law we hate communism in Oregon we hate it you know we we absolutely hate it she heard me should be knocking she if that's what she fears is people that like the Constitution she should be just just shaking in her boots like oh my god these people are saying second amendment First Amendment Fifth Amendment fourth amendment they're saying all those things and Pete Santilli is telling the truth about my media propaganda frickin free frickin murder campaign that's what she's doing right now shutting down the legislature is the same thing she did in Malley er she's getting the population warmed up to her coming in and killing people that's what she did last time I say she'll do it again don't you uh I know she'll do it again who this woman is very stalinistic you watch how she's how she's laying oregon state you know the same appointed by Obama is money anyway they did a handshake deal with Obama to begin with his her criminal yeah oh yeah and by the way these are not radical concepts ladies and gentlemen nor am i speaking anything other than factual and truthful about the state of affairs in Oregon with Kate brown a cold-blooded killer calling and sending a letter to Barack Obama saying that we Americans were a virus that was spreading that she needed to shut down with military force and in fact did and used commis FBI they were the only ones that broke the law and a jury who is leftist agreed and actually rendered not guilty verdicts to the frickin Malheur National Wildlife Refuge take over everything I'm stating right now about Stephen Meyer II as a government prosecutor who committed misconduct operated like a frickin fake news propagandist with Eric Parker's picture he knew nothing about the guy near disgusting effing leftist horse Stephen Meyer II you're a whore bitch you're not a Marine either okay I know Eric Parker you don't you didn't even sit down you just use this picture because you needed to get a win well guess what dude guess what you're freakin washing bottles in the frickin commissary over there in Nevada prosecutor's office 40 years thrown down the drain because he wanted to use a picture of Eric Parker I'm never gonna shut up I'm never gonna give in and I'll take a hundred freakin Eric Parker's over all of you freaking leftist over there at the FBI and the Nevada prosecutor's office and Oregon I will well we need a republic back then because we said on our hiney haunches for too long and we let these these communists infiltrate every faction of our lives everything the level of our lives from the media the school system you got Bernie Sanders he's all said shoot a wipeout up 1.2 trillion dollars in debt he's got all of his communist fricken professors in place we're gonna actually have to pay yeah Stephen hitting I'm freaking going off give me just a second dude listen you shut up and sit down and you pay your taxes because we need a leftist frickin professor to be educating all all of your children okay you just sit down shut up and give me your tax money so because we got a leftist Marxist professor that's ready to educate your children don't ask any questions okay these liberals are still a lot in my area they're still looking at it as it's the old game o our side one your side lost other dog it's not that no more its we the people will lose yeah and the socialist communist will win oh yeah and the our founders were against a two-party system for this very reason the new party system would be used against we the people the strippers over god-given rights and that's exactly what we're seeing happening yeah we've seen it through the Bush era through the Clinton era know we're seeing the good come out of it through the Reagan era yeah and we're seeing good things come out of the the the president Trump era some good things are happening here and and Steven dude you know I love you man hey you uh you stay strong okay and stay safe vigilant stay you know of course very patriotic stay very American okay and don't let Kate Brown call you some freaking thing when she starts calling you when she says in your militia and a credible threat you start saying that dude do you watch her sick she's about to come kill you okay that's what she does get ready she's ready to kill people no we're not dude it's gonna be easier you kidding me there's no fight she's a frickin leftist it's easy it's like oh well or we're not gonna have a freakin raging inferno we got a cigarette we're literally gonna snuff it out we're gonna snuff out Kate brown like a effin cigarette it's easy I'm doing it right now by exposing the truth just like I did she called it a virus well guess what I'm freakin Imola in freakin kate brown's underwear there you go bye love you too even Kate Brown who hates this she says oh oh they were writing letters they're like I should before a Pete Santilli he's gonna leave this County in handcuffs oh you budget for you we got a judge out there what's this Dave judge scungilli don't even mention the same place on burns I don't want to give that guy credit right yes says Pete Santilli guess what I was doing I was doing the same thing that I'm doing right now I was freakin needling the truth they hate it they hate it guess what I will never get looking for it I will never give in and guess what now I have people in the government that are also saying WOW Pete you got some you had some valid political points we were freakin lied to about James commies FBI saying you're a bad guy conspiring it was all a lie it was a lie and I got a lot of apologies from people even the US Marshals that said Pete Santilli don't rub it you'll get through this we're listening everything's being said in court this is bullshit what they're doing you all the federal government the rank-and-file people understand what you're doing over at the FBI the Department of Homeland Security the US marshals all of them go ahead Kate Brown send your letter to President Trump that you want to go kill militia you know we want to kill people with red hats because they're the racists we understand your effing communist scam everyone in Oregon go buy more guns and show her a sale receipt post it on your freakin Facebook if you're sitting on Facebook show her hey hey hey Kate Brown here's our protest right here's our protest we're in Oregon we're gonna protest your freaking gun grabbing effort by buying more guns and showing our sales receipts beautiful protest you know what they're gonna spin that into oh my god they're threatening people why are you buying more guns you think that's a threat really do you really think that's a threat it's a freakin Pro test I just suggested and it's buying guns you're threatened by that only a communist would be threatened by more gun purchases president Trump loves it President Trump wants everybody to buy guns because if you don't have when you're a sitting duck I'm gonna go buy the president I'm not gonna go by Kate Brown who says everyone turned in your guns no Hugo Chavez said that I know how that game ends Hugo freakin Chavez said that Kate Hugo Chavez Brown okay Kate Brown the reason why her last name is brown is not because of the shit stains in her underwear it's because she's a freakin brown shirt excuse my expression Kate Brown is a cold-blooded killer proven documented she called for military force and shot lavoy finicum you think I'm gonna keep my mouth shut about that I almost got freakin killed by her and I'm supposed to shut up about it you think so you think I'm gonna shut up about that guess what who's right who's wrong Kate Brown you're wrong you're a communist you will not you will cease to exist in this country why because Americans outnumber you that's why right all we need to do is to show up why we would ever have ten people at the frickin Capitol on any given day what was the ten people when Karen Peterson showed up I think like an afternoon or a few people but because why because Kate Brown said oh my god we need to show the legislature that's how we shut down protests we shut down a legislature right they were supposed to be in session and it was on a Saturday ladies and gentlemen and on a Saturday working people don't work especially the freakin conservatives who were busting their frickin op providing for themselves they have Saturday off right so they wanted to go show up there what did she do she said we have a credible threat of Americans showing up so she shuts it down not only is she stifling the protest of the GOP legislators she's stifling the protest of the freaking Americans that want to go there and just show up and say eff your communism so she uses the militia threat we have a credible threat of militia of a credible threat you're freaking the only credibility you have is the fact that you're a cold-blooded killer I'm so fed up with effing communism in this country I'm fed up with it I'm fed up with your leftist frickin professor communism I'm fed up with your freaking freebie handouts running a campaign telling a bunch of dumb dumb Millennials they're gonna get free everything isn't that great they have that they go walk up to the mainstream media they go walk over to their NBC News cronies and they say do you mind if I come on there just to offer all a bunch of dumb F and Millennials that don't produce anything sit at home play xbox free stuff do you mind if I do that sure come on what do I get for it don't worry about I wanna get my god what I win the administration you're gonna be my favorite media a lot I don't think your fake news if you allow me to just tell them that we're gonna give them free stuff so I can get votes okay that's freaking Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren want to give away free freaking abortions isn't it great people in the crowd I'm sick and tired of your effing frickin communism and I'm not gonna allow it to take place and then you get Larry from Port Angeles Washington he's on the line and he's telling his friends hey you can tune in to Pete's head till the show but it's not for everybody what have I said in today's episode Larry from Port Angeles Washington that is not for everybody if you're a communist the Pete Santilli show is not for you would you agree with that Larry yeah but I told to call you you would yeah Peter call so what you think he'll set you straight give me a call dude listen to me you don't even know Eric Parker I'm telling you right now anybody that wrote an article and put a picture up about Eric or core this weekend is a leftist frickin propagandist you're a brain washer you're just like Steve and Myron you need to go work for Steve and miry cuz you're a freakin bitch of the propaganda system they did the same thing Eric Parker except here's the difference all those journalists don't know Eric Parker I do so if you want to if you want to bastardize Eric Parker and my fellow Americans you got to go through me especially Eric Parker because I frickin now as a journalist who Eric Parker is I was embedded with Eric Parker and I know that guy to be of the highest integrity above and beyond the Nevada Prosecutor's Office the freakin judge Jeff Sessions okay even Jeff Sessions all of the freaking attorneys in the room okay this is Eric Parker and they're demonizing this guy in the frickin news shutting down the legislature because Eric Parker has a picture can you imagine this crap what the hell is going on in the Pacific Northwest Larry pretty much yeah why don't you just start importing freaking Chinese so we can at least look at them and say oh how are you dressed up is you know they're Chinese or communist you know they're wandering around looking like Americans they're literally it's camouflage I think it's great that those those legislators were hiding out though now that I think about it it's pretty good Paul dude listen to me these disgusting filthy pegs set up an ambush that I almost got killed in the lavoy finicum I live to saw I'm very grateful for that I lived through Kate Brown's frickin method of legislating I lived there she's a freaking cold-blooded killer and everyone's trying to let her get through they want her to get away with it they're literally letting her spin this frickin thing like these legislators are calling for violence that Americans are showing up and they're a credible threat of violence it's the same exact bullshit that she did back in 2016 just all over again this means she's getting ready to kill people okay she did this then she's gonna do it again now so watch out plug your ears dude cuz I'm gonna be loud about it good yeah alright dude have a good day Jordan you know what I'd like to give you the final word but I'm sure I'll step on you halfway through it okay I have every reason to be pissed off about what they're doing I'm not gonna let Kate Brown demonize through Eric Parker the rest of Americans Eric Parker is us okay everyone wants we want actually you know what I want I want Kate brown to issue one Eric Parker to every freakin County that's what I want I want frickin government-issued Eric Parker's in every freakin County do a psychological profile get a bunch of professors figure out what the hell's he's doing right and then issue a freakin have him standing there with an ar-15 at the freakin podium out in front of the legislators okay to hold him accountable cuz he won't let them get away with bullcrap he's gonna hold them to the law she's gonna work with law enforcement as he does in Idaho he works with this government officials in the state of Idaho Eric Parker can bring a whole bunch of state legislators if you want to know how to run a state you freakin left this tape friggin brown stain go talk to the people over in Idaho okay go talk to Idaho and figure out how to run your freakin state like it's actually part of America yeah no kidding I've often said that if Trump loses this next election I'm gonna leave the country I move to Idaho leave the country and move the Idaho yeah no kidding okay I'm so pissed off over what happened this weekend I am so pissed off it said it's really terrible especially when you start seeing these news articles come out on all these left on these left-wing raddest the extreme leftist yeah they start immediately with their demonizing they know they know they want it what they really want to do you're right is get the base riled up so that they can commit all kinds of egregious crimes against the American people and get away with it and get away with it and have that little have that cult that cabal just in the background you know propping it all up in making it okay on social media because we know what happens again I'll say it again I really there's only one thing that we can say and that is the the government Oregon and the Oregon State Police versus the militia how many people have have the militia killed and how many people have the Oregon State Police in that term it's probably uncountable and that term militia that the media all right like media matters if they grab this show they would grab the word militia and then then they play me like speaking loud right and they say oh look at he says he's a member of the media and he's got a Marine Corps shirt on with a flag in the background he's a white nationalist he's supportive of the militia and then there you go acting like Steve and Myra the prosecutor so that you can win your case and when your appeal it's called communism Steve and Myra lost judge Navarro washed Kate brown freakin lost she did we freakin bitch slapped her took over the frickin Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for a month and a bitch slapped her for a month presenting the truth and people were coming out eatin steak okay they were coming out praying they were coming out seeing the freaking truth and I kicked the crap out of the international media or they couldn't have that you know what they did ladies and gentlemen they put me in handcuffs and stuck me in a box for 619 days guess what don't worry about the 619 I forgive you for that you better get ready for what happens 620 in thereafter and guess what I don't even need freaking guns you know why because my weapon of choice is this microphone I'm gonna kick your communists ass with truth and if you consider that to be a threat you better start channeling the freaking truth so I'll have put me out of business right don't lie don't lie to the American people kate brown you cold-blooded freakin killer you lavoy finicum friggin ambusher you killed somebody you know what we should do I should contact President Trump and say if we're gonna go with proportionality right like Iran did we lost the freakin drone right right and it was an unmanned drone and President Trump says we're not why don't you take the same weapons you were gonna use against Iran right I'm use it in the state of Oregon proportionate we lost lavoy finicum what's that worth huh yes where is he gonna point his frickin weapons at president Trump should launch a strike on the freakin Salem Capitol do not of course we don't want any collateral damage right he's gonna have to select his targets appropriately asked John Bolton which target ahead I I'm not in charge of that stuff but I'm just saying proportionality we lost lavoy finicum right right president Trump should you know what he should do he should strap frickin Barack Obama to a missile and just fire Matt a freakin Pelican out there at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge that would be appropriate that would be right right like the pen a pelican would be a collateral damage but the appropriate proportional you know I would say trade-off per se is to get the Pelican plus Barack Obama being strapped to an ethe and missile fired into the freakin mud right right maybe Barack Obama wouldn't like that maybe not I'm just making stuff up trying to prove my point ladies and gentlemen at three o'clock do we need to go into it actually we're gonna we're gonna break down just a little bit more by reading a letter from the state legislators I'm not talking to anybody on the backs I don't talk I'm not allowed to talk to Eric Parker you know because that's the way they are the leftist can't have like Patriots talking to each other because they've already set us up as oh my god or domestic terrorists are you kidding me frickin watch president Trump is gonna put a frickin Presidential Medal of Freedom around our partners neck one day he's gonna do that so I don't need to talk to Eric Parker Eric Parker and I talk through our God okay we're on a different frickin mission than he's little godless leftist baby killers okay we're on a different mission I'm gonna read the letter all publicly available information is what I'm gonna record on just like it did last time there's no conspiracy if you want to know what I'm thinking tune in to the Pete Santilli show we're going to kill the idea of communism and the way we're gonna do it is by showing up and if you consider that to be a credible threat only a calmness would think that you friggin filthy eggs all we need to do is to show why everybody will see a tree on December 18 2011 I launched the Pete Santilli show with one listener me that one listener is now grown into millions reach with some of the most explosive live coverage to ever break on the internet with your help over the years published with the mainstream media can't to bring you real-time coverage of the Americans struggle and to hold its ground against a deep state that is hell-bent on installing Marxism in this country before and after the election of President Donald J Trump we saw an uprising violence against conservatives that threatens our right to vote for a candidate our choice our right to assemble and now they're attempting to stop us from speaking the biggest threat to Liberty today is a deep state that only allows one side to speak and assemble and late never before the mainstream media has become complicit bringing you the voices of those who had done otherwise be heard has been my mission from the start because of a threat to their agenda they want to shut me down there can only be one way to win this fight and that is to stay in the fight the only way I can stay in this fight is through your support please support our show go to insane Kelley thank you for your generosity and God bless the United States of America what are you doing when you install computer antivirus software free of clutter detector in your home reassign a marriage prenuptial agreement you're preparing you're preparing for the worst actually you're preparing to be attacked and hacked or for a fire in your home or for a marriage breaking up whatever it is you're preparing for the worst that all actually makes sense same goes for building food storage plan you're preparing for a natural disaster strike and shelves go empty at the grocery store or you can't get there because you're cut off from everything like what's happening in some 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