Bernie LEADING Biden in Multiple New Polls

things can change very quickly as we close
in on the first votes being cast in the 2020 democratic primary, just look at the last
24 hours, which have been very good. Very good for Senator Bernie Sanders. Yesterday. I told you 24 hours ago I told you the Joe
Biden had picked up some support both nationally and an Iowa and recent polls. The good news came in a big wave over the
last 24 hours for Bernie Sanders and let’s go through it. We have a new national poll, a new California
poll, and a new hypothetical matchups poll against Donald Trump to look at. Let’s go through them one at a time starting
with a national poll. The big story, a new CNN poll has Bernie leading
nationally. The poll says Bernie 27 Joe Biden 24 there’s
a three and a half point margin of error, so technically it could be tied, but again
a shift in momentum in the direction of Bernie Sanders. In this same poll, Elizabeth Warren is polling
just 14 if we are to believe recent polls, we really have a two candidate race right
now. This is really Biden and Bernie. One of them will be the nominee. If we can believe recent polls, if recent
polls can be trusted, Elizabeth Warren is all but out of this thing, not polling in
second place anywhere unless you go all the way back to an IBD poll that is like 15 or
20 polls old at this point in time. We’ll get to more of that in a second. Next, new polling out of California. We’re in a university of Southern California,
Rossier school of education poll. That’s a mouthful. Bernie is leading Bernie 28 Biden 24. Now, what’s important to understand about
California, California is a huge state population-wise, many delegates to be had from California,
but very unlikely that California will be a difference maker in the primary. I’ll explain why California, uh, apportions
delegates in proportion to, uh, the percentage of the vote that different candidates get. So if Bernie beats Biden 28 to 24, they get
a very similar number of delegates out of California, 28 and 24% respectively. If the numbers are flipped, it’s still a very
similar number of delegates for the two of them. So California is important. Momentum wise, it’s a huge state. And for PR purposes it’s important. But understand that you know, in 2016, Bernie
lost the California primary to Hillary Clinton, but he had like 46% of the vote and got roughly
46% of the delegates this time because it’s a bigger field. Bernie may win, but actually end up with fewer
delegates than he did in 2016. But that’s for the future. Uh, once the first four primaries are out
of the way, we’ll look at California in more detail. And then third, and maybe most interestingly,
we have another one of these hypothetical matchup polls where people are said, if the
nominee were Bernie, how would you vote on Trump versus Bernie? If the nominee were Biden, how would you work
on Trump? How would you vote on Trump versus Biden? And the results are compelling. This is from survey USA consisting of more
than 4,000 registered voters. The numbers are fascinating. The person with the biggest lead over Trump
is Bernard Sanders. 52 to 43. Trump minus nine against Bernie Biden is defeating
Trump by seven in the hypothetical matchup. Bloomberg leading Trump by six Warren leading
Trump by three booed edge edge leading Trump by three. Uh, but with more undecideds Andrew Yang leading
Trump by two. Even Tom Stier is even with Trump, the two
candidates that lose to Trump and the hypothetical mashups. Amy Klobuchar and tool C Gabbert losing by
the most Trump ahead of tool C by five which will anger a small but loud portion of my
audience. So what’s the takeaway knowing that the establishment
is going to run a full court press for Joe Biden throughout the primary. What this tells us is we’ve got a real race
here and the race is Biden versus Bernie. When it comes to facing Trump, Bernie is regularly
doing the best against Trump compared to other candidates that shouldn’t be ignored. When we think about electability, unless someone
can explain to me how Warren is still in this thing. I don’t see her having a path to the nomination. So my question to you is, can we now say that
this is almost completely a two candidate race, Biden versus Bernie? Or do you still see Warren or anybody else
having a path to the nomination? I also can’t restate the importance enough,
uh, that, um, the, we want to have a primary that doesn’t hurt our chances of removing
Donald Trump. So yesterday I talked about Hillary Clinton’s
comment that nobody likes Bernie and her hesitation to say she would support Bernie if he is the
nominee. That’s the self-destructive garbage. That is the last thing we need. The absolutely last thing we need right now. Let’s get out there. Let’s support the people we like based on
their policies. Let’s vote. Let’s then rally around the removal of Donald
Trump, a very solid couple of days for Bernie Sanders. Reminder, my question to you is, Warren’s
fill in this thing, she seems to be out to me, but I want to hear from you. We will continue our coverage of this on our
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  1. Im actually curious to know what you think of Yang's path to nomination. It seems like Yang is a dark horse that keeps coming up and up. Im rooting and supporting Bernie all the way though

  2. Backstabbing Warren with her slimeball-Killary Clinton smear tactics have totally backfired on her & failed! She's done.. time for her to do the honorable thing and drop out of the race!! Feel the Bern! Sanders 2020!!!

  3. Biden has no supporters other than corporate interests. The only demographic he wins in is old black people. There is no one excited for Biden. He is propped up by the corporate media because he is a corporate puppet. If Bernie isn't the nominee, I'm voting for Trump.

  4. So yes, while there are some polls showing Bernie ahead here and there, others show Biden ahead instead. It's hard to tell with 100% certainty which polls are the best predictors, but here's how you make the Bernie as 1st polls MORE true than the Biden ones: not simply hoping they'll be more true, but by your word of mouth via volunteering for the Bernie campaign. Because the only thing that volunteering can do is help his chances.

    Not volunteering does nothing to help those Bernie as 1st polls become true.

    Donating what you can is helpful and needed, but at the same time, the less tangible kind of "wealth" that word of mouth provides is something that straight monetary wealth from donations doesn't quite provide, word of mouth that comes from phone banking, texting, door to door, etc. That plus who of us can give the maximum allowable amount? The wealth garnered from volunteering offsets the kind of wealth we may not be able to provide as individuals the way billionaires can for other candidates. And word of mouth is something money can't quite buy, and word of mouth is something Bernie has more of in spades, but the only way it gets around is by your volunteer efforts.

    Volunteering can be phone banking, texting likely voters is a good way to do it (works with busier schedules), going door to door if you're able to do it, any or even all of the above is necessary to help Bernie. You can find all these options under the "volunteer" tab on Bernie's campaign site. A bit of time helps, even more time will only help.

    So that's how you're going to make the polls of Bernie as 1st to be MORE true. Go to the volunteer tab on Bernie's campaign site and that's how get Bernie the win!

  5. Prepare for another roll-purging, ballot-shorting and propaganda-filled attack on Senator Sanders from the DNC to elevate Biden. It will seem all too familiar.

    Good hair today, Dave! 👍

  6. I liked Elizabeth Warren, but she's ruined her credibility with the whole Native American issue, questions about if she voluntarily quit a job or if she was fired for being pregnant, and now with her claiming that Bernie Sanders said a woman couldn't be president when Sanders has said multiple times a woman could be president. Elizabeth Warren, in my mind, just isn't credible anymore.

  7. Anybody leading trump by 3 is gonna lose. Democrats need a substantial amount more votes than Republicans in order so 3 points ahead isn't enough

  8. Who knew people didn’t like backstabbers? Everyone except Elizabeth Warren, apparently. Top Three has become Distant Third.

  9. People like to say that polls don’t make a difference so don’t pay attention to them. I submit that that was true up til the present time. The proliferation of social media brings in more players to the game and news (fake or not) is more widespread than ever. People are paying attention and communicating their views more than ever before. I believe it makes all the difference and these polls are becoming more accurate as time progresses. Of course there’s time for things to change. People saying stupid things, people saying smart, reasonable things. If the top candidates stay in their own lanes and keep focused on the big picture, the polls may very well reflect the pulse of the voting public. Maybe that’s all wishful thinking but as thing stand right now; I’m praying I’m right!

  10. If this is accurate, Warren deserves to be out just because of the shitty tactics she's been engaging in. Biden needs to go because he's damn near as close to braindead as TЯump.

    With that said, I'll vote for either of them if it's them or a Яepublican let alone TЯump.

  11. How about not angering Tulsi voters by calling her by her name…… not Tool-See. She has integrity and deserves respect. – Go Bernie 2020.

  12. I think Warren still has some chances. For most states, if the candidates don't hit 15%, their votes go to voters' second choice votes. Buttetgieg's voters' 2nd choices are mostly Warren and Biden, and since it seems like he's going to hit around 8-15%, his votes would boost Warren, and who knows, if she gets NH and maybe Nevada, it's still a 3-way race. That said, go Bernie!!! Warren's fall would boost his number up the MOST.

  13. Warren is definitely in till SC. If Warren wins Iowa, and I mean that's very unlikely but in caucus states you never know, her ground game is pretty good too, then she can catapult into winning NH or tying with Bernie. Then the media will go on a tirade of pro Warren media coverage and that COULD downgrade Joe Biden.

  14. For sure, yr right. It's either Biden or Sanders at this point. Everyone else would be wise to cut their losses & bid their adieu.

  15. I'd say Bernie is very kind and forgiving, but Warren best reign it in if she would be interested in smashing through the ceiling that has kept women out of Foggy Bottom. I'd also say that streak of nasty in Hillary has always been to her detriment. It isn't self destruction. That is the old boomers club. They eat the left.

  16. Polls show Biden leading:

    Bernie Bros: OMG thE pOllS ArE aLL rIGgeD, THe CORrUPt CorPoRAtE MeDIa DOeSN'T wANt HIm tO WiN!!11!1!

    Polls show Bernie leading:

    Bernie Bros: OMG We'Re WiNnINg! tHe PoLLs PRoVe iT!!11!11!

  17. Call me craazy but im on the ground in rural Iowa as Washington County Dem Chairperson planning the caucus and warren is still in this thing. Biden is NOT i repeat Not in this race. The people here are for bernie or warren and sometimes trump and undecided.

  18. Warren is going to drop out before Super Tuesday. She's admitted that the election will effectively be determined on that day. She doesn't want Biden. She's can't even be his VP anymore with that gutter attack on Sanders. Bernie is her only choice.

  19. Warren's out, alright, and she's out sooner than I expected. Is anyone ever going to tell her that the people she tends to hire sucks?

  20. Warren shat the bed. She is done. I think most left leaning voters lost a lot of respect for her in how she handled the situation.

  21. Don't forget it wasn't until after NH that Howard Dean lost being number one and lost the momentum and Kerry became the new front runner.

  22. You got to stop pronouncing some of the names phonetically. I know English is your second language but I also know people have pointed this out to you in the past. Maybe watch one of Tulsi Gabbard's campaign adds and try pronouncing her first the way she does.

  23. Multiple candidates keeps Bernie under 51%. Second round includes superdelegates, AND WE KNOW THEY'RE AGAINST BERNIE

  24. It’s becoming more and more clear that Bernie Sanders is the candidate to choose based on the simple fact that big money is attacking Bernie from multiple angles now. He clearly has the 1% of the countries top wealth nervous. Multiple smear campaigns are surfacing and it’s the simple fact the Bernie has every intention of going after these selfish greedy pieces of shit. It’s time to tear down the glass palaces surrounding the big wealth in the country and let them know the common man is getting fed up with income inequality growing more and more at quicker and quicker rates every year. No more letting the owners take in all the profits and avoid paying taxes just so they can pay us less to pay themselves more.

  25. Wow🌼 does democracy maybe have a chance? We'll need his uncompromising reform to pull back from the Trump corruption and violent deregulation, let alone to work toward a more just society. ( I'll vote against Trump no matter what, but my hope is with Bernie, Warren would be good, too, but I don't see it.) Thanks so much for your singularly objective and honest coverage.

  26. This is a YouTube comment for the almighty algorithm. it contains words like, terrific, outstanding, incredible and brilliant to satiate its hunger for engagement.

  27. 2:40 Look at the grin on Pakman's face while hypothesizing that Bernie might get fewer delegates this time around than in 2016.

  28. If Yang can get himself out to the masses and grab enough attention, he might be able to get the 'Establishment Democrats' behind him rather than Biden.

    Or, if he manages to convince enough of the American middle to become a member, he could be elected that way.

    Does it seem likely at this point? No, not at all. But it is doable with enough money and drive.

    …The other options are of course, blackmail, extortion, and bribery.

  29. I saw Bernie at Fort Mason park in San Francisco with 16,000 people and saw him at Fresno city College in Fresno with 3,000 people. I shook his hand. Bernie is super nice and hella chill. California is for Bernie no doubt!

  30. Finally hope they cut the field down to the top 2-3. There is just too damn many. Also seems Hilary is projecting hard now.

  31. Request: Please do a breakdown of possible VP candidates for Bernie. I personally think Tulsi would be a good match, what are the Pakman thoughts?

  32. Man I remember months ago not thinking Bernie was gonna still be in the race but I really wanted him to win. I thought Warren was gonna run away with it And look at where we are now… FIRST PLACE BABY!! Bernie Bernie!

  33. Imagine if Bernie is actually the nominee… Donald Trump will have Impeached himself for trying to get dirt on the LOSER. Haha that is hilarious.

  34. America needs Sanders in the Oval office, but honestly, what's stopping the DNC and electoral college from railroading him yet again?

  35. So David made all the Bernie supporters freak out and act hysterical last night because he reported a poll showing Bernie was not winning, so he desperately searched for a poll that was favorable to Bernie to pander to the crybabies.

  36. Now to convince the Biden voters who are voting Biden for electability to vote Bernie. Bernie has more energy and out of both candidates, I would bet on Bernie bringing in new votes.

  37. I’m disappointed Dave. You cherry-picked those polls. The CNN poll was the ONLY national Bernie was leading in. We can read the RCP page too. I love Bernie but let’s get the facts out there. We will win but an informed electorate is the best was to do that.

  38. Most people disliked Hillary. Maybe she's just speaking from experience when she says he can't win that way. :p

    She also said he didn't get anything done in Congress, but a president would have much more power than he ever did there. That seems disingenuous and now I like her even less!

    I did vote for her, of course. :p I even sent her money. I could see what Trump was from what he did to Obama (birtherism garbage). The prospect of him getting this much power was alarming to me. With where we are now, those feelings are fully vindicated.

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