Benson Offers Support and Hard Truths – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

  1. This episode was good I like how they bring current issues to light but idk it's still missing something svu had in its early years I cant put my finger on it to say exactly what it is though

  2. This new female character detective. Mmmm I'm not feeling her. Seems like she's trying to be a badass right out of the gate.

  3. Elective abortion is murder. I care not for the crimes of either parent, it doesn't justify giving the child the death penalty. Olivia Bensen of all people should know that. Plus having that picture of Godless heathen and overall dishonorable cretin Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her office, seriously? The woman would sooner stomp on a baby than do the world a favor and finally go to Hell where the vile excuse of a woman belongs.

    The would be social engineering this show makes here, only works on the most ignorant brainwashed idiots that blue states produce.

  4. Hollywood is so anti-Christ it’s ridiculous. One scene a young girl/victim ask the police woman do God make mistakes and she said yes. No God doesn’t make mistakes SVU people make mistakes and God works His good plain in the mistakes-Romans 8:28. Another scene the cop’s mother abort his sibling because she was afraid the baby wouldn’t live worse scene, instead of having the baby and having faith and hope the baby would be healed. Another super religious episode making God the bad one in a manipulative way typical Hollywood. Empathize with woman in those decisions no matter how much faith one has to be guided by God when making it. Only the person and God knows how they feel. 🙏

  5. I say Olivia could be the captain of the episodes,she is the brave enough to work them cases out for anybody. That's what you call a detective.

  6. Where was Billie's father? Strange to have a Christening and not invite him. Good way to make sure Sonny stays in their lives though.🙄

  7. I can't help find it strange people are so quick to say 'abort a rape baby', but none of these pro-choicers who fight for women's rights, demand a law that any woman raped has the legal right to bash in the skull of her rapist with no repercussions, to kill him at any time from her attack on, in any manner whatsoever. So the rapist who put the baby in her has more rights than her own child does, HE'S entitled to due process, but the baby needs to die for the crime its father committed.

  8. I love how people in the comments shouting abortion is murder like they're going to adopt all the homeless/rape product babies they come across 😂😂😂😂 who're you Bible thumpers fooling?!

  9. I’ll admit, I’m not really all for the idea of abortion, but it should always come down to a woman’s own reproductive decision

  10. Good for the Left, using rape, something that accounts for less than 1% of abortions, to justify killing unborn babies.

  11. You know if they’re gonna do political episodes they could at least do it in a way that isn’t so biased, like how about Child Brides. Underaged girls being married to men twice, three times or sometimes even four times their age. That is a serious issue that is prevalent even in the West, it needs to be addressed and it would benefit from a show like SVU giving it some attention but instead all we get is drawn out Leftwing Propaganda.

  12. This woman should be in jail for child endangerment! Her daughter told her about the abuse early on and she ignored her and left her vulnerable to that monster! Not to mention the fact that Evangeline could die giving birth so young. No mother would choose a man over their child's life and this beast in human skin did every chance she got.

  13. That decision is out of your hands is right someone else's body belongs to them alone not the government or parents!!!!!!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯 Children have a voice as well!💯💯💯💯

  14. Sometimes cops job can be so horrible choosing lesser of the 3 evil. They needed this mother to turn on her husband to save the girl otherwise i am sure Olivia would have like to send this mother to prison too.

  15. this one hit too close to home for me, but SVU is still the most important show on TV. I'll never forget what this show and Mariska have done for survivors like me

  16. People talk about abortions , What about
    When women during their pregnancy, are
    Using hard core drugs. This should
    Be considered a action of killing .

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