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consumer expectations with the rise of mobile are growing exponentially IDI talk to me about the research that Accenture Interactive is conducted to help brands in Australia and New Zealand understand how to meet those expectations and succeed in this world over the last six months we interviewed and investigated something like 700 mobile sites in asia-pacific and as well as the Asia Pacific we were able to subdivide into the Australian and New Zealand markets as well we're recovering around about 100 mobile sites and what we're able to do is really focus in on the key drivers that deliver am a fantastic mobile experience to our consumers focusing on findability so you think about when you come to a site you want to be able to find products in a very quick and easy way secondly then focusing on the product representation itself how are those products cleanly detailed to the consumer so you compare and contrast the product information and then you're flowing through the journey you're getting to that registration and conversion stage you know what what is best-of-breed looked like when it represents a conversion moment and then there is the look and feel of the whole site you know it's a mobile environment how do you make that both brand relevant to to your own brand and then you put all the fall together and then the critical question comes up which is what does that mean for speed Tim a lot of our partners across the region traditional enterprises that are making the journey from offline businesses to mobile koala mattresses has a luxury of being born in Mobile even though you're a digital native how do you balance the prioritization across each of those attributes in the Accenture interactive research I mean I think the search for like a seamless experience is like pretty universal the challenges that we come to are the same ones that I would assume a lot of retailers come to which is on one hand we love pretty pictures and we want the website to look as good as possible but when you get into view tracking in the tools that provide that and you look at how people are interacting with your website the full blade high colour images they only take up you know a fraction of a second of people's time and it's really the flow through the experience and the speed at which things load that ends making the difference between conversion and not James you work with a number of brands across Asia Pacific what are the one or two key attributes you've seen from organizations that you put their success down to so it's about prioritization the companies that do this really well senior management that empower developer teams to pursue speed and deliver a fast website experience the teams as well to do this well have performance budgets embedded into all of their projects enabling alignment across teams that are responsible for the website experience from UX product and marketing brands across Australia and New Zealand are doing some world-class work before the click in their digital marketing activities but there seems to be a tremendous opportunity by focusing after the click on delivering a great user experience in mobile sites the first step is often understanding what the impact of one-second improvement in PageSpeed will do to your bottom line

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