Beauty Standards In The Habesha Community (Short Documentary)

don't you hate it when people assume that your mix just because you look a certain way I know a disease for the past years the look of how Sherman has evolved so much that has caused me to think if there's an ideal look so today I'm going to be exploring the different beauty standards in the Hampshire community in London the beauty of habesha woman goes way back to the early 1900s where the Serena woman of area and the Tigre and Amhara woman of Ethiopia product Li had braids known as guild bitch or a bustle and generally walk rather plain traditional Habash addresses with minimal jewelry iconic era trance ingots a high to Bharathi rock this look effortlessly in the 60s have a show woman had a pop look with bangs or an elegant same approach and wore modern clothing with minimal make-up these lips will try predominant in olden days the European artists such as buzu Nash mikela the look of habesha women today has drastically changed women are wearing the vast amount of makeups using hair extensions and wearing stylish designer clothing with influences from the Western world nevertheless the beauty of habesha women is undeniable but is there an ideal look that should be conformed to I came about learning eyelash extensions by chance really when I was invited to a training of course so I did that we really really liked it picks it up really quickly but then I've kind of forgot about it came back did my masters in marketing so got to know how to you know run a business and then I just have to decide really when I graduated whether I wanted to work in a job do the nine-to-five or if I wanted to set off and do my own thing now in terms of have a Sherman you're obviously have a shot yes so do you feel like how children are represented well in the media or do you feel like there's like one stereotypical / ideal like that's only shown to non hamish know people yeah so what's your take on that and I mean very recently it's funny you say that because just recently I've been following a few habesha women pages on the Instagram which I've just seen kind of pop up more and more a lot of them are like the modern have a show the new habash on look and I was just thinking about this the other day like is it because up to now how much a woman have been portrayed in a certain light and maybe yes to a certain extent so for example when I see how much of women with loads of makeup in the whole highlight and contour and eyeshadow it's like wow like this is different because of course up to now you're only kind of seen a woman with not much makeup at all and a beautiful Saudi and stuff but you know it I guess it's the age as well wasn't it it's it's now the younger women where I was the into our makeup and it's only now that we're being portrayed with you know with the more of a glamorous look I mean I think up to now I've only seen very very wood it's a plane James but we will not much makeup at all and now you're seeing that whole highlighter and you know bold lipstick you know so that's that's nice for me it's like it's a change which is good it's more of what's the word it's more of a real representation I think give them and you feel like there's an ideal look there's like yeah that's what our train or anything else makes it look like or do you feel like oh there's loads of us like when but we're a very diverse like one day you'll see a girl curly hair straight hair braids whatever like what do you feel like I feel like there's one type of look O'Neil no I think obviously the way we've been represented up to now but yes that one kind of like I say playing toned down look has been played up but is that true no absolutely not I don't think there's an I do look good so I think we're all very diverse we're all very different I'm told all the time I don't look Eritrean I'm just like how is a narrative meant to look exactly you know sometimes I wear my hair straight sometimes it's clearly sometimes it's in braids it's it's whatever I feel so no I definitely don't think there's a I don't look I don't think any have a show woman should feel the need to look a certain way we're all different I mean coming very diverse skin tones and sizes and shapes oh no I think it's whatever we we feel to look like makeup as a factor hugely associated with any type of beauty standard I caught up with makeup is messy and she gave me her take on her perception on the use of makeup in makeup after that like America huh my group we met enough time a successful organization er just to fix it a bit of stuff that you go in your face or you know just a glamour maybe you shouldn't be something to really trendy to look like somebody else in militant article picture you know enhanced abroad a specific example it shouldn't be too exaggerated after comin and so listen I'm a pop artist do you feel like that you know I'm a showman like in general their influence the mainstream beauty wave the main steet by mainstream influences like I don't know some people like to say that for instance like inertia a period they love watching Bollywood movies and they like look at the Asian girls and I think oh my god like oh I mean a cathode ray gun runner come here come over like do you feel like we influenced or do you feel like we need to set our own trend well we are looking at it we are really influenced by the media in it badly but see it's not just the easier and again I'm gonna sleep on it because nowadays everyone's wearing heavy shoe women are known for having luscious and long hair and hair is also a huge factor that have a show women associate heavily with beauty so now that you've done the big shop or styled your natural hair journey do you feel less or more beautiful because obviously hair is a huge factor associated with in the habit of beauty yeah I would say I feel more beautiful before I before I did the big chop well the reason why I did it was because I relaxed my hair right and the reason why I relaxed it was because of the beauty standards within the habit community such as having just straight hair you know I hate my hair is in so I relaxed it and for a while I felt good but when my hair started breaking falling apart and I couldn't have my hair curly I couldn't have versatile hairstyles and then I started to feel out of place and not myself so now that I have my hair back it's fully grown I feel I feel beautiful now I feel amazing I feel so much more confident than I did after I relaxed my hair yeah and do you feel like social media has changed your perception of the standards of beauty within the habesha community definitely well definitely like social media people now have uploaded pictures of all different types of hair style you know textures especially that from even to a like type to wavy hair to foresee texture hair and I just feel like social media has made it so much easier for other girls who might have felt out of place is thinking that you know the Konya that your hair is the software is your hair's better than others so I feel like it has allowed me to embrace my 3c type hair and yeah like what I think is mine I don't know go ahead see you always have to ask that you can't display cuz I want my love you know people use in for B free C for wear and I'm like what is my okay why do I feel like is between three a to 3 B is that bad well good that it's not bad it's just yours just that yeah I was just right and I was like her nothing spells like a good and bad range and I just us the thought that's the ideal that we need to get out we need to like couldn't completely exterminate from the community there's no bad head good hair no hair it's just her and it's just how you take care of your hair yeah take care of your hair and it's not breaking and it's not dull dry then your hair is good you know but if it has fallen out like mine was and I relaxed it mhm you have bad hair honey and you need to yes this is it and you need to chop chop chop have you ever felt like you need to conform right have you ever been positioned where you're like oh my god like I'm surrounded by like all of these ever training Ethiopian girls and they all look a certain way and I don't look like that I want to like you know wear this much makeup wear this much extensions put on these crazy heels have you ever felt like have you ever felt like you want to be in that position or have you thought you know what happy who I am they're beautiful like tell me um I have never been completely happy with myself and I think that's just because of society and its standards of you know the ideal woman and what she should look like you know so if we want to talk about hair or if we want to just narrow it down to the habit community I've always felt like there is a particular look and I if we want to talk about her I feel like straight hair is is favored it's highly favored over curly hair and I feel like a lot of especially the older generation they will straighten their hair they'll keep it straight like I hadn't seen my mom's natural hair for years for years and yeah and just by being in the household with my mom straightening her hair and so my sisters and then I've got my auntie's who introduced me to relaxers and yeah man I felt like I should have my hair straight I've you know I straightened it one time and the compliments that I got from people it really pushed me to want to keep my hair straight that's the reason why I relaxed it because I straightened my hair go to a rave or what I've got and next thing you know like you've got the roots frizz in this bit straight just didn't look pretty so I put the relax in my hair and because of the the ideal standards of beauty and yeah and what would you want to say to like you know young have a shot females that feel like they're you know they're obligated to look a certain way whether it be with you know colorism hey you know physique all of that all of these factors you know they are like big things that you know yeah contribute to beauty what would you say to people that or females that may be in that position I would say you are unique we are all unique you look one way I look another way and we have to embrace how we look as an individual be the best version of yourself and by that I mean like work on your health work on work on yourself but don't be too hard on yourself and don't we spend too much time looking at what the media tells us is beautiful and we try to conform to that because we think that's what's beautiful but we don't realize that individually we all have our own beauty you know we are all a different standard beat because we're all unique and different so my message to them would be learn to love yourself you have to learn to love yourself because if you don't I'm telling you you will do things like for instance I relaxed my hair because I didn't love my own hair enough and it crushed me afterwards I felt like I just didn't feel like myself I feel like I really changed myself so that I could look a certain way so I could be accepted by other people but then I also have people that loved my curly hair you see like it's it's hard but um I just want something different on top of that too but um but it makes you feel good in the inside that your hair is actually healthy by sort of good now and you know I've got so many videos of like I would snap every day the oil in my hair massaging it and show you all my products and everything everything that I'm using and literally I can see the growth yeah the changes it was hard I'm not gonna lie to you like even going out with the girls and I went clubbing one time and literally I had people thinking that I was gay and they actually came up to me and I think even if I saw your hair in it yeah even trouble was like why would you why are we having this conversation just because I've got short hair no makeup I've been denied entry into clubs and I'm definitely sure it's because I short hair I probably look like an answer to them you know right now when I lent his chicken she just doesn't look the way we want her to look and things like that really hurt me like it still hurts but now you just have to learn to love yourself in some cases can change based on their environment you tell them I don't know car Mota tech side liquor straight no makeup so cool we are ecology try Erica RC ceramic capacitor while Havasu PT is constantly evolving and globalizing some people in the community seem to feel like stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things is a taboo and isn't accepted within the card shop judging from the new generation of today it's seen as diversifying or try new things rather than creating the look that all have assured girls should conform to

  1. Tigrenya people In Eritrea you seeing we are Eritrean bat out said you seeing we are habesha am really confused take your said be habesha or be Eritrean
    Girle we are Eritrean & we proud
    Did you now who is habesha
    Habesha is amharic in Ethiopia &tigre in Eritrea
    Not tigrenya
    Tigre doesn't say we are habesha
    Tigre seeing we are Eritrean
    Read books to understand

  2. I love my hair relaxed.
    I love my hair au naturel.
    The Woman (and men ) of the Horn of Africa are the most beautiful people God created.
    However I thought the first Habesha Lady, that Helen interviewed, was not attractive wearing that wig. It looked too fake!!

  3. Beauty really comes in many shapes, sizes and colors but natural beauty is the best. Its ashamed it's not always acceptable.

  4. I feel like the interviewer really just wants to distance habesha beauty from black beauty. Girl you are black. You look black American you just have a different culture and heritage 😀

  5. I had read somewhere that Ethiopians and eretreans ARE mixed race-African and Arab? That’s what they look like to me.

  6. White seem to be the only race unfixably ugly on the inside, so much that they had no other option than focusing only on their exterior, they are obsessed with their exrerior and make the world the same to make us as ugly as them so we destroy our spirit and live like them obsessively following the "white physical beauty" as the definition of beauty (but it is fake, they are ugly. Only by the force the black people found the white people beautiful/more beautiful than them, it is obvious brainwashing), and therefore we destroy ourselves and anyways we do not get to fit into their "white physical beauty", after we destroy ourselves, they laugh and their envy can rest, but they still ugly.

  7. You are dominated with western culture, it is very foolish to copy other race culture and pretend that it is your culture.Cultural appropriation!.You Etheopian people learn your culture and promote it,dont promote other peoples culture.You rare African and you will remain african despite all ods!

  8. Habesha womans are beautiful in the country side in back home the reast specially the girls leve in abroad a bit crazy and to much makeup

  9. #FoodForThought
    What we Don't understand is that BAD hair is actually the GOOD Hair. An "AFRO" will keep your brain from OVERHEATING in a hot situation. By Raising UP ☝ &allowing a breeze of air to flow through. Which will help your brain stay Cooler longer. Whereas, "Good hair" is gonna LAY UPON your head, Causing more heat & sweat, 😓& kill you quicker.
    Same if you fall into a pond of ice….That "GOOD HAIR" is going to turn into a Fitted Frozen ICE CAP on your head. Which will HELP Hypothermia set in Quicker.

  10. According to the ppl shown in this Video Habesha ARE MIXED.
    The Older pictures & video Do look more phenotypically_like "Black" ppl. Whilst the lady in the first interview, for example, does not.
    But either way, ALL over the world, ppl that once Were black & were Conquered, raped & turned into a NEW race, have this problem. Any black ppl that come in contact with white conquerors– Now LONG for, Praise & Glorify ANY features that came from their Oppressors!🙌 😂😌😩
    Meanwhile, what we WANT TO LOOK LIKE–(most of them)HATE US! #IRONICALLY😌

  11. Stop with the hair categorisation. It was devised by Oprah's hairdresser who has made his negative opinions well known about natural afro hair.

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