Beautiful Tiny House in an Eco Community

the people who are thinking of starting their own tiny house build one of the most common questions is where do I put it once I built it our next tiny house builder Connie may have found the perfect solution to just that question today we're here at the earth song eco village checking out the community's newest and tiniest member hello Bryce welcome it's always goodness this place is gorgeous yes yes it is all right so beautiful in this amazing amazing place as well yes actually it's wonderful it is just wonderful well I'm not trying to see inside the house I can go take a look okay what a gorgeous space and it sort of feels quite spacious especially they seem really so how big is this trailer it's 5 by 225 5 by 225 meters yeah Wow okay so this is this is actually probably this the the smallest tiny house that we've visited so far and it's still actually is quite spacious so you've actually constructed this house off of the tumbleweed designs haven't you yeah that's right yeah did you how did that process work for you like did you look into a lot of different design concepts or did you just sort of see one and was like yeah that's the shape that I want yeah just it just looked really cute yeah that's it didn't look cute yet so yeah yeah let's take that would really too big I thought some of them so the tiller so take it away so yeah you just take this off let's promote mate and it comes down is really nice so that's what I can see them to write on my computer eat breakfast and then when I have guests I can put it out like this that's lovely yeah and it's beautifully made isn't it is that's fantastic and then the thing about the way we've built it is that everything is more than one function so I'll just take this up again so if we look at these blocks fit right chairs here so this is these are built as seats yeah yeah and yes Oh storage is all right I mean actually just looking around one of the things that I'm immediately noticing is that for the size of this place there is a lot of storage around here isn't there is I mean you've got underneath that you've got the storage in there too big sort of like wardrobe storage cupboard areas lots of storage in the kitchen extra space up there not there so for the actual size of the place is a tremendous amount of storage room here that was what we talked a lot about making sure we got that so so this can also actually this can also end up like a so I can lie here can lie like that and watch TV up there the TV isn't there yet the TV's still looking at it so the floors in the tiny house this here is all caught yeah it is which is a beautiful finish yeah and did you choose the caulk because it was lightweight yeah lightweight but also soft and warm yeah I mean warm environmentally cools a really really good choice mmm and I think as well what it also does because because you've got all of the tile and groove pine walls it helps to actually create a little bit of difference between the floor and walls and the ceiling and everything that's right so that's touch yips and the kitchen now this this is just yep so special isn't it yes not very big but it's got everything this is I mean the the craftsmanship and here is just second to none is really beautiful it is so um a rego stove yeah like a rego sick it is this alcohol stove yeah very cool so how did you come to choose this one well dad was again Connie who also is building a tiny house si had researched and found out that that's the cleanest it burns the cleanest it doesn't give any pollution at all I'll show you this net settle swallows yeah I haven't got too much stuff like it but it's for all these things that you need when you're cooking and it's right here yeah next to you again one of the things that I'm noticing seems to work really really well in tiny house kitchens as shallow storage hmm because you don't want to be ruffling around in big rulers and big cupboards and that's and I suppose the temptation to do that is there with the kind of science that you have in the community ventures so creating this kind of longer storage but shallow storage is a great way of having immediate access to everything so they don't like from the fumble about makasian saying yeah it's gonna get it's nice and so the plumbing in the house how does that all work because I noticed that you are collecting rainwater off of your roof yeah when I get some crumbs yeah what's it would be very soon and yeah well that's just for for plants where I'm collecting it's not for using in the house the use in the house comes that water comes from Earth songs main tap so there will be city water council water right and that goes into a drum which is 80 litres it contains 80 litres and that then comes up pea and gets warmed by the water heater pumped up and warmed by the water heater and then in through the shower and up here and then when it all goes out again it goes into another tank the gray water tank right which I can then empty out and I have a little trolley that can take a trolley a container that can take about 20 liters so I control you that and I actually have to take that into earth song into the toilets at this song because the council wanted that they didn't want any gray water to be distributed so even though even though you actually have no black water which has mixed in blue grey water the council was still funny about just ordering your veggies with grey water yeah they could not say yes to that how do you feel about that don't you feel that's reasonable I could I think I can understand why they say it because I mean they probably want to set an example of it they just want to make sure that things don't go out of control when it comes to things like dealing with gray water there's an area that really starts coming down to personal responsibility doesn't because if I mean personally what I would like to do with grey water and our tiny-house project is actually use it an irrigation and yeah vegetable games and that's the other thing and of course when you know that you're going to be eating anything which is growing and that didn't you hear it what make sure you're going to be completely conscious about everything you put into it because it's not just me in my lane I'm doing it on its earth song as well the whole way through it's been because it's also a song yeah so yeah which is great and what do a song do with that what's the solution for for the gray water does that just go right into there yeah dispels into a search yeah all right yep it does so so again like for me this is a really interesting concept because there's an opportunity in tiny homes and this is obviously what what your house is equipped to do by collecting its own great will you've got the ability to use it if you want but the council would rather have you add that to their search system which is which is notoriously already overburdened yeah so that they can add whatever chemicals that they want and then flush that into our oceans that is what they would prefer than having a responsible homeowner collect gray water treat their grey water themselves and use it and irrigating the land yeah doesn't make a lot of sense does it doesn't no but it's an opportunity for growth so the bathroom yeah yeah that's what I decided I'd use instead of a vacuum cleaner really full fur getting rid of God stuff the high tech solution yes I thought they might be good high tech but effective well seriously though I mean in a tiny house in the beauty of it is if it does the job Sasuke said well if Lee and there is a vacuum cleaner upstairs I mean I I know a lot of people do want to build tiny homes for the sole purpose of not having to do much house yeah yeah so and this shower I really really like what you've done with this hmm so st. stainless steel basin yeah and then as the plastic covering on the walls yeah yeah and then this shower dome is a really nice touch so can you tell me a little bit about the thinking that has gone into the bathroom here and some of the well give me well basically that done there of course is to to not create too much steam so when when the steam goes up it settles up then and it drips down so it goes out as water so there's not much steam at all and I have a shower curtain with some meant to be putting on with some magnets but I haven't quite worked out perfect idea that'll happen one day yeah so and then it was just about making sure there's enough room for the compost toilet in that corner right I'll almost sit with my feet into the shower when I'm when I'm using the toilet but that doesn't really matter yeah and that's the thing i like when i guess any decision that you make in a tiny house is going to be a compromise isn't it you decide what your own priorities are and what the things that are important to you and make sure that your house built is customized to your needs yeah so if it's more important that you have more storage than a large bathroom build more storage exactly yeah yeah and this is really really nice this door yet uh emply just shut me in the bathroom yeah should we see the sleeping loft oh go upstairs yes now let's see how can we get up here that's a good question rope ladder climb up let's try see what's here oh yeah here we go see sometimes it's a little bit up okay there we have that's really cool so I mean that just completely falls away when it's not in use yep just great and I mean it takes you a matter of seconds – yeah when you do actually need it though thank you it's great somebody said to me what are you gonna do when you get old you can't get up sit yes I can because I'm doing it every day so therefore everyday exercise yeah if you don't use it you lose it exactly oh that's really lovely stairs yeah they're good good to be on all right don't trade yeah how do you feel it there oh it's got a beautiful view of the stained-glass window here's a beautiful story behind it you got the lovely whitewashed walls and that makes a pine just so light and so it makes it really spacious even though it is a smaller space up here it still doesn't really feel like it hold on one second yep that'll do this is all cozy yeah this is really really quite sweet and from up here you just have the most beautiful view of the house don't you yes this is really something so never lie down here ah ah this is really really comfortable I'll wake you up before the I think you should yeah before the rush hour before I don't even want to talk right now I just want a nap good good really lovely I don't do that to I guess one of the things about sleeping lofts is there's a lot of different points of view some people think that it's really important to open up the space and a sleeping loft and have a really really kind of large functional area then again there's another school of thought which is just that it's a sleeping loft and one of my thoughts is that there is something about having a gable roof that even though it doesn't feel as open and wide what it does do is it makes the space incredibly cozy there's something about being up here that's almost a little bit more like nesting than just going to another room I mean I feel like coming up here and just having a nap it's like the whole house is hugging you up here in the attic it's really lovely I like it so the only thing that's left to be done in here is finishing the bathroom and then the electrician is knocking on our doors at the moment when your light fittings and then it's done yep yep and it's all done what was it about your life and your lifestyle that's suited building a tiny house I guess it was you know living in a song and seeing there's some units there was just solo people and sing the lifestyle they had with having their own place totally and then go out and be with us on being communal whereas as I was living I was sharing with my flatmate and having to actually get on with your flatmate and sort things out as well as being in the community sorting things out it's a bit much so so for you this was a way where you could be by yourself but also be with other people in community exactly yeah hmm and having my things everything being mine like it is in here yeah because that's the other thing as well I mean I said I suppose before you were renting a house hmm whereas you own this house now you have a house yeah I have ours and could you tell me more about like what what's involved in being in the earth song community as ga0 work involved with communal chores and looking after the land together how does that work there's there's really no rule to such but there are guardians guardians jobs you know you hit you your guardian for some things for certain things and some people don't really like gardening at all they'll be doing they can be doing other things like computer there's all these different focus groups you can be part of and they soar we say that um people choose a song it's not this song that chooses people can I ask what this cost to build yeah well so far I've still got a few bills lift but yeah we'll be 80,000 perhaps a bit more yeah but it's got a lot to do them wait is for the builders yeah that's the big one so that's a huge huge difference isn't it because we've seen DIY builds in New Zealand yeah that have come out closer to $20,000 so there's a big difference between Teddy and that's paying for laborers yeah it is yeah I think I think the benefit to it is that you've got a lot of very very beautiful touches at hand right a house I mean by choosing people who are obviously expert of what they do yeah the finishings and here are second to none yeah they are gorgeous are you happy having spend that money yeah no no I'm not really I didn't really want to get into having to borrow money but I did right and what was what was the amount that you would anticipated it would cost you well thought it would be about forty to fifty thousand right but I also had a mishap in the beginning with a build of it yeah it wasn't as good as I thought he was right but you know I've just got to put that behind me because you know look what I've got and the reality is that for eighty thousand dollars hmm you still have a house there's not many people that can say in New Zealand now I went out I spent eighty thousand dollars and I own my own house no and I don't have to pay rates that's pretty good and can I ask about the agreement on the land here are you paying rent here yeah we've set up as this is again through the focus group so everybody has been able to be part of it if they wanted yeah so fifty dollars per week that's the land rent right land rent and then twenty dollars that's for the body Corp so that's for using the common house like everybody else they also pay to watch that so that's $70 per week and then of course I'll be paying my I pay my power and water it's just being measured but you do later on have the ability to reduce that cost by going off great if you choose to yeah and I think that I mean paying paying fifty dollars a week to park the trailer here at a community only has a lot of other benefits as well always because you're in this place and everything that you need is here but then you also have access to communal facilities yeah comes time to entertain guests yeah for any reason if you need a larger space thinking anything like that and and of course you've got vegetable gardens and all that stuff which is growing here as well yeah also I mean I think because there's a composting toilet in here I noticed the earth song community does have a large central composting toilet facility yeah so the ability to add onto that exact and is great as well yes this it this is pretty good I think this really is an ideal solution yeah and you've created a beautiful home Akane okay Thank You Asians thank you the earth song eco village is an example of a place that seems to seamlessly blend both the needs of the natural world but also the modern world they're not afraid to push convention and to take innovative steps to improve the quality not only of the environment here but also of the lives of the people that live here I think the fact that they've not only accepted tiny house living but in fact embraced it stands as a wonderful testament to that oh man check for any again your god equal commerce a mix lot of roofs this is fun you

  1. so this is what a Danish Kiwi accent sounds like :). What great place for a tiny house, and what a cosy house it is!

  2. Wow, what a shame. This poor lady is still allowing herself to be under others thumb on how she WILL live her life, dispose of her harmless grey water and then, no doubt, she must pay $$ for that. No thanks! The house is cute, the property laws are 🤪👎👎👎.

  3. What a nice and cozy tiny home. She was lovely. I really like the longer videos. Your childlike excitement gets us everytime!!! Eyes wide, huge smile, your warm and friendly conversation it's like Walt Disney made you! Ahahahaha we mean this in the most endearing way.

  4. Very sweet and charming little lady and little house!! I want to do this so badly!!

    Plus… How many people also keep watching this channel because Bryce is so gorgeous?! 🤗

  5. For me, it ain't about how tiny the home is, but the use of unconventional materials in the building if these homes, where I come from it's strictly block and brick
    I also love the interior's of these houses it's almost hard to believe that most of the people did the designs them selves
    It would be nice if u could recommend DIY channels that teach these stuffs
    I also love d fact that most of them are of grid, though I'd love to see off grid systems that ain't solar based

  6. I just do not know if I see this because of tiny houses or because of the beautiful man who make the program, i am in love jajaja go on show us more tiny houses please

  7. I could hear she was Danish. So funny at the end where she actually spoke Danish. Hej fra København, Connie, smukt hus!

  8. Im so glad you had that discussion around cost, builders and developers which accounts for 50% of the cost, after materials. Again points to an opportunity for shared building knowledge or community "barn/tiny"- raising efforts .

  9. Good discussion around grey water mgmt. Like the comment "that's an opportunity for growth" – lol – so diplomatic!

  10. Wow, his positivity and encouragement at the end is so heart-warming. It obviously wasn't a smooth journey for her and Bryce was so reassuring. Well done.

  11. This interview went weird. Dont know why, maybe cause the old lady seems shy or embarassed to show the place.

  12. When that young damsel went up the loft !!!!! For a second I was like ? How did the old lady become young up the loft !!!!!

  13. I love the way Bryce makes the home owner feel so happy n welcome.and that they feel that they have done a great job.

  14. That's really tiny, tailor-made for this lovely lady! Guess she has everything she needs, although there are some things to be done! Great video, must say! Thanks for sharing.

  15. i watch all your video.. m a musician bt now m thinking that i also have to build one house for my studio works…
    love your videos and you too 😊👆

  16. You know my grandmother was old country where everything was not exactly off-grid because she had electric but she lived a pre depression during the Depression life and she had an old washing machine that it was like a hand washing machine but it was the electric version of that where it had a little scrub board on it and also when she did her dishes she used to save that water and put it on her plants because she said that's what would naturally get rid of the bugs so I'm just kind of a little surprised everybody's worried about the gray water

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