Beating Trump Won’t Change What The Republican Party Has Become

Recently, I read a phenomenal article by David
Farris writing for the week where he talked about the fact that defeat defeating Donald
Trump is not enough to change the structure to change what the Republican Party itself
has actually become. Now, this is something I have seen others
repeat this. We have said it plenty of times here on ring
of fire. Other commentators have said at Josh Holland,
uh, has been talking about this for quite some time to Chauncey D’Vega been talking
about it. A lot of people we’ve had as guests on ring
of fire, but we’re all kind of telling you the same thing folks. Donald Trump is not the cause of all of the
problems within the Republican Party. He is merely the latest symptom to emerge. We have people like Mitch McConnell, who long
before Trump was ever securing, securing the nomination, was holding a supreme court seat
vacant on the off chance that a Republican won that 2016 election paid off for McConnell. But that wasn’t Donald Trump doing that. That wasn’t because of Donald Trump that it
was done. That was just good old republican obstruction
trying to circumvent the constitution and the powers of the presidency. A couple of weeks ago, as Ferris pointed out
in the week, you had Republicans in the state of North Carolina who on 9/11 when all the
Democrats went to the 9 /11 memorial, the Republicans went into Congress in essentially
you served power in that state. It’s disgusting. We’ve seen Republicans all over this country
long before Trump ever even decided to run for president slashing school budgets, destroying
teacher’s unions, enacting these racist voting id laws, committing voter purges, kicking
people of color off the voting rolls because, oh, we thought you were a criminal. We thought you were a felon and therefore
couldn’t vote. This stuff has been going on long before Donald
Trump and it’s going to be going on long after Donald Trump getting rid of Trump, which does
seem to be the number one priority for a lot of Democrats out there. That’s all they care about is who can beat
Trump. It doesn’t matter folks. The question is who can beat the Republican
Party? Who can change the way they are? Who can get them to come to the table, smack
them across the face if you need to, but tell them to stop being the way you are. Nobody’s going to do that. Nobody can do that obviously, but something
fundamentally has to change, has to shift within the Republican Party and for those
out there thinking that, well, yeah, it’s just the old, old, old white guys that are
the problem. Can I direct you to my district right here
in the state of Florida and introduce you to our representative Matt Gates? Matt Gates is the youth of the Republican
Party right now in Congress, and he’s no different than Mitch McConnell is. No different than Lindsey Graham or Jim Enihof. Matt Gates is the future of the Republicans
in the future is even worse than the current incarnation of the Republican Party. Jim Jordan’s out there doing the same kinds
of crap that Matt Gates is and there’s tons of them. Dan Crenshaw, one of the worst of the worst. There is no future for the Republican Party. The only thing that could stop them is the
new generation of voters who overwhelmingly are rejecting the ideologies of the Republican
Party itself. And that’s the only way to beat them, not
just get rid of their president, cause that’s just going to piss them off. Not Saying we shouldn’t do it, we 100% should,
but that’s not good enough. The voters have to show up. The voters in my district who are being harmed
by Republican party every day have to say, Matt Gates, you’re Outta here. We’re going for the Democrat for the first
time since the early 1960s and maybe that’ll make things better around this place. Same thing all over this country. You want to change the Republican Party, then
you got to vote the psychopaths out of office from the bottom of the ticket all the way
to the top.

  1. Maybe it's time to just have one party for the people instead of two. I think the Republican party needs to go they're only for the rich and well-off people and that is it! They're not for all the people. Progressives and Democrats are for all the people!

  2. McConnell may have been trying to hold that have a seat bacon but Obama was willing to let him do that because Obama was betting that Hillary was going to name him to the supreme. Just my opinion.

  3. for the last sixty years Republicans have given up every card in their hand and all they have is racism and corporate greed left if the Democrats had any kind of competence there wouldn't be a Republican party

  4. The corruption cat is just out of the bag now. What is unprecedented is that Corruption in congress and by the president is fully exposed on grand display.Rich democrats and rich republicans are naked and afraid the gigs up and people clearly see through the Tom and Jerry political antics and will revolt✅

  5. You really need to look into yourselves and into the Democratic party.I used to swallow the Kool-Aid until I realized that Obama really was funding isis. When Trump let the Russians clear them out, they were beat in months. Now, all that left are Kurds trying trying to hold onto oil lands and a pipeline route. Also, foolishly funded by the US and other parties with an interest in the protential of those pipelines and stolen oil.

  6. True. Also, even after voting them all out, we'd still have to deal with a court system packed with right wing ding dongs. They could hold up progress for decades, regardless of who is in the White House and Congress. And on climate change at least, we don't have decades to wait. Hard times ahead, folks. Hold on to your butts.

  7. The Republican Party is gone… the only reason they win any elections on on State and federal level is because of gerrymandering and electoral college… popular vote proves that Republicans would have almost no seats in office if not for their treachery and FOx news elderly demographic… guys like Matt gates don’t get young people votes, and that’s why gates will eventually become completely irrelevant

  8. Crooked Trump: The mastermind criminal born to commit crimes. Republican: A criminal organization pretending to be a political party and now it has found its most corrupt and evil leader of them all —— Crooked Trump! A marriage made in criminal heaven!

  9. Republicans do not want a democracy- they are wanting a one-party rule. With them the one-party. To me this rings as communism. A vote for republicans is a vote for communism. VOTE BLUE!

  10. Just think if Bernie Sanders didn't kiss Hillary's ass. He would be president today. He should have went after her on those emails.

  11. The GOP has been like this since Bush was president that's why we went into a Recession. Obama couldn't show the people how good he was because they fought him one every thing. Obama being how he was still pushed some of his policies and the ones that got by was his legacy. GOP tries to undo that with Trump but all of the people knows Obama was the peoples choice.So now we are here and Trump an actor tried to fill Obama's legacy with hate and confuse everyone and try to fill his shoes. Because he's only a fool Trump had to lie a lot. TRUMP is a ENTERTAINER

  12. No the Republican party isn't going to follow the left into unicorn's. lies and marxism. Trump has just exposed the insanity and the truth, TDS is who they really are.

  13. I belong to a union. The Republican's anti-union stance drove me from the Republican party years ago. They have just gotten worse and worse since. I can't believe what they have devolved to.


  15. Democrats MUST take control of the State Legislatures in 2020. Then the Democrats will draw the maps and can gerrymander the RepubliKlans into obscurity.


  17. The last reasonable republican was Eisenhower (or so I'm told), and he was around in the 1950s. The Republicans have been bad for 50 years.

  18. We live in Panama city and this town is a big mess! People are really poor and have no hope of anything better. Housing costs are through the roof and there's a shortage of decent housing for people who work here. What has gaetz done for us since the hurricane? Not a Godamn thing. He's a sniveling piece of shit!

  19. Yeah right! Get rid of the Republicans, and vote in Democrats! Like the Democrats that have ruined Detroit, San Francisco, LA, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Portland, and many more!

  20. This attitude toward the Republicans betrays a fatal blindness to the Democrats corruption and failure to see us non elite American’s concerns. Look around, citizens are crushingly tired tracking the latest Trump scandal true or not. Never mind the real betrayal of our Constitution, privileged political media behavior leaves us to say: you have cried wolf one too many times. You have failed to clean your own house first. Pray to God? Really.

  21. So, don’t vote Republican. Why should we vote for those Democrats who have betrayed us reliably for the last 40 years?

  22. Exactly,GOP(Greedy Old Pricks) is party of corruption,rape culture and narcissism.
    With Watergate,Iran Contra,Iraqgate and now Trump blackmail a foreign country to get dirt on political opponent,there's no forgiveness for GOP.
    GOP debate in 2012 and 2016 are nothing more other than personal attacks and name calling,using religion as excuse.
    If Trump get second term,entire planet will be like Handmaid's Tale and Running Man with help of his allies like MBS,Bolsonaro,Putin and Le Pen.

  23. Where are the real Republicans? The real Republicans need to do their job and impeach Trump for all his wrong doings! The party of Trump and his cult following needs to know that this kind of behavior is not acceptable.

  24. So maybe climate change can change that party. When our 10 and 12 year olds reach voting age. And its crystal clear we are not going to hold 1.5 or 2. Or likely even 5 degrees. And the yearly death toll is on the rise and the projections are dire. The actions of deniers will be by the new generation considered crimes against humanity. If we the current group of adults are so weak and corrupt and unable to care about our childrens children. It's up to them to hold us to account.

  25. I was raised strict Republican.

    The current G.O.P. exist solely for deregulation and tax breaks for the billionaires.

    Since they hitched their wagons to 45 when he goes down they will too.

  26. Evil is just as much part of the universe as good It has always been here and always will be with us we just need to over come evil. Just as matter over came anti matter in the beginning of time

  27. I would like to propose an argument: It was more the 2008 financial crisis that triggered the GOP's radical transformation than Obama's election.

  28. Republicans in Congress are fascists….and their objective is to destroy the United States Constitution.
    Bush in 2008 said the Constitution is a god damn piece of paper…..wake up America!

  29. The Republicans are disgusting and need To be removed from office. They are truly traitors to our beloved Democracy

  30. Conservatives don't want to help anyone but themselves, and Liberals want to help everyone in need! I wonder who Christ loves? I wonder who Satan loves? Choose your side wisely! One gives you hell, and the other gives you heaven! Even the Ten Commandments makes it clear before Christ was ever born! Just ask Trump to recite out of the Bible! He has, and he couldn't! How about

  31. Come on. The Republican Party is working just fine. Its representing the stupid uneducated hypocrite ignoramus voters with stupid uneducated hypocrite ignoramus representatives. I think it makes sense!

  32. The Republicans are all about winning at all costs, even selling out their country. If you think certain congressmen are bad, though, you should get a load of the people that voted for them.

  33. Its the same in all countries when corruption is allowed to creep into the system. You guys in the US simply reach the tipping point when your problem becomes a monster.

  34. How the democrats divided in 3 pcs. Republicans and Democrats are all in the same feather of corruption. Donald trump is a nationalist

  35. The Republican party will beat itself by being what it is, and that it is mostly white ,racist, and older. Each passing year they grow weaker as the demographics is the US shift to a younger and more diverse population that were not raised with racism and hate and it won`t get here quick enough.

  36. The GOP will always have billionaires to fund them and Junior, Bannon, Newty, Miller, Jeffress etc will always have a nazi candidate to push forward for the trailer trash vote.
    Obama chose not to prosecute rethuglicans, and the dems are ignoring evidence of rethuglican election fraud.
    The Dems are SOLD OUT to big money, therefore silenced.
    Why are we allowing ourselves to be held hostage to the corrupt DNC?
    Hillary, Wasserman Schultz and Shalala are behind the corrupt Venezuelan coup attempt and more wars. there has been no pushback.
    If there is no clear nominee on the first ballot, the DNC gets to step in and ram thru their neocon favorite

  37. Not even Jesus was able to change the evil hearts of the pharisees back then, much less change the evil hearts of the hypocrites Republicans today. The holy becomes holier and the evil doers become more evil at the end times.

  38. What the Republican party is doing right now concerning the Ukraine crime is the worst thing they have ever done. It is actually treacherous to pretend that Trump did not extort the Ukrainian President in order to steal the Presidency. It is so easy to prove and it shows unquestionably that Donald Trump did brake the law. Trump does not deserve the Loyalty he gets from his fans because he only cares about himself and Rewards royalty with my eyes on top of Lies. He's a fraud and it's time for him to go

  39. Drumpf has exposed the true Republican views and desires to make money off of peoples suffering. There is no saving that part. We need to get rid of all the Republicans that are this way and we know they will NEVER change. Stop electing ppl who are slime and shit like Gaetz, Graham, Jim Jordan, and Moscow Mitch to name a few.

  40. Kevin McCarthy, Kevin Nunes, Donald Trump, Jim Jordan, Larry Craig and Dennis Hastert should all be hooked up to a lie detector in order to show the American people that they would be better at hot oil wrestling than they are at telling the truth.

  41. Trump didn't start birtherism; he just became the most well-known advocate of it.

    Republicans were blowing racist dog whistles long before Trump put that (R) after his name. Trump just blows it loudly enough and blatantly enough that it isn't a dog whistle anymore.

    Can't believe that Trump would denigrate a war hero? Ask John Kerry about that.

    Trump didn't even invent the Republican man-crush on Putin; he just turned it UP TO ELEVEN!! like he does with every evil thing.

    Get rid of Trump? Yes, please. But that's the first step in cleaning up this mess, not the last one.

  42. Have you seen the new Democrat party?? With any of these people in office, it would be scary and not good for the US if some of their policies get through Congress.

    Where is a normal Democrat these days who does not shelter in fear from SJWs. The far left and far right fringe groups are both horrible and I don't want anyone who thinks like any of them in office.

  43. If the Republican party did not lie, cheat and steal they could not get a candidate on the school board . They know that their only opportunity to seize power is through deceit and the exploitation of the fears, prejudices and ignorance of groups of wage earners within the electorate to convince them to vote against their best interests. In a mock republic with an eighteenth century constitution that does not require a majority to rule, they are doing quite well.

  44. "Beating Trump won't change what the Republican party has become".
    Looks at he leftmost guy on thumbnail
    Me: They are becoming pirates..!

  45. We can vote… unless the elections are already rigged you mean. Then our votes have already been decided by someone else.

  46. The Republicans haven't changed they're showing exactly who they are, the mask is off and things are about to heat up,"new world order"the thing is that nothing ever goes according to plan. Individually they'll get rich but as a country people will surffer, unemployment and poverty going to rise America as we know will no longer be…

  47. Racists, misogynists, and intolerant hate-filled homophobic bigots make up the core base of today's Republican Party. Their bigotry keeps them voting against their own best interests. Republican policies are geared to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class.

  48. And, the Democrats are nothing but a pack of communists. If you want communism, move to North Korea/ Siberia. I'm sure Kim Jong-Un would be honored to make a place for you in one of the country's many political prisons. As far as Siberia is concerned, I'm sure you would find the -85 degree (-65 degree Celsius) winters more than inviting especially when you realize that those homes in Siberia doesn't have indoor plumbing and there are no grocery stores for miles around.

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