BBC World News - The World's Newsroom: An introduction

welcome to the world's news room and the start of a new era for BBC World News this state-of-the-art building in central London is now home to 6,000 BBC staff and by bringing together all of our news services across all platforms for the first time it's also now an unparalleled centre of journalistic excellence this is the newsroom the heart of the building it's where BBC journalists have access to cutting-edge digital technology improving the speed of analysis on breaking news for you wherever and whenever you want it there's space here for over 400 journalists and it'll be occupied 24 hours a day seven days a week BBC World News teams will benefit from a dynamic and collaborative working environment gathering news and opinion through closer connections with our 27 language services and telling stories as clearly and engagingly as possible as a bureau of BBC World News you'll get to know this world's newsroom really well because this is the place where the BBC brings together all the brilliant reports to bring our insight our understanding our passion for the world to bear for you as an audience member so that your understanding of the news the speed of the news the analysis and the belief in telling you the truth is all going to happen from this newsroom so on screen how will all of this look to you well this is one of the three studios that BBC World News will be using presenters will be able to move around freely the look is sharper and more dynamic with new graphics and there are multiple high-definition cameras to ensure that the pictures are crystal-clear you're going to see far more visual vivid dynamic storytelling high-definition screens automated cameras that are moving constantly a far more dynamic experience where we can explain a story almost before we've opened our mouths you're going to see a much more engaging presentation for us there's also a virtual reality studio where presenters can be fully immersed in their story from right here in our new home I can be virtually anywhere in the world or even the universe instantly it's been a long ten year journey from planning to completing this space but as it fills with journalists it is truly becoming the world's news room


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