BBC News (TOTH Opening) Carrie Gracie Returns – 12 February 2018

[Music] [Music] this is BBC News I’m Kerry Gracie the headlines at eight Oxfam’s deputy chief executive resigns over the sex scandal involving the charities aid workers talks in Belfast to restore devolved government end without agreement but the Prime Minister says progress has been made and while some differences remain I believe that it is possible to see the basis of an agreement here there is the basis of an agreement and it should be possible to see an executive up and running in Northern Ireland very soon the three Britons killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon have been named three other British passengers and the pilot were also injured the future of South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma hangs in the balance as the governing ANC party meets to discuss next steps I’m Kerry Gracie in the next hour Geneva is open for business tour operator Thomas Cook is taking British tourists back to Tunisia the first time since 2015 that terror attack on a beach and scientist rushed to Antarctica to catch a glimpse of a giant iceberg before it melts [Music] [Music] good evening and welcome to BBC news the deputy chief executive of Oxfam has resigned following allegations the charity tried to cover up the full details of a sex scandal in Haiti involving its aid workers senior figures in the organization have been meeting the International Development Secretary offering assurances over the future handling of sexual misconduct allegations the charity has been asked to produce all its evidence relating to what happened during the humanitarian relief effort after the Haitian earthquake in 2010 our special correspondent Lucy Manning has the details Haiti’s red-light district


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