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it’s eight minutes to nine by general admission he’s a white middle class Englishman openly trespassing on the music and myth of the Americans hath and there were some raised eyebrows when Hugh Laurie the star of the television series house and one of Hollywood’s best paid stars released an album of blues songs the critics have been raving about let them talk and he was just released a special edition to the stage with children in need yeah and he was turning away then weren’t you I don’t like to watch myself much snow so always a bit of a shock yeah because there’s a DVD along with your I’m sorry about that yes that’s right that’s right and a very splendid journey was to a thrilling almost religious experience for me it was my pilgrimage to this what what to me is a sort of holy city an absolutely magical place there’s New Orleans pre Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans post-hurricane Katrina what is what sort of shape if you find it in that well I didn’t know it pre I only went to post and I I did the you know I saw what I could of the of the lower ninth and the terrible devastation there the actual center of the city is is a pretty thriving place I mean that over the heart of the city beats on they’ve lost a huge number of people who’ve left I mean it I think they’ve lost about almost a third of the population has left but they’re sort of coming back in dribs and drabs and i think it’s you know it wouldn’t it will it will survive you talk about going to New Orleans as like a pilgrimage sure he said and it obviously means so much to you why the Blues and women that should buy I was captured as a small child I should probably explain I remember a song on the radio the first blues song I ever heard it just reached those like a hand reached out of the Radian grabbed me by the throat and hasn’t let go since and it was a very I don’t really know why it is I’ve got a feeling was a Willie Dixon song I can’t quit you baby is what I have in my head but I could be wrong what is 8 what is it I don’t know – because I I it’s just music that to me has it encompasses every human emotion it makes me laugh makes me cry makes me dance in private you do a bit of dancing on the DVD while you shuffle in I didn’t go though I didn’t know them definitely and this is this is part of the DVD as well as when you’re playing your legs and there were some pretty memorable people playing with you as well unbelievable I’m playing the most incredible fans some of the greatest musicians in the world I and singing with Sir Tom Jones for heaven’s sake it’s not so dusty is it and one trekkers listening to the other day and she’s sound remarkably like Doctor John it is it is Doctor John I got yes he was my great hero has been most of my life taught me everything I know about the piano which you may say is not very much but I whatever I know I learned from him but just by listening to his records and I’ve revered this man all my life and there I was actually accompanying him I’m playing and he’s singing after you’ve got something like that out there you know I mean he would know using me as an activist here’s a guy who is well liked I’m not sure that he didn’t know me as an actor because I like to think that dr. John doesn’t have a television you don’t want to think of your watching x-factor do you somewhere eating exactly exactly so I’m not quite sure how he got to hear of this but he sing game he seemed to like we sent him some of the tracks and he sort of gave it the thumbs up and said yes he’d come along for a couple of hours and see if we could come up with anything and it was absolutely thrilling I mean I was completely overwhelmed by at the end of the recording session with dr. John I went outside of my car and I actually wept it was so overwhelming yes to meet a hero of that I mean he’s to me is a God it was an amazing time he’s saying to sleep late notes let this record show I am a white middle-class Englishman openly impressing on the music and myth of the American South and if that’s not bad enough I’m an actor now yes so breaking an important rule of art and music and career parson that you don’t you don’t cross so did you find it was difficult for for people at first to think this man can do it it’s still difficult and I am switch I completely understand and if I was if I were outside watching myself I would have the same sort of skepticism saying resistance and I I completely understand that but at the same time of course I can’t deny that I’m only in this position of being able to do a record because I was an actor so still I am yes I am I act yes so I I I can’t disown it and wouldn’t want to discern it I’m very very proud of some of the things I’ve done as an actor but but this is my always was sort of my first love really and you’re performing with Jamie Cullum on for children in need I thought that was supposed to be a secret but there we go okay yes mystery surprise guest yes no I think we will be will be duetting he will be both will be singing a song together at hallelujah I love her so it is a Ray Charles his end the end the proceeds of that are going to children and you’ll be on the piano I will be on the piano are not on the piano are we sitting at the bar no yes yes there are no secrets when it comes to doing things for children and it’s all talking for just a second I could dig a little present oh okay how long do you think we’re doing that the Blues for and it will there be a time when you think I’m gonna give up that I thinks it’s taking up too much time it’s it’s it’s a possibility I mean I am well I don’t really know it’s it’s all to do with the opportunities you get and whether an audience has any interest in it i I absolutely love doing it but I completely understand that that my love for doing it is not sufficient to keep an audience entertained necessary the audience has to love it too so if that happens and if an audience enjoys it as much as I do then I I have probably doing it the audience do love it respected at all but I have no idea just not that up at a few seconds I look at something for you here Hugh because you’re ugly son phenomenally well you’re right and in recognition of your selling more than 100,000 copies I’ve let them talk in the United Kingdom gives us great pleasure should give you this oh they’re good Lord there you are we had it knocked up overnight there’s a place on the golden book road I take it off your hands it’s quite heavy yeah do you like I don’t know thank you very much I’m good to sell it I’m gonna share the front of it and be proud of it yeah thank you very much he’s great thank you thank you didn’t have time to mention how wonderful you are in Arthur Chris after Christmas oh we thank you yes well that wasn’t very good fine a very good fun I hope we’ll spread a little Christmas cheer sure you will that’s lovely splendid okay thank you you didn’t know that I did not get one surprise that the special edition of Hugh’s album let them talk about now you see Hugh perform his new single with Jamie Cullum at children who need rocks tomorrow live on BBC one at 8 o’clock it’s just after 9:00 if the word legendary was going to be applied to anyone in British television then Sir Bruce Forsyth surely deserves it he’s celebrating 70 years in show business how can anybody do that 70 years in children’s with a special collection songs he’ll be with us in just a moment to tell us all about it first here’s the last quick look what’s happening where you are is he sad Bruce

  1. I honestly do not understand why he'd be disgusted at watching himself all the time. Has he not looked at himself in the mirror before? If he could see what we see…

  2. George: Well, er, Jacko and the Badger bought it at the first Ypres front, unfortunately — quite a shock, that. I remember Bumfluff’s house-master wrote and told me that Sticky had been out for a duck, and the Gubber had snitched a parcel sausage-end and gone goose-over-stump frogside.

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