Barbara Boxer: President Donald Trump’s Legal Team Seems Unprepared | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. It's okay. America knows this group of Republicans will let him get away with this latest behavior.
    2020 🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. I gave my 55 inch TV away to some random guy walking by my building. Now I'm gonna let my phone expire!!

    BUT how about we fire everyone who's in power right now and ban them from serving for life. Let's start over NEW!! 😢😢😢😢🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Since half of the president's "team" was hired the day before yesterday, the Trump player's cluelessness is not at all surprising.

  4. LOL the SENATE will dismiss because DEMOC-RATS convicted trump without any proof. All but 3 DEMOC-RATS in the HOUSE voted yes and all republicans and 3 democrats voted no. You cant have such a one side verdict

  5. I have but one question for you Ms. Boxer. Did you also get a commemorative gold pen?
    I'm so glad that you are no longer in politics and you should be ashamed of yourself for involving yourself in this sham. Lucifer awaits you all. I may be deplorable, but at least I'm not despicable! DNC… DESPICABLE, NARCISSISTIC CRIMINALS.

  6. Boxer was worthless when she was in Congress & She's still worthless. The Demoncraps should have been " Fair " while in the House. THEY'RE in the Senate now where It's the Senate's turn to control things the way they see fit.
    The shoe is on the other foot & they really don't like it !!!! Too Bad 😁😊

  7. If anything or anyone is sad, it’s you Barbara Boxer. Please crawl back into the hole you came from. Worst California Senator ever.

  8. Their mindset is "why be prepared, the Senate will not convict irregardless". There is no reason to prepare when they know they will be acquitted based on party lines.

  9. Hey, democrats. If you didn't vote in 2016, shame on you. Do the rest of the world a favor, get off your privileged butts in 2020 and VOTE the "Hamberder in Cheif" outta there! Yes, I said it – privileged. Voting is compulsory in some countries. Voting is banned in some countries. Voting is thus a PRIVILEGE. To NOT VOTE then complain about the state of your nation is pure idiocy.

  10. Who are the Democrats kidding, the President had a period of time to give the money to the Ukrainians. He gave them the money within that time frame.
    Also, why didn't the Democrats come prepared with all the witness testimony in hand? Its not the Senates job to interview witnesses and bring evidence, it is the houses. Boxer's been living under a rock.

  11. The DON CON of Great USA has managed to gaslight the republicans and many more, just like the Great Wizard of Oz. Wake up before you are all chained mentally and physically by the worst being on earth, wouldn't call it human.

  12. McConnell puts both Republicans and Democrats on the spot by applying maximum pressure. There’s no place for anyone to hide in a McConnell-run Senate.

  13. The GOP are not a political party. It has become a cult of personality for the dear great benevolent leader

  14. Thy got Busted,W.H(Cult leader)knows this but minions continue to lie,just like the fearless leader tells them tow the line,but in the End hopefully it will be the real American public that have the last Say,at the Ballot Box!! Which will be their judge ment Day

  15. They were prepared for a quick cover-up. They cant argue the facts so they attack the process. Looks like thier out of gas.

  16. there been saying he was unprepared for years and he keeps smashing it. if this is him unprepared, let him keep making ameerics great and leave him alone

  17. Democrats tried a coup d’etat in 2016 on Bernie and then Trump. They failed. Now they are doing it in congress again and with Biden and Warren. It’s laughable. The party that claims they care about people’s votes is the party actively overthrowing the people’s votes for Bernie and Trump.

  18. So whilst Putin consolidates more power and basically becomes the modern Tzar the Americans want to hold their leader accountable for a phone call.

  19. These people keep trying to sell us arrant lies. The bottom line is: there is no substance to any of these “allegations”. Eventually the Democrats will run out of “shiney objects” and “smoke screens” to distract the people from that truth.
    STOP PRESS: the lev parnas allegations have been found to be false and Schiff misrepresented them….. quel surpríse.

  20. Bernie Sanders Responds to Hillary Clinton’s no one likes him attack: ‘On a Good Day, My Wife Likes Me? I wouldn't go that far I believe your wife doesn't like you also … she hates you because you have never made a payroll! Or created one job!

  21. Trump, Obama  r playing Americans & USA.. All those anti Trump, Obama supported shows r proof he wants hide his mess attacking him.. Or like Melania caring to stop vaping? They knew it's going out of control & might be exposed, so let's make a show pretending…

  22. Big mouths & tiny brains r Putin's favourite. Like ir & Trump& Obama, ( how was he president when he wasn't a citizen of USA or didn't even know how many States there r in the US?! Slimy hypocrite) & many other world leaders.. So stupid for anyone to trust Obama,Putin & Epstein's best friend..see how he picks Malala & Greta..anytime chose a boy? ..

  23. Save your countries from drug addiction.. It destroyed Iran.. So many offcls, people willing to trade country family for dose of.. Like my own people, family,relatives,etc betraying, hurting us to get dose of.. Even have a competition of who hurts us better & more! Violated by Iranians & out.. Like Pahlavi is a human rights activist? They why did he cyberstalk & watch abuse as well?! Cheap people..lots of Iranians think cheating, lying, betraying, tricking,etc is smart & being good is bad & lame..

  24. Trump&Obama, Pompeo, etc lots of, ir offcls in USA r traitors.. Get their hands of America before u r destroyed like Iran too! Send them  & families to Putin

  25. We r in Tehran, elahieh, dashti st, sepid, bA.ff. just near the Russian embassy garden! What a coincidence!

  26. Moscow mitch isnt working with or for anyone but the trump cult! Why is it that all the defenders of the corrupt trump able to stand in front of the senate and bold face LIE?? The potus was not locked out of anything,he was invited to testify but chose to ignore the Impeachment hearings. trump could have had witnesses but chose not to have any,instead he called it a witch hunt or a hoax.When Mr Schiff called them a liar he had every right to do so,because they know its a lie,and we believe the senate knows its a lie also. Then when it gets to the senate the repulicans say trump wasnt allowed witnesses,thats a lie and they ALL know it! America deserves an open and fare trial with witnesses at the start of the trial Not at the end of it who ever heard of calling witnesses after yhey have decided??? We the People are watching and want a fare trial!! Do your Jobs before you dont have any!!

  27. 😂😂😂😂 didn’t the Democratic impeachment team just tell the senate that they need more time to find something they can use!!! 😂😂😂 liberals can’t do anything right

  28. i’m still waiting for the GOP establishment or electorate make a cogent, non fallacious argument about why there shouldn’t be witnesses or even why the president isn’t guilty. the leaders lie and cheat, and the supporters just mirror false talking points put out by fox. you idiots need to feel some shame right now.

  29. They are prepared… They are prepared to discredit dems… Just as the previous impeachment. Never seen people go out of their way to cover a president (lmbo) up by hiding everything… But, be sure they are lining their pockets b4 they are out of office

  30. This whole clown show is just so the commies have something to help them sleep at night, when they live through the next four years of Trump. Disgusting Desperation, most of us drink beer or play video games to escape reality, i would suggest you cancerous communists do the same and stop wasting my tax dollars.

  31. No that’s a wrong statement it’s up to the House of Representatives to show the burden of proof you had that chance thing is and you can’t say it’s a lie you have nothing still looking for something
    You screwed up and didn’t finish the job trying to hurry up and went with what you had which was nothing
    Should have took more time and used the courts

  32. What a bunch of lies, but hey what do you expect from the leftist dumbocrats, all of them must die they are traitors to the people of america

  33. FAKEPOTUS Spanzky's lawyers just have to use their time to make noise. Moscow Mitch and his GOP (Goons Of Putin) don't need evidence to illuminate their reasons for treason!

  34. Why are you pretending. Moscow Mitch and the Republicans are Trump’s fixers. Trump will get off. This is how it works for rich White men.

  35. Over the weekend, the unemployment rate amongst African Americans hit a record low.
    On Friday, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released its August report, which showed that the economy gained 130,000 jobs last month. The report also revealed that black unemployment fell to 5.5%, which is the lowest rate recorded since the Labor Department began tracking the progress back in the 1970s.

  36. The stupid party can’t govern or even have a strategy to defend this corrupt president. Defending the indefensible will never succeed!

  37. No need to prepare,they have the majority. 😂😂😂Trump can represent himself and still wins hands down. But he is still a impeached president. 🤔He cannot erase that stigma.

  38. As lies build and obfuscation builds. The illiterates feel enabled to speak about things they have no knowledge of. Just like little lying Donnie draft dodger. Sad times. Hopefully intelligent people with demonstrated knowledge of the constitution and our government will prevail.

  39. They don't have to be prepared. They already know the outcome regardless of any evidence presented. This is a totally rigged process.

  40. Trump's defense team have taken lessons from the master pathological liar. So far their defense seems predicated on the assumption that all Americans, and certainly all Senators, are stupid fools. The House has plenty of information, some of which was gleaned since the Impeachment was declared. However, it is the nature of "trials" for people to be able to evaluate and judge for themselves. For instance, it was a shock to many that Lev Parnas, as a naturalized American citizen, spoke better English than Trump. He spoke plainly and without inflating his part in the activities as they occurred. Unless the Senators use their power to obtain access to witnesses and documents, the House will find itself following up on subpoenas issued long ago as they eventually slowly work their way through the courts. Those bombshells may end up coming out just before or during the 2020 election. Then Americans would all be forced to remember what a slip-shod job had been done in the Senate. It was clear that the House had done it's best to do it's duty under the Constitution with an uncooperative and rogue president. However, the Republican dominated Senate had continued to enable him under the management of Majority Leader McConnell.

  41. Exactly, a conspiracy to commit extortion. It's NOT bribery because there was no win for Zelensky. Do what Trump wants or your people keep dying … extortion.


  43. If they seemed "unprepared" then the congress members presenting the impeachment to the senate looked like preschoolers without attendants!

  44. In effect, the Dem manager are recording for history the evidence that they cannot introduce, thereby proving not only the acccusations but also the incrusted corruption of the Republicans.
    The US will never again be able to request other countries to fight corruption without being ridiculed.

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