Baloch Activists Raise Slogans at Imran Khan’s US Address | The Quint

  1. Look who’s talking (India)

    You guys commit attrocities in kashmir daily
    Btw these guys are funded by India to say these types of bull**

  2. Pakistan didn't learn from the mistakes they made in Bangladesh instead they kept on doing the same thing to the people of Balochisthan. Im sure if Balochisthan can get independence they will also succeed the way Bangladesh is doing. Pakistani army please stop your crackdown and human rights violations on civilians. We don't want another genocide like the one that happened to us Bengalis in 1971.

  3. Me Baloch hu kabhi balochistan me to ajao phir dekhty hen kise hm Pakistan se azad hoty hen Indian media kabhi balochistan me to ajao tere ase ke tese marngy 👉👉♥️♥️🇵🇰🇵🇰♥️♥️👈

  4. 0:23 how shameless quint really is.
    Calling the killings of 18000 Baloch people "alleged"
    Mass graves have been found of Baloch who were slaughtered y Pakistani forces.
    But like always quint here again supporting Pakistani army and establishment the same way quint supporter them in kulbhushan jadav's case.

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