welcome everyone to youth in news today is June 13 2019 here to give you all the news according to the charts going to talk about this article that came across Forbes about two days ago talking about how visa is entering the block change space and how I was going to give XRP a run of his money as a matter of fact we're going to give you update on our prediction of what we expected the market in XRP to do since our last video on June 10 2019 thank you all for come to our channel make sure you all continue to go ahead and like share and subscribe to our channel hit that Bell notification as well so you all become notified of when we upload this very easy to see and understand content and as well as our price movement according to the price chart now let's go ahead get started article right here on the left side of my screen y'all can see then visa enters the 125 trillion dollar global money transfer market with a new blockchain product everyone is trying to get their feet in the blockchain space which is going to buy for competition for XRP going down a little bit further in this article you can see right here that visa is trying to enter this cross-border business to business transaction where banks can transfer money on behalf of other corporate clients that they have visa says is entering the 125 trillion dollar market and using the distributed ledger technology blockchain software where transaction must be confirmed by multiple computers on a network to be considered final to make these payments faster cheaper and more transparent most cross-border payments are done through the Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication or Swift a Belgian organization started in 1973 that counts 11,000 financial institutions as purrs but his legacy system has inefficiencies that's why Swift went ahead and created GPI right here the Global Payments initiative back in 2017 which processes the majority of payments within 24 hours remember that 24 hours in the mark for Swift to process those payments because when look at visa it'll tell you how fast they'll be able to process payments – here we are 2017 Swift launched a new service GPI to speed the transactions and the transparency with that product nearly all transactions settle within 24 hours says Harry Newman the head of banking at Swift so far 3,500 banks have signed up and they move 300 billion a day over the service roughly half of Swift total daily volume now Visa is also making the transaction faster and more transparent with his b2b connect product transactions settle quicker in one to two days that's not even faster than GPI the Global payment initiative that Swift has launched in 2017 so someone needs to tell visa that their new product that's being used on the distribute distributed ledger technology is still slower than what you Swift is using so what type of competition is that when you're already are seeing a laggard in the new space so why would they try to fit fool us into thinking that transaction is gonna sell a lot quicker when we already know that there's something faster out there in the market one to two days these are b2b connect using distributed ledger technology because it provides more transparency and traceability than a typical state-of-the-art database they use a hyper ledger fabric blockchain software that was developed by IBM and Linux to build it it took two years in order to complete the whole project now the product isn't decentralized since the payments giant has complete control over this software obviously that what the banks like to hear and to see is to have some centralized location to where they can continue to move their funds do you think this is bad news for ripple XRP when I go back to this other article you can see right here that first came JP Morgan's JPM coin they have finale platform and now you have visa that is trying to enter this space to compete with the banking financial institutions across the world those cross-border payments definitely the global government is trying to create their own way in their own form of moving money across the country across the world a lot faster than using that old outdated Swift system and visa is trying to get a little piece of that action is that going to hurt ripple and its course of trying to create a niche in this pay in his face let us know all right but now we're going to go ahead and look at the price chart in the market for XRP let's go ahead and stop this playback last time we did our video for xrp was June 10 2009 teen of which we haven't changed our price target one bit we were looking for the market in xrp to move to the downside now we told you that we would TP the market at 38 cents at the market in XRP was to hit that particular area it fell shy right here on the 11th of June let's see real quick I've been about a 4% profit in the market for us at the last time we went ahead and in our video on the 10th of June okay now the question is the last three days in the market for XRP this coin hasn't made any substantial movement higher in price now we are seeing strength here on the daily timeframe meaning that this coin is definitely trying to continue to see or inch its way higher but each day that passes that XRP is not able to break out of our price target area less likely it is going to be moving to the upside okay right now today what definitely would have been a positive day in the market to see XRP close towards the high in this bar we got a couple more hours on this daily timeframe so anything can change from this recording all the way to the end of today's trading day but right now we are not seeing no interest coming into the market for XRP that volume is still coming in quite light I mean the last four days as we've seen a decent amount of volume and today is definitely no comparison with the light volume is telling us that either there's no one interested in this coin movement seeing the upside or we just don't have enough momentum to break this resistance area at 41 cents so either way ago that's not a positive thing to see okay real quick look at XRP on the three hour time frame you can tell that this coin is definitely trying to move higher in price but on these two 3-hour bars and we're going to make this bigger okay so on these two pyaara bars right here it took only 6 hours to move the market from 40 since all the way back down towards 37 cents to 3 our bars look at the remaining action it took numerous bars just for us to come right back to where we started on the 9th of June numerous three arrow bars so this coin is struggling to continue to see higher prices and movement outside of our price target area that's one reason why we are going to keep our price target ongoing in the market for XRP because of this sluggishness that has been coming into the market for this coin of it trying to inches way higher in price resistant area is still right where we have it okay so that's another reason why we're going to continue with our analysis in the market Forex rp2 continuum of lower and that TP is still stands at 38 cents okay so the market in XRP is still anticipated to continue to move to the downside we haven't made a lot of movement since we did our last video all right will it take simulated profit at 38 cents especially in the market if we get a massive post to go down bar and that 36 cent is also going to be in play okay xrp is not moving like many of the all coins in this space I know that cart Donnell we're seeing a pretty good movement to the upside the last couple of days and you can stand you can tell that XRP still didn't participate okay so the announces is still for XRP to come back into our profit area we will TP this coin oh simulated profits at 38 cents if the market comes down to touch that and as well the market is doing anything but this type of action this type of trading in the space okay so we're still anticipated in the market in XRP to move to the downside that is our analysis because we're not seeing a lot of strength entering this coin as of yet so give us a thoughts gives your opinion do you think ripple is causing this lack of interest in XRP maybe maybe so check us out at our website you financial calm in order to more of this simple to see simple to understand and very accurate price predictions according to the price charts few financial calm is where we at would love to see you all come and visit us make sure y'all maintain your profitability and I will see you later

  1. At this point in time, nobody will really use Xrapid (XRP) since there is not regulatory clarity as of yet! Once those regulations are in place, I will then call it a Ball Game!

  2. Visa aquired Earthport who is a Ripple partner so not sure how they can be a threat. The golden nugget advantage for Ripple is many. First mover on this technology, like Xcurrent, Xrapid, n XRP. No worries at all.
    All i see is smoke n mirrors and mass adoption of XRP.

  3. You are absolutely uninformed. Visa bought earthport (partner of ripple). Nice fud. I wondering if I still should be subscribed to this channel. Real FUD

  4. How is this a threat? Visa clearly stated in their announcement that settlements will still take 1 to 2 days. Currently Swift gpi is more efficient than Visa model. Using a headline like this is simply spreading FUD

  5. Visa is using a technology through Earthport to conduct cross border payments. Earthport is already in partnership with ripple since 2015 and conducted tests in 2016 for cross border payments. So visas announcement is a badge for ripple 👍🏾

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