Back Alley Nurseries: Sex Workers of Bogotá

  1. It's a very interesting video! However I think that the reporter should educate herself regarding the world of sex work and transgenderism. Its 2017 and its degrading to call a sex worker 'prostitute' and a person from the Lgbtt community a transvesti. They have names, their jobs or sexual orientation dont define who they are.

  2. They need to Send out more birth control and condoms🤦🏽‍♀️Babies and kids shouldn’t be abandoned by mothers who didn’t even plan for them let alone can care for them

  3. I want her address so i can send some money. What an angel of a woman. Those poor babies. At least someone cares and loves them

  4. Becoming the product of a fucked up environment is heartbreaking. The cycle needs to be broken and I pray those babies break it.

  5. I have a friend who was adopted from bogota and wonder of his real mom was some kind of sex worker. He lives here in ny and lives a great life so it worked out

  6. Remember all that South America is predominantly Catholic . It's a very American notion to just go out and get birth control. A lot of these countries make Texas look pro choice

  7. I take good care of them *especially Damien*… I’m not judging her life choices but don’t treat your kids differently, Jesus!.

  8. Childcare places like this in Canada would be closed down because Canada has lots of health, sanitation and inspection regulations regarding childcare. Also People who run them need to have First Aid, take child care training and if they want to do home daycare or in a Center. All the kids must eat food following the food group for their age.

  9. I feel bad for this kids but st the same time is nice to see cause the world love telling us blacks are irresponsible but ugh huh blacks make amazing parents the ones that let drugs lead their life can’t speak for all blacks

  10. the fact that she keeps referring to that woman as a "transvestite" uh wtf
    "this transvestite has actually built a house for her dog"

  11. May God bless them, precious children and foster Mom… grant them goodness safety love….in Yeshuas name mercy. Amen.

  12. It really infuriates me that they only show the bad side of Bogotá. That is in every documental/movie/show that is made about colombia, and not a single one of them shows how beautiful it really is. Colombia is a really diverse country, and specifically talking about Bogotá, there is so much to see in that city. Yes, there is a "dark side", as there is in EVERY city, but why not show as well the "rich", cultured, and pretty side of it? The well educated? The places for tourism? I live in Bogotá and have lived here for all my life, and I can surely tell you that it is a beautiful city with a little of everything. I personally have never visited the "poor" side of it, and I know a lot of shit happens there, but just try making a video that shows the good as well and not only the "drug and prostitution central" smh

  13. There’s a lady in America who pays for drug addicts contraception, to avoid things like this. This is so sad. Having babies due to prostitution and not giving a damn about the kids. So sad!!!

  14. Omg my heart dropped when that poor boy was crying behind his sister at the end omg 😭😭😭 may god bless all these bright beautiful kids to a better and safe place 😭

  15. Such beautiful children. Heartbreaking the nursery is so dull. Thank god for the women though that looks after the kids, god will bless her ❤

  16. In the description – "For all her work helping children she receives no help from the government." Uummm… Was it really necessary to say that, @Vice? I kinda doubt anyone would think she received government help babysitting for prostitutes. 🤦🤷😆

  17. It could have been that the mothers who "abandon" their children could have gotten killed. I mean the woman probably didn't report it to police that a child was left with her. I don't know…

  18. I’m honestly for the first time in a while in one of these videos not crying the first mom had a ok life pug,kids,TV,food there quite a well of family

  19. it's getting too late for a giant astreoid burst into this fucking world and stop the misery of these poor and unlucky children all over the world.

  20. A woman/girl needs money, sells herself for sex. A man/boy needs money, sells himself for sex. But if all people own all things, and there is EQUAL WEALTH, they’d never have to SELL themselves for sex, and no one else could FORCE them into selling themselves for sex. All prostitutes are SEX SLAVES being RAPED many times a day, thousands of times a year! Capitalism creates prostitution because it’s BUYING AND SELLING (the mark of the beast Rev 13:17 KJV)! People are forced into prostitution-for-sex because of wage slavery, who wouldn’t be forced into it if every person had a Guaranteed Residual Income like we all should have! Most people think “prostitution is a necessity,” which shows how insane most people are!

  21. No TV? They should have a TV! It’s a necessity under these circumstances! Of course it’s wrong, but the ROOT CAUSE is capitalism, wage slavery, which is what’s forcing all these poor people to do what they’re doing! Forced on the world by USA AMERICA! Read “Rogue State” by Wm Blum: by starting 50 wars, teaching torture, assassinations and much more! America is the head of the Beastly system that enslaves every person worldwide! USA doesn’t think getting paid is slavery, which is insane!

  22. Geez this should be in the news more. She needs funding to be able to give them toys clothing food cots beds and room to move. Bless this Woman

  23. She really complaining about being with her kids… she says that’s why she prefers to be in the streets. Because kids don’t give her a break?

  24. These kids would be gang bangers and hookers sad to say. This is the same thing in Tijuana. Hookers rather buy make up and operation than take of their kids.

  25. May God Bless this kids. The lesser we consume and give to our fellow human beings in need, the better.

  26. Better hide those Baby from those Israeli Child Pedophile in Colombia , hundreds of them sell baby for profits

  27. Oh man how I hate Vice's goddamn PC terminology!!! Stop fucking calling them sex workers! This ain't work this is the result of a very sad humanitarian crisis. By using nonsensical liberal euphemisms such as "sex workers" you significantly downplay the seriousness of sex trafficking and sex slavery. It's not like they had millions of options and yet they chose to sell their bodies. Enough already!!!

  28. Isn't teansvestite offensive? I thought it's trans for tran sexual? Genuinely interested if anyone else thought the same or knows?

  29. It’s just not right and I’m sure good mothers would agree that women like those should never be allowed or have the ability to reproduce… just sad kids have no choice in who their parents are and where there are born

  30. make men better, bring them closer to jesus, away from other cultures of god adoration or from the culture of self adoration, away from anything resembling marxist attitudes, and you will see this problem diminish considerably. only taking care of the women will solve zero problems.

  31. Wow a criminals Paradise even from day care center is badly handled that girl has no right thinking in putting that knife in her purse cause it won't give you time to get it in case of anything wow these kids will learn to be criminals because they are surrounded by it and also have no school

  32. So sad those kids in that little room with only the lady watching them, she's a good person for taking care of those kids. That transvestite treats his dog well, he's beautiful and I can see he's a good person

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