Author’s ‘Warning’ Raises Question Of Trump Staff Responsibility | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. The United States has become a political reality show for the rest of the world to watch and they are not taking the United States serious…

    As we are stepping off of the world leadership scene ….

  2. Exactly right about the second term being worse because then there is no more need for voters because….. all the leverage of the American people is diminished

  3. Trump has been through many lawyers. Trump has had many people come forward and speak up, to include the ones that was loyal to him. Then Trump says they are all lying on him. Then Giuliani has to hire attorneys for himself. Then it won't be long until they have to hire one's for themselves. Working for Trump has its perks. You do what he asked you to do even though it is wrong. Then when you get investigated he throws you under the bus. Wash and repeat. Some will never learn.

  4. A 2nd stage dementia ridden AXIS II PD'S ridden criminal is scuttling around our white house, destroying our nation and spewing lies. And people laugh.

  5. Rachel you give it to us straight with no chaser, and truly give us the frightening reality of what the F- were up against, it looks like were up against something more frightening than Godzilla.

  6. I personally like the fact that the rallies are used by the administration to keep the Angry Apricot out of their hair. Looks like his fans are actually his baby sitters.

  7. Anonymous might take a lesson from Seneca, philosopher-advisor for the Roman emperor Nero. Seneca was unable to curb Nero's worst impulses and ultimately Nero forced him to commit suicide. I don't envy someone in Anonymous' position at all, but unfortunately I suspect that person or group hopes to also hold on to their own position and professional reputation through all this mess. Seneca shows us that you absolutely can't have both. They need to step up.

  8. We didn’t choose him on the popular vote. It was 304 electoral voters that for some reason have more power than 2.87 million 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. You can't believe Anonymous because anonymous is nobody. And you can't believe your eyes or your ears and what you smell is not what you think it is although you should probably leave your shoes outside until you clean off whatever that is. Who knows, it could be pudding. The Founding Fathers had muskets. Trump would be poisoned worm castings by now if the Founding Fathers had met El Pig Vomit.

  10. Donald Trump, could better conceal his stupidity, if he wasn't constantly snorting drug's. His brain is blown, shot, dead.🤯 Totally useless.

  11. I don't have to work in the oval office to know what kind of guy he is. He's a mad man, I'm always afraid he will be able to push the red button.

  12. I am glad that there are people like Rachel Maddow and people who make it possible for commentator like her to speak. People in Europe may laugh at Trump or be worried but people do not laugh at the USA because of decent, smart and warm hearted Americans. Well wishes from Fennoscandia!

  13. Let us be clear, a bunch of dumb people elected a dumb man to be a dumb president which makes America look dumb and ultimately dangerous at home and on the international stage!

  14. Obama might have been the President that Rhodes thought he'd be but he wasn't the president I'd thought he'd be. I can't tell you how betrayed I felt by Obama. He only looks good to me now in comparison to the bozo who know occupies the Oval Office.

  15. "anonymous" is a ploy to sell a book. i don't need anyone to point out what i already know: 1. Donald Trump is unfit for the office of President 2. there are government officials continuously carrying out their work with integrity. i knew both these things before Donald Trump ever announced his candidacy.

  16. I think is "infair" for all the people that burned their eye lashes studying or eat only Ramen noodles every day comply with the rules and apply themselves to get an education to better them selves very "infair" and here come this Covfefe can't even understand pics or water down info smh

  17. We need to legalize marijuana and grant amnesty to all who have been incarcerated for possessing small amounts of drugs in order to make room for the entire Trump administration.

  18. Like he said no one should be surprised about these revelations. But news media did make profits, more important. Management, I'm sure instructed their anchor's to make it what he says and not does. Profit = Capitalism is what the whole enabling was about. Nancy's excuses not to impeach sooner, still baffling.

  19. Smh The hate for Obama and his accomplishment, and go the love the world have for him was bigger that the " love" for Country! And in the end that hate did them in what a bunch of AH.smh again

  20. That was a good question Rachel about what he would do if Obama morphed into trump what was his responsibility having witnessed it. Not surprisingly he deflected and didn't answer the question!

  21. Anonymous. Only in this age. Deceit is so easy in the age of live TV and video. Easier that ever. Just watch The WTC Mega Ritual. Believe your TV set. Don't investigate. And Don't fall for that FLDS Mormon filth in Mexico, study Mormonism and Ervil LaBaron. Study, Don't be a victim

  22. This is all very interesting but without a real authors name, it is totally inappropriate and without meaning. If the author steps forward, I will be glad to buy the book.

  23. Still waiting for all those Second Amendment supporters to take arms against a tyrannical and corrupt government.
    Unless they aren't truly Second Amendment supporters.

  24. I've just read that Nostradamus predicted that tRump would be elected for a 2nd term, but that he would be assassinated not long after.


  26. In a different country people would be atound the WH DEMANDING TRUMP RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. There must be a faster way to remove a cripple trump from the presidency

  27. It all make since now he literally don't know what is doing.He's not using the people that are hired and at his disposal to help him understand the world policy better

  28. I'll say what nobody else wants to — you must pass a civics test to vote, maybe even an IQ test. I know, I know, it's impossible to implement, and far too late. I was just hanging out in my dream world again. So I suppose we''ll just keep going on with our executive branch elected by the lowest common denominator, but do you see what happens? Oooh, oooh, alternative suggestion! Ditch the Electoral College and abandon so-called "districting!"

  29. There’s an expression in French which states: Qui s’assemble se ressemble! Which roughly translates to: who gathers together looks like each other. That’s a great definition of the GOP.

  30. These people are thwarting NOTHING. the whole administration committed extortion with him. Given his profound insecurity, he would not have done it with out their ( you are a genius) input

  31. With what has happened in the last 3 years I believe it's safe to say that the Electoral College needs to be banished once-and-for-all and I feel assured that an overwhelming number of reasonable people would agree that this is job one when a new administration is sworn in. Let's hope those folks take their oaths seriously.

  32. trump has been listening to one or two people, & neither of them are in this country. they don't bother him with lots of reading or briefings. they just tell him 'pull out of syria', or whatever. & he does it. they shower him with praise when he needs it to keep him happy. & if he isn't removed in this impeachment we will be doomed. putin is still working to get him re-elected. another 5 years of his dismantling our government will not be sustainable for us as a free nation. many, many other countries have succumbed to the will of the tyrants of the world. never say never. he has got to go, asap!

  33. One of the intentions of the Electerol College as set up by the founders was to be the last ditch safety net against a person like Trump becoming POTUS.
    Electors were presumed to be educated people of some standing in their respective communities, that could deny the Presidency to a scoundrel like Trump.
    But over the years the process became ceremonial and Electors were either elderly party stalwarts with a rubber stamp, or aspiring young people from politically connected families that are not going to "rock the boat" and derail any future careers that they aspire to. That's the rot & decay that contributed to the mess we now have.

  34. As to reading memos that show problems where people die, that supposes that Trump cares even a little bit about that. He does not, in any way that matters. They are merely the "crowd" in a movie, like the people running away from Godzilla in a horror movie, of no consequence whatsoever to the movie or to him. We have just had a MAJOR "kick between the legs" as to the problems with our government system in the age of nuclear weapons and climate change. We have got to find a way to stop this kind of thing from happening again or we will end up with an even worse situation when things begin to really fall apart and we have nobody who can counter it without eliminating our democracy completely.

  35. Kushner, Kashoggi, Turkey, Blackmail, President, Syria, Withdrawal, Betrayal, Invasion, Ethnic Cleansing, Concessions, Russia, Thrilled, America, Untrustworthy, Republicans, Culpable

  36. I would like to see a book inside, to what our Allies the Kurds, have gone through, the lives lost! Trump needs to be held accountable, for downright murder! He knew what it would bring! Thanks Rachel

  37. Notice Anonymous, NOT ONCE, says traitor Trump should be impeached, convicted and removed! This could be a republican ploy to make people think traitor Trump is being restrained and controlled enough to remain in the White House, and, that they are taking care of the USA enough, so republican supporters will still vote for traitor Trump in 2020! The lying, traitor republicans are the, "Steady State", in the White House? REALLY? Like the, "stable genius"?

  38. PLOT TWIST!::: trump wrote the book to keep everyones heads spinning, while making money on it for his re-election.. Its called "4D Chess" 1 step ahead, and making all the dems look stupid for falling for it. Vote trump 2020

  39. Staying there and working their own agenda is not what they were hired to do. It doesn't make them people noble, it makes them a fraud. The should have gone through the whistleblower process in 2017 so we could have gotten rid of him before he'd done all this damage.

  40. Trump proved that any "thing" can be a president. And THAT needs to be addressed. The rest of us have to have skills and qualifications for OUR jobs, but apparently not the president? Half the country is the boss that hired him. Needs to be a standard set in Congress for who can even apply. Because the bosses are as sick as the employee here.

  41. Trump doesn't CARE about Kurdish lives. He cares only about himself. So had he known pulling out of Syria would cost Kurdish lives, it wouldn't have mattered to him in the least.

  42. The Syphilis Diseased Brain of Trump has torn America apart and has the rest of the World laughing.. Republicans will never recover from standing behind this President and all the idiotic things he has and will do until he is gone from the White House.. I can't wait for the time when Melania writes her book "Married To A Moron"

  43. the real warning was from cohen : trump will never leave office peacefully. it's been know that he's a moron but the more you wait to remove him the harder it will be, impeachment ? it's a coup. losing the elections ? voter fraud. people in the streets rioting ? left wing terrorist. people who disagree with him in the republican party ? deep state never trumper. after 4 more years? he deserve 2 more since the dems stole him 2 years. after 10 years ? he's doing such a good job why leave. he die ? donald trump junior is there to take over.

    do a little research on anything i said here and you can find video of trump saying this exact same thing.

  44. I never asked why didn't they leave, I asked why didn't they go to Congress! They failed America. They failed the Kurds, they failed the world.

  45. Exactly! It's not funny any more we ara talking nuclear weapons here. And it is a responsibility in each of us US voting citizens. All thos who voted for him have to open their eyes!

  46. Traitor evil Hitler trump should have been stopped in the beginning let alone give him this job. America has been ruined to the core since 2 and a half year nearly 3 years. Shame on the Coward GOP's for not telling Traitor trump to RESIGN now.

  47. The real reprobates are those in power around Trump that see their positions as opportunities for personal advancement rather than obligations to do something to correct it.

  48. Anonymous: "Hey Donald, do you know what a flipping the bird middle finger looks like??????"

    Donald: "No birds can't flip their middle finger, does bird have fingers???"

    Anonymous: "Ahhhhhh, forget it."

  49. If people knew the danger of traitor-trump presidency, why didn't they push for impeachment earlier. There were so much opportunities.
    1) Asking Ukrane to stop assisting Mueller in Manafort's investigation.
    2) Forcing high clearance to people that didn't qualify like family members.
    3) getting rid of documents instead of saving them for posterity.
    4) Breaking the Hatch Act and pushing his daughters brand.
    5) Personally attacking and abusing his power to damage Amazon.
    6) Accusing the 1st Amendment as 'enemy of the people' instead of defending it.
    Small illegalities that are cause for impeachment.

  50. I really doubt (and I mean this sincerely) I doubt Trump would have changed his behavior or cared had he been told how many Kurds would die as a result of his abrupt, uninformed decision. He doubled down. He made light of their pain and suffering. He has NO compassion, no empathy and no clue.

  51. cool book.
    dear diary… i'm sitting idly by as my boss breaks law after law and subverts american interests for personal gain again today. but i'm making this entry so that future generations will understand that i sat idly by and did nothing as my boss broke law after law and subverted american interests for personal gain again. i dont want anybody to think i didnt know what was going on… i want you all to realize that i know whats going on, but if i stop it, i'll get fired, so i have to let it continue. thats what american heroes do, right? youre right diary… i am a hero and i should sell you.

  52. Have no idea who "anonymous" is but if they meaning him/her and others stayed to try to put the brakes on him I'm glad they did. Yes they had a duty to report this behavior and yes they should have but whose to say what it would have been like (and I'm aware of what's going on now) but what would it have been like if they weren't there to slow this train down and keep some kind of respect? Trump knows he's not qualified for the job of President but he's so into himself that he would never admit his fault or wrongdoing of anything. All I can say is God be with us in 2020 because America needs you desperately.

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