Atheists & Agnostics Know the Most About Religion

has said david packing your most popular
item on the members podcast over the last week is last week’s bonus show where i talked
about whether or not i believe in u_f_o_’s and you might be
surprised about the answer also we talked about what should happen to the
queen of england and plenty more on today’s bonus show we’ll talk about the
time that i had an ab work incident where somebody said something incredibly
anti semitic right to my face will talk about rick sanchez is most absurd
moments we’ve got the emergency bra story which
lewis is already put in a nord refer a gross of the save meeting breeding mascot bras
and in just a few minutes we will give away the aipac but first i
want to mention one of the story there’s a new poll out and this is this is kind
of awkward i guess it’s going to drive the religious zealots a little bit nuts or they’ll just call it a biased study but first of all weren’t none of us
would be surprised that americans don’t know very much about world religion
right lewis uh… i guess i have to agree with you
there yeah i think it’s its own largely just amina house they right right but on the whole they seem
to not know much about american religions either and to make matters
worse there was the study done with thirty two questions about world religions those who scored
highest on the survey were eight theorists ben agnostics
followed by jews and then mormons a if used agnostics got about twenty one
questions out of thirty two bright and jusen mormons got about twenty
evangelicals only about seventeen catholics only
sixty and not evangelical protestant under
sixteen catholics did twenty five percent worse on the world religion survey study than a c is an agnostic too many of the
questions related specifically to catholicism i took this test and you did to right lewis added ok
please reveal your score we took a different s we didn’t do the thirty two
question one we get a fifteen questions absolute how many did you get right ten or
fifteen tara fifty now right two-thirds that’s not bad also to protest and i got thirteen of fifteen right now i have to admit one of those fifteen is something that i
had read when you when reading the study presumably i’d buy maybe only got a
twelve out-and-out i’d have to feel pretty good
about that arnold built a good about myself and ten out of the things that where you
want to be well there were some questions they
weren’t directly relate were directly related to
religion or more historical estore call political russian who is responsible for
such movement in some here in any event kind of interesting that the most of the
here were the guineas from the test public school teachers can’t be a class
in prayer eighty nine percent knew that that’s the question everybody did the
best a eighty five percent knew what an atheist
was eighty two percent knew mother theresa
was catholic those are the three that and the majority of people plurality of
respondents got right now what don’t people now the toughest question was my mind at
ease was jewish only eight percent of respondents knew that by that was jonathan edwards not the not the illegitimate child died politician from from north carolina but jonathan edwards participated in the
first great awakening only eleven percent knew that and only twenty-seven
percent knew that most people in indonesia are muslim less than half of
americans know that the dalai lama is buddhist that was one that struck me as
odd but sharking yet they are of all of you see a jonathan edwards in the
first-grade awakening i know a lot of people that would know that as well but not knowing that the dalai lamas
buddhist that’s a lot fascinating is that more education makes
people much more likely to know about religion but as we know from other studies less
likely to be religious that is the more education you have the less likely you are to believed and
have faith in of a certain type of of religion but more likely to know about
the various religions i guess not a surprise that may be
somewhat counterintuitive likert like we talked before i’m a
graphic but i’m fascinated by religion well there are learning about what you
want to know more about god you have to talk to an atheist rag nasty cats
because very clear what’s the lesson here people believe in what they believe for
social reasons and not because they actually know anything about what they
believe ride and that that seems to be the answer to me i guess uh… and at the same thing to be said about
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  1. lol The test was ridiculously easy. I took the same test as the hosts of the show, and without any foreknowledge of what the test was about, without cheating, without looking up any of the answers, I scored 15 out of 15 on my first try. You would have to be incredibly ignorant and live under a rock to score anything less than 10.

  2. It is often said, the best way to deconvert a Christian to become an aTheist is to get them to actually read their whole bible as opposed to the warm and fuzzy passages that their pastor suggests.

  3. I took the 15Q test, got fourteen right my first time. Took it again, GUESSED on the very last question, and got 15/15.

  4. @tonykeywest08 Here's tonykeywest engaging in his favorite pastime: blasphemy.
    Only God sends people to Hell. Tonykeywest declares who's going to Hell. Ergo, tkw thinks he's God.

    That's blasphemy, tkw.

  5. @tonykeywest08 Sorry to break the news to you, TKW you evil little troll, but there is more to the Bible than your cuddle-buddy Freddie-poo Phelps tells you.
    You have chosen an interpretation of hate, and ignore the rest of the Scriptures.
    YOU are the one who ought to read the Bible.

  6. @tonykeywest08 Well, I can't agree with ya there, Tony. Yahweh pretty much hates anyone who don't worship n obey Yahweh, 'gardless of whether or not they's righteous. None of this forgiveness of sin bullshit that his supposed kid was preachin'. Nope, thet there Yahweh feller was some kinda mean sunvabitch.

  7. @tonykeywest08 what the fuck are you talking about. you are equating atheism with being some kind of pervert? bear false witness much? I thought religious people were supposed to be nice people. instead you need to resort to threats to get try to get people to believe you. you are a sick, twisted individual if you think that should convince people. In some ways i wish that god were real and that he could judge selfish, sick, amoral fucktards like you.

  8. @J0ker4u really? That bigoted, asshole claims to know that his god will judge me and send me to hell and you call me arrogant. All i said initially to him was that people (i'm going to assume most) don't become atheist because they want to sin. Then i get pissed off when he replies and calls me a pervert and leave a comment that i can't really say i'm sorry to have left him.

  9. @J0ker4u No, the only objective starting point is disbelief until sufficient proof has been shown. Non existence of unicorns can't be proven either but does that mean you should believe that unicorns could be around but not in the way most people think?

  10. @J0ker4u "Agnosticism is the view that the truth value of certain claims—especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, but also other religious and metaphysical claims—is unknown or unknowable." That says nothing about whether or not you believe in god. Only that you think the question is unknowable. If you think that every question should be approached this way then I can't disagree with you more.

  11. @J0ker4u Honestly that was the entire conversation i had with him (my two posts his one post). I call what he said arrogance because he claims to know what his omnipotent deity will do. It's certainly possible that i came across as arrogant (also i was really pissed off when he called me a pervert for no other reason than that i was an atheist). But i haven't claimed to know things that i have no possible way of knowing. I personally would call that arrogance.

  12. @J0ker4u Okay if you don't want to continue the discussion then this is my last message. I just feel that i have to clear the air a bit about atheism. atheism isn't the claim that there is no god (at least for me). atheism is the rejection of the claim that god exists. It doesn't say that god does or does not exist. It only rejects the claim people make that he does exist (lack of evidence usually). If you actually do want to continue that's fine but if not then have a good day.

  13. @tonykeywest08 tonykeywest can't show me the "Shariah" text that applies to all Muslim women concerning their dress.
    Why? Because "Shariah" has no such text.

    Also, tonykeywest cannot substantiate his claim that Transsexual Persons routinely molest children.

    Of course, substantiated facts mean nothing to TKW because he "believes what he believes."

    My fag brain cells are working on all cylinders, thank you for asking. Your remaining brain cells, however, are anemic.

  14. @tonykeywest08 By definition, non-believers do not seek "communion with God."

    You've got anemic brain cells, tony.

  15. @tonykeywest08 And…where is this 'heaven'?
    How big is it?
    Who else already lives there?
    What are the standards by which one is judged 'worthy' of living there?
    But before you answer any of those questions, can you demonstrate that this 'heaven' even EXISTS?

  16. @tonykeywest08 There's certainly nothing in your head, tkw. If stupidity is your criterion for salvation, then you;re s shoe-in.

  17. @tonykeywest08 oh yes the god you describe is incredibly just (sarcasm in case you were too stupid or ignorant to catch it). It is very interesting to see the definition of just to have changed so dramatically since I last looked it up. As I said of the imaginary god you follow. He is a malevolent dictator that doesn't deserve anyone's worship (not even yours).

  18. @tonykeywest08 I will never obey someone because of threat. My dignity is far more precious to me than that. It shows what a tortured pathetic person you are that you think that threatening people will get you what you want. Yes it is you. Not some imaginary being that has never been shown to exist. "Just: Honorable and fair in one's dealings and actions." Your god is neither.

  19. @tonykeywest08 You know nothing about my heart. My postings ought to have told you that you're dealing with a considerable intellect (unlike the message your postings give).


  20. @tonykeywest08 No answer to the question, just your usual inane blather.

    You're a misogynist, racist, closet-case homophobe, hate-monger, yet you call ME depraved!

  21. @tonykeywest08 Call 911; tkw's had a stoke. Or, is this a YouTube version of speaking in tongues.

    And, with all of your habitual blasphemy (about which you've never responded), the Holy Spirit (or "Ghost," do you mean Casper?) might have a thing or two to say to you.

  22. @tonykeywest08 Really, you don't care that you've believe in something as dangerous to humanity as the god you describe. Also, the term fag in no way applies to me. There you go bearing false witness again. "you fags would not stay in line unless there was the fear of going to jail over you head." Interesting that you need a threat to stay a good person (term seems to apply loosely to you). Also interesting is that i don't believe in hell so it wouldn't provide much of a deterrent would it

  23. @tonykeywest08 I asked five legitimate, perfectly well-worded questions, that you've still yet to actually answer. Answer them, or admit that you can't and that nobody has any reason to believe you.

  24. @tonykeywest08 what horseshit? That your god is detrimental to human health/life. Disobedience to god brings wrath by people like you. Oh yes pretend morality (cause i'm really pretending to respect human life by advocating so much for it.) lawless? I wonder how many atheists make up the prison population. could it be 0.1%. Which for your information is FAR lower than that of religious people. so again your are bearing false witness. I guess the ten commandments are only guidelines.

  25. @tonykeywest08 Yawn. The usual co-opting of victim language by a religious fanatic. LGBT persons have been "tolerating" diverse opinions for centuries, even as hate-mongers kill us, or, like you, rejoice in our deaths.
    The Westboro Baptist Coven would ban free speech in an instant if it ever had the power, yet you all babble about it when it serves your evil purpose.
    No violence has been promoted; you're the violent one.
    My soul is cleaner than yours ever will be. Deal with it, friend of Satan.

  26. @tonykeywest08 You ARE a curse, tkw.
    Being lgbt is not a jail-related situation, so go get apoplectic over it, please, you deserve more than just a light dusting by the 2 Mexicans.
    No one need to listen to a blasphemer like you when you order someone to obey; you disobey every time you write a comment on YouTube.

  27. @tonykeywest08 Superstitious nonsense. War, famine, disaster and disease happen due to natural or human-related forces.
    To say that God gives bad weather to people because of what YOU think people ought to believe indicates your low level of intelligence.
    Every posting you make on YouTube shows YOU to be the Brute.
    It must be an absolute Hell being you or knowing you. You're the serpent in the Eden of Key West.

  28. @notabook only if you read Job literally…which many people, well intentioned yet wrong, do. It is clearly not meant to be read literally. But no one talks about that because it's easier to ignore it, which I can't fault anyone for. @tonykeywest08 should be ignored for sure however.

  29. The title of this video is misleading. Those questions don't really have very much at all to do with "knowing about religion" as much as they have to do with "knowing about the historical and social aspects of religion."

    I would say those are two completely different categories.

  30. I took the original test. Got 24 right (I am an atheist). My girlfriend got 13 right. She's a christian. I know thats a sample size of two but I wonder if it replicates itself elsewhere.

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