#AskGaryVee Episode 94: Political Campaigns, Impatient Clients, & Root Beer

– On this episode we talk
about impatient clients, root beer, and what I
would do if I was running for President of the
United States of America. (rap music) You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. (rap music) Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 94
of The #AskGaryVee show. It’s Lizzie’s birthday. It’s my wife’s birthday. Happy birthday darling, I love you. I’ll be leaving here
shortly and coming to hang. Yeah, really excited. Super pumped for episode 100 on May 18th in New York City at 4:30 pm. RSVP up. Actually, question of the day. Are you coming, and if not, why? India let’s get into… show India, the show. – [India] We have 590
saying yes on Facebook. – Yeah but the 590 yes, India, is like if you read the comments, there’s like 400 saying
yes, I just said yes to like follow along, so I
really need to get a count, VaynerNation. – [India] A lot a Vayner employees. – Is that what it is? We have 500 just from that. – [Voiceover] Thomas
asks, “What do you think is more important in business? IQ or EQ?” Oh geez, I’m showing some
real Tom Selleck stuff here. You could have warned me. Did you see two episodes ago? It was like, seriously weird. Who asked that? – [India] Thomas. – Thomas, I- (static) I’m making scratchies? Am I making scratchies? You know you don’t get
to edit this either. Making scratchies for you. Alright, who? – [India] Thomas. – Thomas. By the way, the black and
white version of this show is way better than the
stuff that goes on color. Thomas. I think it’s massively
important for the entrepreneur or CEO or leader to be self aware. The answer to your question is both. It’s about doubling
down on your strengths. For me, EQ. I actually think I’m an IQ below average, and I think that I’m an EQ all time great. And thus I go all in on EQ, and that is building the
foundation of my success. It allows me to give back to my community in a way that I think most people in my position today don’t, which I think builds me leverage. It allows me to build a culture here, and just a lot of different
variables, and so I bet on that. it allows me to have
instantaneous relationships, and so I tripled down and
put myself in a position to be EQ, but there’s plenty of people who win on just quantive data. There’s a lot of people who are watching this show
right now that are just sitting in their room by themselves running math, and data, and building tech, and that’s what they like. They don’t want to jam with anybody else. They don’t want to be
bothered by anybody else, and they’ll make millions and billions and hundreds of millions or
tens of thousands, but be happy. And so, I think the key is self-awareness. The answer is both. The real answer is to figure out which one are you, and by the way, most people aren’t 90-10 or
80-20 like I probably am. Most people fall onto 55-45, 60-40, 70-30, but plenty of people fall
in the other categories. Try to get to a place where
you understand yourself, and understand what your strengths are. Too many people try to be like me, because it’s sizzly, and
it’s sexy, and people want to be charismatic and on stage, and then there’s plenty of people like me that wishes- I mean I wish my math skills were as strong as AJ on the spot, where I could make some
other business decisions, where I don’t have to hedge,
so we’ve all got something, and you just need to accept what’s yours, and go in on that. So the answer to your question is both. It’s just individually different
depending on the person. (laughs) Yeah? (background chatter) Nice, yes it is, you’re right. Make a note, Staphon, don’t
forget for your mental. Oh, I almost had a disaster. By the way, there’s fear. I think there was fear on that video. You know, replay that DRock. Slow down the fear, the fear part. There was fear, I know. I know they saw it. – [Voiceover] Chef Lizette
asks “What’s the biggest mistake “you see people making in social media? “Is there something you’ve
seen that impresses you?” – Chef, it’s great to
have you back on the show. I like how you’re leading the question. I know you me to say something
about the VaynerNation on Meerkat, but I won’t do that for you. So I haven’t seen anything
that’s impressed me, because I’m not paying
attention to anybody, so I have no idea. As far as what are people doing wrong, equally, I’ve been so head
down over the last four to five months, I’ve not
been paying close attention. My intuition is that people
are still doing a very bad job. On Twitter, I see nothing but right hooks. On Facebook, I see very bland, non-contextual, non-targeted content. I think people are… I think Instagram is
probably been the place where there’s been the most innovation. People are trying a lot of
different things cause of scale. I think Snapchat, there’s
some people putting together some great stories, so I think
the cool stuff’s happening on Instagram and Snapchat,
which is too bad, because Facebook is still the juggernaut. I think Pinterest,
Promoted Pins, I’ve been seeing some really interesting stuff. Faithbox, an incubated company here, Willie’s been hitting some pay dirt there. I’m really impressed with him. It’s a little humble
brag of our own thing, but I apologize. It’s the only things
I’m paying attention to. Truth is, I’m just not
paying attention enough, because I don’t need to because
I know exactly what to do, and that’s what I’m focusing
on, and that’s that. (laughs) Take that. – [Voiceover] Luke asks, “You’ve repeatedly mentioned your love of root beer over the years,
why root beer specifically? Any we should give a whirl?” – You know I grew up a huge root beer fan. The flavor just hit me right. I grew up drinking coke
and root beer heavily, really grew up on soda,
which is why it was so hard to siphon off of it. It’s crazy, I’m about
to hit a one year mark of not drinking any soda,
which is insane to me. Yeah, I actually pulled up a list, because I wasn’t recalling what I love. But here’s some of the ones I’ve- I mean, Henry Weinhard’s is incredible, like just incredible root beer. I’m also a very, very, very big fan- where is it here, I’ve already
forgot, of Hosmer Mountain. Big fan of that, it’s in Connecticut. You were shaking your head, you know that? – [India] No I’ve just heard of it. – Got it, cool. Pirate’s Keg root beer,
which is in Rochester. Love that, huge fan. Thomas Kemper, I’ve drank
a lot of that root beer. Huge, huge, huge fan of that. Virgil’s is a good one that I think a lot of people can find, but
more like an entry-level out of that group. And, that’s it. So there’s a couple of root
beers for you guys to try. As a matter of fact, side question, we’ll have several this episode
in Facebook and Youtube. What is your favorite root
beer, if you love root beer? – [India] Is it like wine? – Yeah, I think about root beer the way I think about wine, actually. – [Voiceover] Chetan
asks, “What’s the best way to deal with impatient clients?” Chetan, I hope I’m pronouncing
that right, Chetan. You know, I’m gonna say
something pretty interesting. I have pretty extreme
views on this question. Meaning, I think the answer to
the question is brute force. I never waver, ever, ever. When a client’s pushing
back, and they’re like well this isn’t going to
work, I push back equally with 10% more gusto in
the other direction, which is, it works, I
see it work all the time. I see it work for myself, I
see it work for my clients. I see it work for other people, and you’re just not doing it right, we haven’t had enough
time to pull it off yet, blah blah blah blah blah. So unwavering, and then number two, equal with my unwavering,
I just don’t give a crap if they fire us or give up. I just don’t. I know how this is gonna play out. I love being on the right side of history, and I’m willing to give
up my short-term money for the long-term, I-told-you-so sucker. Let me just say that again. This is what makes me
happy person with clients. This is why I can do client services. I am willing to give
up my short-term money for my long-term I-told-you-so sucker. And that’s it. So I win either way. I win if I’m able to
forcefully convince them to stay the course. I keep my monies. I win if they say get out
of here, you’re fired, because I’m going to
see them on the street in three years and be like, now what punk? And I love that feeling. I like that more than the money, actually. Thus, it’s all good for me. – [India] So now what punk? – [Voiceover] Shaybod asks,
“What advice would you give for candidates running for president on how to utilize social
media for their campaign?” – Shaybod, I think most
intriguing thing to me, and I don’t know if it will ever happen, but I think when it happens I’ll be like, damn, if I was born in America
that would have been me, because truth is if I was born in America, I would 100% be a
politician and try to become the President of the United States. But because I wasn’t,
and I can’t be president, I’m selfish in the fact
that I can’t be the top dog. Makes the game completely not interesting. Fuck being a governor. And so anyway, what I would do is go rogue as rogue. I would come out the gate,
throw every skeleton I’ve got out there, all of them. I mean I don’t care what the person does. If that person did drugs,
cheated on their wife or husband, stole money, punched
someone, stabbed someone, like all of it, all of it,
all of it from the gate. Get it out of the way, because it’s ammo against the thing I
want that person to do, which is then go transparent as hell. Right, like throw it all out there, leave nothing for your
competitor to dig up on you, because you’ve now taken control of it by throwing it out there. You may dip, people may
not want to vote for you, but then you start building
momentum from that bottom spot, and you start going in the
direction of pure Meerkat, Periscope, pure content at scale, pure Q and A sessons, all day, every day. Pure and utter transparency in a world where you’ve created the leverage by throwing every skeleton,
I mean all of them. I don’t mean the ones you’re okay with. You’re okay maybe saying
you cheated on your spouse, or you did drugs, or you stole cash, but you feel bad that
you punched your mom, but that’s then that’s ammo. You’ve gotta let it all
out, all of it, all of it. Is the punch to mom funny to you? – Yeah, a little bit. – Okay, cool. You gotta go all out,
and then what you’ve done by doing that is you’ve created
leverage on the other side for you to be able to be as transparent, and then what happens
is really interesting. Then what you have is momentum
in the other direction, because you’ve been
transparent with America, but your competition
and competitor haven’t. Now you’re at the debate, and saying what about you Staphon? You know it’s kind of,
you know what it is? Oh my god you know what it is? It’s literally Eminem’s
last battle in 8 Mile. That’s exactly (laughs) that’s literal. It just hit me looking at you,
cause we talk about hip hop. Like I was, it’s literally,
I was about to say, but I know something about you. That’s really what it is. I actually think, so my advice is the way
Eminem won the last battle in 8 Mile, the movie, is
the way I think a politician can revolutionize politics in America. As a matter of fact, before I
die I think that will happen. Because I think technology
will push us into a corner of not allowing the shadows
of society to exist. It’s crazy the way I live my life now. I would be a totally different person if I wasn’t so self aware of what’s going on with technology. I would be a worse moral
person, I just would, and nobody’s perfect, but it’s crazy to me that I’m a better man, because
I’m scared that somebody’s gonna meerkat it, tweet it,
instagram it, see me out doing this, that, the other
thing, it’s just the way it is. And so, that was funny, pretty cool. That’s what I would do. That’s it? I thought this was a great show. I feel that this is a great, great show. I’m gonna give Lizzie and
her birthday all the credit. Questions of the day, we talked about. Coming? If not, why? Rootbeer, list them. Momentum is in the air VaynerNation. I’m around in New York quite
a bit in the month of May. We’ve banged out three shows this week. We’re banging out the rest
of the shows this week, and next week, and a lot of the following, and the following. I mean, we’re here, get
ready for this momentum. Are you ready for the Vayner tide? You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them.

  1. #QOTD not coming to NYC because i have no money to get there from Michigan! I don't like root beer, never have. I like some real beer. I like wine more. And gin. And Single Malt Scotch.

  2. If i was in NYC I would be there, but I'm living in Dominican Republic for a year. 
    I have never had root beer, I know, worst jersey girl ever!!

  3. QOTD#1: Unfortunately, no. If I was in Virginia or Illinois, in other words, easy walking distance, I'd be there. But the trek over the Rockies is a bit much for this old man, so I think I'll stay here in western Mexico and catch it on YouTube.
    QOTD#2: Root beer and Dr. Pepper were my favorites as a kid, but I gave up soda shortly after discovering the wondrous things that Highlanders can do with grain and a bit of peat….
    When I still drank root beer, though, Dad's and IBC were the two best I ever got my hands on. If the stuff would ferment worth a damn, I might still enjoy it. 😉

  4. Loved the #fear at 4:39:00. Definitely need more of that type of #action in black and white! Very entertaining.

  5. I'm really looking forward to the 100th episode. I'm going to be there for the show since I live in New York and work right by there, my job will just have to understand that networking is more important then profiting at times. I can't wait to see what you have in store, does anyone else work in the city and plan on stopping by? I'm by Bryant Park so I'm only a few train stops away.

  6. First of all Happy Birthday to Lizzie. All the best wishes in the world. As of the QOTD1 : Answer is unfortunately no. I tore my ACL and I have to stay in bed to heal my knee. QOTD2: I don't have an answer for this one since I don't really drink root beer..

  7. It's been a year also for me not to consume soda. Not a fan of root beer and why am I not coming? So far from Jakarta 😄 ✨💎👌

  8. I can't make it because I am in my internship in Michigan. You should do more meet ups. I would love to go.

  9. I can't come cause I"m already flying to SF that week for ADTECH from orange county BUT i am meeting up with Geoff Gates from VAYNER SF 🙂 I will be there in spirit

  10. #QOTD, 1: Not coming – too far to walk from Lithuania 😉
    #QOTD, 2: Jeah, we have some perfect ones in Lithuania like "Varniukų alus".

  11. I would love to to be at the show! Even though I would probably get right back on the plane after the show ( I have no desire to do much else in NYC ) and the only thing stopping me is the fact that you picked a MONDAY!!!! WHY??? That is the worst possible time for me to attempt to take work off.

  12. #QOTD 1: No, if I lived in the US, it woud have been a definite yes.
    #QOTD 2: I don't remember if I've ever tried it.

  13. #QOTD 1: Unfortunately I don't have enough miles to get from Durban to NYC. But I will definitely be there on Meerkat!! And just to correct your YouTube description… it's MAY 18th, not March. If it were March 18th I might be able to make it. 😉
    #QOTD  2: South Africans aren't into Root Beer.

  14. Not coming because I live in Greece but if you ever do a #AskGaryVee Show in Greece I will be definitely come.#QOTD

  15. #QOTD 1: Can't. You guys notified last minute. Gotta tell peeps a 1-2 months ahead.  I cant be there because I am on the other side of the planet and not based in the states anymore. If I were in the area though, I would be there!
    btw don't you guys mean May 18th and not March 18th? 

    #QOTD 2: I dont really drink soda, when I was young and I did. But we were too poor to buy the good stuff so I mostly drink the local super market brand and sometimes A&W.

  16. QOTD1: Would love to, but can't come, as I live in Bangkok. I wonder if there are any Vayniacs in Bangok…
    QOTD2: Grew up in the UK, root beer wasn't really around. Ginger beer though, that stuff is amazing.

  17. Hey Gary, I am in Melbourne, Australia so I can't make it to Episode 100 – unless Vayner Media wants to fly me to the USA… Imagine what awesome PR you'd get for that!

  18. I would love to come to Episode 100 but unfortunately I have an A-level exam at the exact time that you are recording this episode. Aaand I live in Germany, so there's that.

  19. #QOTD  No. As I live in Seattle the commute would suck. Even though I was in NY yesterday I had to get back to Seattle. I will be watching Meerkat and youtube!!!

  20. I think that I can be doing a better job jabbing in Facebook. Good question @Chef Lizette . I think that building communities around content in Facebook is something ppl should look at beyond brand pages.

  21. I was just rolling about the 8 Mile reference! It's perfect, yes that is exactly the strategy I would use. And yes I believe tech makes us more transparency and increases accountability!

  22. #QOTD Maybe… I have 3 conventions starting from the 21st so my travel schedule is already super tight and this comes a bit spur of the moment. Would love to have more flex in schedule than this but I'm at the mercy of the #Hustle

  23. Love the Eminem 8 Mile reference. While I do love root beer (My favorite when it is ice cold is A&W Root Beer. It taste horrible warm), I think Birch Beer is even better. That is something I miss living in South Florida and not be able to get some..

  24. Wow thanks for having me on the show @Gary Vaynerchuk ! So happy because I did not expect this! Thank you your answer was spot on!
    #QOTD1: I'd love to meet you and jam with you in real life but since I'm living in germany it's currently not possible but mybe we'll meet one day and I'm for sure gonna watch and celebrate the episode on youtube with the #vaynerfamily.
    #QOTD2: I'm more a bavarian type a beer guy;D

  25. Favourite root beer Squamscot Old Fashioned Root Beer. Gary, you should hit up Thomas Kemper to bottle root beer with your own label- VaynerSoda Right Hook Root Beer!

  26. Wish I could go Gary.. Just don't have the money now. But I will be there for the 200!! Also Happy Birthday to Lizzy.

  27. Happy Birthday Liz!
    #QOTD Am coming….from remote #ATX  
    #QOTD 2 – used to be an A&W kid [is what was avail.] – no fave currently

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  29. #QOTD 1 = I'm coming from Chicago and I'll be there with my twin brother @Jimmy Fisher 2 = Sprecher Root beer

  30. #QOTD1  : I will be there if you broadcast it on Meerkat, Unable to be there in person as I am a college student living on the west coast in Canada!
    #QOTD2 : Root beer is hands down my favorite type of soft drink, mores specifically Dad's Root Beer if I am ever able to get my hands on it!

    Side note; Huge thank you for liking & commenting on my Instagram picture for your books. You are a huge inspiration!

  31. @Gary Vaynerchuk 

    #QOTD, 1: Are you coming to Episode 100 on Monday, March 18th?! If not, why??

    I'm flying out from Salt Lake City to be there.

    #QOTD, 2: If you love root beer, what is your favorite root beer?

    Henry Weinhard's, is there any other… I mean really?

  32. What I love about you, Gary, is that you have the balls to say whatever you want – and the confidence to not care at all to what people think of you. 
    #QOTD 1: I have to work and can't afford to fly out from British Columbia to see your 100th episode. 
    #QOTD 2: I love root beer too and I would say Dads is my favorite, even though I know so many "micro brews" are better.

  33. Try Zevia soda! Root beer Zevia soda. It's all natural, sugar free and tastes like the real thing. If you like soda you don't have to give it up. The best natural alternative is the brand I mentioned. I'm in my 20s and haven't drunk junky soda in over TEN YEARS!

  34. I think the answer to the first question touches on part of why I never miss an episode of this show. 

    QoftheD: not gonna make it to NY, but I will be tuned it to watch the episode when it's published. As always.

  35. No, unfortunately I'm not coming, as much as I'd like to. The reason: I live in Japan and I am traveling to Europe during that exact period of time. But, hey, I am not a lesser Vayniac because of this, right?

  36. Thanks for taking my question.

    I would love to come to the 100th Episode. But I am not a Facebook user so I will not RSVP on Facebook.

    Any other alternative?

  37. Can't make it for the 18; wish I could but the Chicago hustle is strong. I'll be in NYC later this year. Peace!

  38. QOTD: I'm definitely more ginger-ale than root beer. My mom loves Barq's, but I never got into it. Money is ridiculously tight, but if I can, I'll make it to NY.

  39. QOTD #2: If you haven't tried Not Your Father's Rootbeer, its AMAZING. Alcoholic, but delicious. 🙂

  40. Hey Gary, i sell title insurance to real estate agents, a big portion of my prospecting is cold call via the phone. Thoughts on that technique? Is it old, ineffective, and outdated? Whats a more effective way to prospect? #askgaryvee

  41. @Gary Vaynerchuk  Virgil's has my favorite root beer. Gotta try the ones you mentioned. I don't drink alcohol so it's super fun for me to taste good root beer 🙂

  42. #QOTD, 1: Are you coming to Episode 100 on Monday, March 18th?! If not, why??

    Only if I have a time machine

    #QOTD, 2: If you love root beer, what is your favorite root beer?
    No Root Beer…Manhattan Special

  43. How to get an MBA from Eminem by James Altucher http://www.jamesaltucher.com/2014/01/how-to-get-an-mba-from-eminem/

  44. QOTD: A&W Root Beer.  I grew up with it as a kid, back when they would serve you in your car while wearing roller skates.

  45. No Soda for 1 Year, Good for you bro. Hahaha, Fuck being a governor. lol But I like the 8 Mile/Emimem tactic by putting out all of your laundry yourself. (Hahahaha, im typing as I watch and you just mentioned that. lol) I think thats a good way for anyone to approach any major social endeavor and having high status. 

    Hate Root beer.

  46. I am in Sydney, can't come 🙁 but if u wanna do something nice… 🙂 + I'll tell u something super cool

  47. QOTD 1. Its not looking good. Gotta go to Philly at the end of this month and swinging two trips up north will be heavy on the pockets!

    QOTD 2. I used to drink root beer and Dr. Pepper like I was Stone Cold Steve Austin chugging some cold ones after a match. I don't fool with soda anymore though.

  48. #QOTD, 1: I just used all of my PTO to go to NOLA so unfortunately I cannot
    #QOTD, 2: I hate root beer

  49. QOTD 1. – I am SO excited for episode 100 but I won't be able to go because I graduate the day before and have work at my new job the following day.  I will defiantly be watching in when it comes out on Youtube, though! 🙂

    QOTD 2. – I've never been a big Root Beer fan :/  I've tried.  I love Canada Dry Ginger Ale!  Especially their green-tea flavor.

    Happy Birthday Lizzie! I hope you had a special birthday! 🙂

  50. I think Root Beer is the American equivalent of Sarsaparilla in Australia. Bundaberg Double Sarsaparilla is one of the top drops down here 👍🍺

  51. QOTD 1: Not coming to the 100th episode taping but aiming for #200. 😉 QOTD 2: Do like root beer but not a connoisseur prefer zevia (stevia-based) root beer sodas…. all of the taste and none of calories or chemicals.

  52. AHH!!!! I thought the part where gary threw the ball was HILARIOUS! its good to know everything is ok but when you know everything is ok, that part was hilarious.

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    QOTD 2 – I'm not a big fan of root beer, I'm a huge fan of Coke though

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  55. 100
    Already happened. I love root beer, there used to be a drive in here in MA that made it. Henry's Root Beer stand was the best… I haven't found one I like as much since they closed about 10 years ago.

  56. You are a Renaissance dude @Gary Vaynerchuk!!! Politicians battling like Eminem in "Eight Mile"  – heck yeah!

  57. QOTD #1: I'm not coming on March 18th because it is now October 2015 and I can't do time travel.
    QOTD #2: What is my favorite root beer? A restaurant in Lodi California called The Lodi Beer Co. makes not only their own beer but also their own root beer that is absolutely fantastic!

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    #QOTD 2 Currently Not your Fathers Rootbeer (Their Ginger Ale is dope) & Sprecher Rootbeer.

  59. Your suggestions on what a politician should do is exactly the strategy that Trump is using. Very interesting take, thanks Gary.

  60. Personally I think a very careful balance between being unwavering and compassionate when dealing with a difficult client. #askgaryvee

  61. Absolutely love this advice about how to be transparent if one was to run for politics- it applies to every career, every relationship, everything. Thanks Gary!

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