As Impeachment Advances, What Will Republicans Do? | All In | MSNBC

  1. Good point: That Republicans are caught in a trap—-> If anyone of them acknowledge Trump's malfeasance and vote for impeachment, they will become the target of Trump's Twitter outrage. On the other hand, if anyone of them knows the facts as they are presented and any unavoidable conclusion of guilt, and vote against impeachment; then, they may well have the ire of voters in their district(s) who heard and supported the case for impeachment. Either missing-out on their own district reelections and/or the opportunity to get lobbyist gigs will surely challenge their ability to vote objectively: That is, of course, if the evidence for impeachment is irrefutable…

  2. It worries me that Moscow Mitch is blocking election interference bills… Russia among others will again be influencing our election.


  4. Evan Siegfried says that if you're a Republican today and you "cross Donald Trump," that's political suicide. That may be true as a general proposition, but it is doubtlessly untrue in some cases. Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah will retain most of his support here in Utah even though he does not hesitate to speak out against Donald Trump when he disagrees with what the president has to say.

  5. I seem to remember that everytime Obama sneezed that some Republican, mostly Palin were shouting impeach him. This is the go to with Republicans whenever there is a popular Democratic president, the people remember this and it will be them who lose because they were willing to impeach so readily for nothing and they do nothing with Don the con

  6. Donald Trump’s behavior has raised fundamental legal and constitutional questions: Did Trump as candidate criminally violate election laws? And once in office, has Trump as President failed to fulfill his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”? And if in fact, Trump has failed to take the lead in protecting our elections from foreign intrusion, is that an impeachable offense?


    These passages explain that, despite all the political rhetoric emanating from the White House, the Capitol building and elements of the media, if the House impeached and the Senate convicted Donald Trump, the only result of that Congressional action would be his removal from the Presidency.

    The President, Vice President and civil officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    — Article II, section 4, U.S. Constitution

    “Judgment in cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office … but the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to law.”

    — Article I, section 9, U.S. Constitution

    👉 There is no language in the Constitution providing the President with any immunity from prosecution by the appropriate criminal authorities: he is subject to the ordinary criminal processes of “Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to law.” Furthermore, there is not one syllable directly putting the President beyond the reach of the criminal law even if Congress does not impeach.

    The argument that the President is immune from the criminal laws is just that — an argument.


    Trump has a secret plan to evade the Constitution

    Watch "All the Ways Trump Has 'Destroyed the Norms' of American Life | NowThis" on YouTube

    Ex-Ethics Chief Tweets Very Long List Of Bad Signs From Donald Trump’s Presidency

    Donald Trump Admits He Made Barack Obama ‘Wire Tapping’ Claim Based On ‘Bit Of A Hunch’
    Trump made the admission during a lengthy interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

    Watch "Trump Asked Ukranian President to Investigate Biden's Son 8 Times // Malcolm Nance AM Joy MSNBC" on YouTube

    White House Violated Law With Plan To Move Hundreds Of USDA Workers: Inspector General

    Just days earlier, Trump’s budget director bragged about how many workers quit because of the pending relocation.

    Trump committed obstruction of justice and should be indicted, says Fox News analyst, Judge Napolitano.

    Some Members Of Trump's Exclusive Clubs Appear To Have Been Invited To An Air Force One Tour

    Trump's Cabinet has been rocked by a number of ethics scandals — here's a complete guide

    Remember that time trump said the President Should Be Fired for a Government Shutdown?

    “If you say who gets fired, it always has to be the top,” Trump told co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she asked, “Apprentice”-style, who should get fired and bear the brunt of the responsibility for a shutdown.

    Watch "Donald Trump Talks Government Shutdown, Sep 20 2013" on YouTube

    Donald Trump “stealing” military construction money to pay for his “xenophobic vanity wall project” on the U.S. border with Mexico.

    This Mar-A-Lago Member Had A Great Time Photographing Trump Handling A National Security Crisis

    Trump is stealing from Military Pensions to build his wall.

    Трамп и его деньги (Trump and his Money)

    As Trump lost access to traditional lines of credit, his desperate need for financing led to sources that are murky, at best, including monies traceable back to the former Soviet Union — a circumstance that may explain Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.

    According to two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax returns, purportedly sent anonymously to reporter David Cay Johnston, Trump appeared to make an enormous amount of money that year — earning more than $153 million, which put him into a tiny class of super-rich Americans, probably numbering in the dozens.

    Trump’s windfall seems to have developed around the same time that investors from countries of the former Soviet Union started opening the cash spigot.

    Source: WWWOrg

  7. In all honesty, I cannot realistically see Republican sentiment turning against the President to such a degree that at least 20 GOP Senators break with their party and vote to convict and remove Trump. The comments and actions of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell show very clearly that the GOP Senators are of the mind to protect Trump.

  8. It took years before Dumb Americans could get Al Capone!! The Dumb Americans will do it again!!
    Dumb Americans could be Dumb but they don't like Mobster Criminals in their government. Maybe criminals but definitely not Mobsters!!
    " It is not Trump. A country that elects a Trump is already in serious trouble." E Warren

  9. The same people that send 300 subpoenas to the Obama administration because they wanted to find something to impeach Obama. Just because he was black and they did not like his policy are complaining now that the Democrats have impeachment hearings because off misconduct by Trump. They are like crying children and snowflakes

  10. What Twitter missed when they allowed Trump to continue to tweet because he is President—Even Though it Violated TOS—was that his bullying would fundamentally destroy the GOP.

  11. Does MSNBC really think all American Citizens are buying their Verbal Garbage? The attempts of impeachment of President Trump
    is the most negative ever by those who fear their illegal deeds and abuse of power will eventually incarcerate them. Good citizens of

    America beware, these fools are wolves in sheep's clothing and are willing to bite any hand that feeds them. Not even loyal to those

    who are paying their way today. Your pockets have been picked for over 20+yrs. It's about time we get the scales back in true balance.

    We are improving America under the Trump administration, one day at a time. The destroyers must go.

    Let those who are not guilty of any crime or lie or unkept promise to American Citizens, cast the first stone.

  12. Do the right thing because it's what you should do as a public official. Upholding the constitution is what congress members are elected to do, not keeping their seats.

  13. As tragic as all of this is, one thing I get great enjoyment out of is that the republicans have finally done themselves in. Every republican president for a while now has been handpicked and controlled by them. bush is a perfect example. They thought they could control trump, that he was their golden goose. But nope. He is taking them down. And that is the silver lining of this very, very dark cloud.

  14. Republics better think long and hard about what to do for the impeachment vote in the senate esp when the rvidence comes out to the public. If the vote no for impeachment, they are done when the next election in the senate comes around. If you vote yes Trump is out and at least they have a chance to keep your post and integrity. Trump will not keep you at your position in senate, we the people do!

  15. TRUTH – JUSTICE – the AMERICAN WAY – – says it all….a crook who does not want justice – can not tell the truth – – as he is American in name only – we have prisons with plenty of room for one more – permanent resident (A.K.A. lifer)

  16. Senate Republicans are not going to vote to remove Trump, when have they ever done what's right? Right now Republican voters are standing behind Trump and it's unlikely that anything will surface to change that. The Senate is not going to go against their voters. However, Trump is going to be forever known as the third president of the US to be impeached and his incompetence and criminal actions will follow his family name forever.

  17. Fox news is a religion for its followers. Praise almighty FOX the true God of the right, hard right. False god! This is a cult like behavior .

  18. The Democrats are magnanimous in their dealings with Trump and his republican cronies. When the shoe is on the other foot it's a different story.

  19. Evil behavior is not a necessity in any society. Not matter how much some, could be millions, approved it and are ok with it. evil minds will never, ever, win. And that’s a fact.

  20. If Republicans don't vote to remove this inept man from office, they will lose their seats in 2020. It could precipitate the demise of the Republican Party.

  21. so what Americans are saying is "dictatorship is OK with me" "forget the phony Constitution" oh really? tell that to all those Patriots at Arlington

  22. Why are we all so gullible? DOJ announces they will move forward on how and who started the Russia hoax and NOW it's impeachment. It's just a distraction and people fall for it every single time.

  23. Nixon won 49 states in a landslide second presidential election. Trump doesn't have the mandate that Nixon had and yet, Nixon still resigned. When the public hearings begin and the trial in the Senate takes place with all the Constitutional weight that holds… we'll just have to wait and see, but I am not convinced the worm hasn't started turning already.

  24. The Republican strategist could share the most valuable info on this topic, but the Democrats won't let him talk much.

  25. For some reason, the behaviour of these Republican reprobates reminds me of watching a National Geographic special back when I was a teen. I was getting high with a few friends and this clip came on about lemmings, which go on wild stampedes that sometimes take them plunging headlong over a cliff. For some reason — perhaps the "expanded empathy" of my mental state — I began to imagine what it might be like to be in the middle of all that. I turned to my friends and said: "I wonder if any lemmings ever suddenly experience a surge of doubt about where theyre going, and why . . . Would they be able to fight their way out of that stampede before it took them over the cliff?"

    We all laughed ourselves horizontal.
    Anyway . . . . the point is . . .

    Do you ever wonder if there might be a few Republicans trapped in the middle of this mad stampede towards disaster, who have second thoughts about defending a guy who is clearly one of the most unprincipled, self-interested scam artists ever to hit American Reality reality? And if there ARE any Congresscritters out there who suddenly have a moment of moral clarity, would they be able to change direction or distance themselves far enough to avoid being carried over the cliff? . . . and isnt it too late for that, by now?

    Goodbye, Republican Party. That thunderous noise you hear is me dancing on your grave.
    Hopefully the people who come along in the next few years and try to rebuild some sort of a centre-right political structure on the ashes of this GOP(RIP) are wise enough to learn from the tragedy, and hereafter put principle and country before party. I know, I know . . . . at the moment it is hard to believe that anyone in the Republican party still possesses a moral compass, much less the sort of common sense needed to follow it. But I HAVE known people in the past whose ideas I deeply respected despite the fact that they were profoundly conservative – the likes of George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Weld, and the like (perhaps even Mitt Romney, who for all his schmarmy capitalistic style is at least someone for whom moral principles matter).

    Whatever the case, I certainly wont miss any of THESE guys.

  26. Republicans will do what they always do…lie, cheat, whine, trash the country, and then blame the democrats for their failures.

  27. We need to make a list of whoever votes against conviction in the senate and vote them all out, if amazon running 40 states' electoral system leaves us able to vote at all.

  28. Why not just be honest about it? Democrats portray themselves as a global socialist party that is exempt from accountability anywhere on earth. Republicans are a weak party that happened to choose the right side of the slavery question, the only reason why they still exist.

  29. What if votes citizens with post- graduate degrees count 3x, votes of those with a bachelor's degree count 2x, and the votes of all others count once? I think it would enhance our democracy.

  30. They will do anything to desperately cling to power—that which was granted only by the dysfunctional electoral college and meticulous racial gerrymandering. They don't deserve to wield it so they will always feel it slipping away.

  31. Twitter is the curse of American politics, by a president abusing his power! Twitter is allowing its platform to be used for personnel attacks on people and party’s. This surly is in clear breech of protocols that Twitter has?

  32. american children will begin disappearing as republicans turn to human sacrifice to gain Satanic powers to fight off the holy rightousness of the democrats impeachment of trump

  33. Repeats? He did! his whole team. They blackmailed the Ukrainian president leaving office.
    Then itt worked so well they geared up to shakedown Zelenksi. And they did.. 😁

  34. Impeachment is now just a fading smoke bomb that isn't going anywhere. Democrats are chasing their own tails while Trump has moved on racking up more wins.

  35. What the republicans will do as impeachment approaches? They will do what politicians on both sides always do,try to save their sorry derrières period.

  36. American is now a 3rd world banana republic. Trump and repubs hv made u guys such. And yet his base is also still supporting him.

  37. 'i can see republicans getting ready to impeach the next democratic president the very next day' – let's not forget that trump threatened to imprison his political rival – live – on national television, while they were both still candidates.

  38. I wish we could have a secret vote and see how many republicans want president Trump gone. The are all sell out they are not for the people they are about the MONEY $$$$$$

  39. ill tell you what republicans need to do… we need to just carry around the actual transcript around and hand it to people who have been brainwashed… i mean come on guys its 4 pages long… just read the stinking thing there isnt anything there
    the best quote of this entire thing is around the 4:30 mark where he says im afraid in the next election the republicans will work for impeachment from day one on a democratic candidate… wait this is exactly what the left did on trump lol like there is literal senate members and big wig left talking about impeachment from the very first day… this comment is hilarious to me

  40. The courts will uphold the law. If they don’t, our country ceases to be a republic, it becomes a dictatorship. It will be the first time someone was held above the law in the history of the US. So, one must believe in the rule of law. You can’t cherry pick which parts of the Constitution you are going to abide by and ignore the parts you don’t. You’re all in, or emigrate to Russia. This place is no longer for you.

  41. Are you seriously expecting us to believe Philippe Reines former advisor to HRS has any idea regarding what ANY Americans think let alone Trump voters? Advisor to HRC is the greatest disqualification imaginable…. couldn't even see Trump coming, and they helped set him in motion. Too many impeachments is not the problem we face, but instead corporate influence. Corporate influence taints the Democratic primary (just compare how MSNBC/CNN/FOX cover Bernie or Tulsi with how independent media does – see for yourself. search 'progressive news' now), it taints senate and representative behavior, which all stirs the desired division of our country. If a rep does not hold your opinion on an issue, imagine how much easier he/she would be to convince if he/she had no donors also needing to be convinced.

  42. Vote to keep “State and Church Separate” – just like the Forefathers put In the Constitution.
    Look at history and why the Forefathers separated State & Church: it’s why they left their origin countries of persecution. The GOP, Evangelist group & their Russian puppets DJT(GOP). IMPEACHMENT scares them, only because they are all involved with the corruption in the White House. History of religions (all) has blood on their hands. Why are those places of worship rich and the working stiff is poor? RELIGION!

  43. Can anyone expect America to be taken seriously on the world stage again after electing a criminal to be president, after all he's said and done against allies and kissing up to dictators. His creepy two faced party who will back him no matter what and say crimes aren't crimes if he commits them and 40% of the country still support him. He may not even get impeached in the Senate and get re elected. No one will take America seriously again, not for a long time, the people and their dictator/president can not be trusted.

  44. If I was a republican right now I would definitely be pulling my support for the commander and chief because he he is guilty as Sin. And there's only so much I can put up with because all he does is lie to us about everything all the time

  45. who on Earth follows Rivera? hes washed up more times hmthan Trump, finally beaching at Fox n,??,ws, retire Geraldo, give us a rest, or go find another Capone vault, too funny than an empty laugh.

  46. I think after all the evidence is released to the public, the Republican controlled Senate will refuse to remove Trump, I think the count will be very close, maybe 48-52. Which will mean he could be censured. To remove needs 67 votes, so the Democrats would need 20 Republicans to agree with his removal.

  47. By not talking about the rule of law and talking about polls you're opening the door to russian manipulation of our elections by hacking polling data. Impeach this so-called president.

  48. What will Republicans do the same thing Hayes would do and everyone on that stage and any Democrat in the party would.The Party who warned everyone about lies being contagious, have begun dumping lies everywhere. House vote-“Impeachment begins with divided Congress”- is a lie. Impeachment Begins is a lie-Trump is in you

  49. Hey Democrat in the Crowd( you could not be a million miles below me in Trump hate-do not make stupid comments to me-I know of a way to get him for Peace time Treason with the Death Penalty-I will never feel any Justice unless Trump is Executed for Treason with Russia)238 yes-Dems 2 No/ Reps 194-No and 2 yes-It is a Trumpian, Fox type lie

  50. The Republicans will not budge, even if Trump murders someone( actually murders someone).You would not turn on 8.5 people out of a crowd you are standing in. You are a Liar! That is your wife, your kids-except the Ostracized 1, your friends, the people you work with each day, the 35 million Republicans who vote for you or Vandalize your Home and hurt someone

  51. I will go one over( if you can get my message across in 2 paragraphs- Show me how).The wealthiest people in the nation will be your enemies instantly.The militias,the Nazis, white Nationalist, your favorit aunt and 100 year old grandmother. Republicans are not the diversity party, they stay with their own. Every Rep.Senator including Romney would vote No

  52. 2 or 3 Democrat will vote No with the Republicans, I guarantee it or like I said I will drink 1/2 a bottle of dish soap-I do not know why-maybe it sounded like I would be cleansing my guts-if you can die from it somebody contact me please I am very impulsive. It is building up everyday a d ot will lead to our Partys end and Trump becoming Real history

  53. EXACTLY!! Why are drumpf's tweets such a big deal!! These Rethuglicans are such wimps!! I hope they GO DOWN WITH HIM!!!

  54. In the public hearing, I want to see a timeline graphic with the following milestones . . . make the criminal sequence obvious for the people in "fly-over-America"

    1) Congress approves military aid to Ukraine
    2) Zelinsky elected
    3) Zelinsky pressured by Giuliani on the terms of the shakedown
    4) Mick Mulvaney tells OMB to not administer the aid / Javelin Missiles.
    5) Perry, Volker and Sondland plot
    6) July 25th call. Donald Trump . . . "I would like a favor, THOUGH "
    7) Bill Taylor & Sondland . . . hide the smoking gun . . . "Call me" .
    8) The watered-down call memo (it's not a TRANSCRIPT . . . not " word for word ") moved to the CLASSIFIED secret server
    9) Whistleblower complaint submitted.
    10) Whistleblower complaint is reported to Congress and the Washington Post picks up the story.
    11) Trump releases the Ukrainian aid 48 hours after being exposed.

  55. The GOP needs to look at 2020 through the lenses of 2018. Their loyalty to Trump cost them dearly. When Trump said, “Don’t believe what you see and hear.” The GOP took it literally. Stupid people.

  56. Why don’t the Republicans vote for the rule of law, get tweetedat, lose their seats, go get honest jobs, and sleep peacefully at night?

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