Arizona, New Mexico Voters Voice Their Key Issues For The Democratic Debate | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

  1. Trump has proven himself corrupt and unfit. Whomever the Democratic Party puts up as their nominee will be the next POTUS. How the petty and infantile Trump will react to a stinging defeat at the polls will be another matter. Trump will howl about illegal voting, just like he did when he lost the popular vote in 2016.

  2. Pffft. Not a chance. Trumps already won. Sux it libchumps. Socialist losers. Your all treasonous heretics. Trumptopia forever

  3. Jobs are great. Training for those jobs a different story. Thousands of unfilled jobs in this country more now than ever, 1.5 million jobs are there waiting for skilled people to fill. Where's the Job Training in this country. Joining the Military without training would be incomprehensible. Private sector needs to step up to the task. Simple employment figures never tell the true story. Just being a Seat Filler doesn't constitute a long lasting economy.

  4. Action Now! Every attorney, and politician in every State should be banned from using all vehicles and aircraft, they should only be allowed to ride mopeds, as they cannot stop over 10,000 to 12,000 DUI deaths, manslaughters and over 300 intentional vehicular homicides, they don't have a right to ride or drive, they should be limited in mobility if saves thousands of lives. There are over twice the homicides from vehicle homicides than "assault" weapons. We will be filing lawsuits immediately to take away any mobility they have to stop the deaths, as they do not have the Constitutional right to any motorized mobility.

  5. Six dead and at least 22 wounded this weekend alone in Chicago; 1,000+ shot so far in 2019……where's the coverage on this "American Carnage" MSNBC? THis network has zero credibility.

  6. The main issues for me are health care, infrastructure & our crumbling school system under Betsy Devos & Trump. Then the elephant in the room is the unprecedented level of nepotism & corruption within SpankyPants Administration & within the Repugnant Rethuglikkkan GOP!

  7. What I am looking for: for the Dems to put the rule of law back in place, because I had enough of this traitor Trump and his fcked up family!

  8. You do need an earth to live upon. Most experts know our environment is collapsing from Climate Destruction mayhem. We only have ten years tops to sequester co2, methane and dim both poles. The crops are already failing. Climate Emergency or most all die within the next three to ten years. How dumb are voters? None of those issues are number one although with a renewable energy candidate a massive amount of jobs would be created. Climate #1 See scientist Paul Beckwith on YouTube, Twitter or his website. Time is SHORT!

  9. #1 issue — End of Trump and conservative cult. #2 issue — Everything progressive, starting with the MOST important…climate change. Including creating meaningful jobs Americans can afford and be proud to work.

  10. What are Democrats going to run on? Higher taxes? Higher unemployment? Lower GDP? Killing the unborn? Weaker borders? Unnafordable healthcare? Getting rid of school choice?

  11. I am voting for white privileged Joe Biden. Joe gropes woman in public. Joe wants to send more good paying jobs to China. Joe wants to change the economy so more people are unemployed and government dependent. Joe wants skyscrapers banned and no more airplane travel. Except for Joe, he can travel by jet airplane flying first class telling us about his environment polices that will fix the whole planet.

  12. Pop the popcorn. This dnc debate, "comedy show" should be a great laugh. These demoKKKrats are a bunch of idiots with zero ideas how to run a country.

  13. Why work on the reservation when you collect a free check from the US taxpayer? It’s not that they need people to work. It’s that no illegal wants to work

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