Ari: Republican Witness Was Weak, Had Other Ideas For Constitutional Amendments | MSNBC

  1. Turly is a disgrace to the University he is supposedly teaching constitutional law, i can do much better then this paid off puppet..

  2. The call

    The President: I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about.
    It was about corruption and interference in 2026 election
    Democrats make it about 2020 ( bidens corruption, my guess you’d still want a corrupted Biden )

  3. For such a "perfect call" where are all the cult members who can answer questions about it? Where is Pompeo? Where is Mulvaney? Where is Bolton? These guys were there. Why doesn't Trump want them to testify? There HAS to be a reason. 🤔

  4. He .made clai8about the constitution and impeachment that are not true. He lied. He is a republican. This is what they do.

  5. He was very weak , How can he say they don't have enough to impeach and the Dems need to go slow with the impeachment. You have no proof that Trump did anything wrong.and let's see what Trump have say about the world leaders laughing at him.

  6. Turley's argument against this being bribery was particularly astonishing as it actually made the case that this was bribery. He cited as an example of what bribery is the case of Louis XIV and Charles II. The Secret Treaty of Dover said that Charles would 60 warships and 4000 men to aid the French in a war against the Dutch, convert to Catholicism and do some lesser things. For this Charles would receive a pension of 230k GBP plus more money when he announced the conversion and the French would send troops to help put down the revolt that was surely going to happen when the conversion was announced.

    In this case Trump said that if the Ukrainian President did not perform such acts as Trump personally wanted he would not receive the money promised by the government of the US.

    In the earlier case the giving of money was a bribe. In this the withholding of money is just bribery reversed. How is there any difference between the two acts?

  7. The Republicans are only bullying the witnesses in impeachment hearing. The need to show proof that Trump is innocent of the crimes Trump has committed the American people don't want to hear the Republicans bullying the witnesses . So if the Republicans have proof that Trump is innocent then the American people wants to hear it

  8. According to republicans, you can get impeached for lying under oath about an affair….
    But you can't for extorting an ally, holding back military aid, demanding a personal favor to win an election, and then covering up.
    Yup, totally makes sense! 🤔😄

  9. The thing is,he is killing LOTS of people .Women ,children , and men have died and are still dying in Trumps concentration camps on the boarder

  10. We all agree that Turley will be played by Henry Czerny in the movie or serie adaptation of the Trump Impeachment !

  11. Johnathan Turley is not only weird, but apparently still has a beef with President Obama who refused to prosecute/reprimand George W. Bush for allowing water boarding and torture to take place during the Iraq war. The newly elected Obama stated the economy needed to take first place and that history would judge George W. Bush. Turley virtually disappeared from tv and news shows after that. Until now. He’s snarky for sure getting I guess revenge plus 15 minutes of fame. I was glad he was there. He made the other 3 look greater than they already were.

  12. Although the Republican Professor tried to paint a picture favorable to Dumbo Don, his supporters, if they even watched, just heard Chinese! Like herder, like sheep!

  13. Yet another rehtarded hypocrite. Someone should've brought up in the hearing Turdley's own words on impeaching Mr. Clinton… if not impeached, there'll be Anarchy – drAma queen.

  14. The republican witness actually supported the idea of impeaching Trump. So, let me get this straight… Trump is impeachable but if we just change the constitution for him, he'd be in the clear????

  15. Turley was deceitful because there have been plenty of lawsuits against Trump and he keeps losing them but he gets stays
    despite the fact that his legal positions are completely frivolous, although his cronies on the Supreme Court might support him,
    which raises the issue that Congress can impeach even when the judiciary has been corrupted by the republican party

  16. MSNBC is pathetic at best.what a waste of time listening to your interpretation.Your in trouble,people are waking up to your frivolous fake garbage.

  17. Any aspiring lawyer should avoid whichever university with the professor Jonathan Turley.
    For a so-called constitutional expert, Turley spent the whole hearing spouting a bunch of "should of" beyond the constitution.
    For a so-called constitutional expert, Turley didn't realize "should of" is NOT part of the constitution, but he argued that Congress is abusing its power by not applying those "should of".
    Any student would be learning nothing but craps from that guy.

  18. I wonder what surly Turley would have thought on all these weak points when the GOP plowed through the impeachment of naughty willie.

  19. What is happening,Nunes,Jordan are infiltrator in the house and now this crazy Turley who got paid for saying stupidity in his testemony for Trump the beast. the inventor of lie detector need to make a device for all the future corrupt senator, imagine how many money you would save with the stupid question and testemony.

  20. Squirrelly Turley is a Republiklan partisan, though he like to lie that he's a liberal Democrat for cover. The proof is in his differing positions when it is a Democratic president versus a Republiklan one being impeached.

  21. Turley is a hypocrite. He argued for Clinton and Obama to be impeached. Yet now he is arguing against Trump being impeached. This is madness. He shouldn't be teaching law, he should be on Faux News.

  22. Ari Melber… a shining example of brilliant journalism.
    Ari and Rachel are the best.

    Greetings from Germany
    Hope your Trump nightmare will end soon… with incarceration under the same conditions he and his Nazi-like administration forced onto immigrants.

  23. Turkey, was honest. That is hard for the party of slavery to accept. If the Dems had hard evidence to impeach they would have already. Courts are necessary to settle issues between the branches. Obama's presidency had blatant disregard for the other branches. Still no proof to support Impeachment. Johnson Impeachment all over again. Do not end up like Rachel Maddow#10 MILLION.

  24. James Warren is this the first time for the President asking for help or is he a repeat offender. If he is we need to move quickly he is putting the Country in danger

  25. The idea that Turkey thinks his views are relevant is laughable. This isn't time to be going slower right now. Trump is a dangerous man and what he's planning is help from Russia once again!

  26. Politicians have been trying to rewrite the constitution for thirty years now in their favor looks like politicians will finally get their wush.

  27. What turrly did was exactly like what Barr did with the Mueller report,,, he placed his desires to its results, not the legal meaning. And so Trump played it as an exoneration both collusion and obstruction. So saying he was exonerated by Mueller. Wrong.

  28. Um no, misdemeanor in the 1700's is not the same as today. Even if it was, Trump hasn't broken any laws, misdemeanor or felony. The speed of this current process all depends upon how well it's paying off for the portion of the one and only party that wants it, because no court has any jurisdiction over or within the Impeachment process, except that of the Supreme Court.

  29. If you believe all this hype and think that Donald Trump will be impeached y'all are f**** morons. So get ready for 4 more years Trump 2020.

  30. This is why most people don't trust the media anymore. Most people know as the poll will show that today's hearing did not go well for the democrats.

  31. The said republican scholar is a full Liberal and Democrat! Fake News disparages anyone that doesn’t share their narrative. FAKE NEWS MSNBC!!!

  32. During his opening statement, I wondered from which barrel they scraped this guy: It was mostly a bubblebath of esoteric theories without a deep connection to the case at hand.

    I'm willing to believe him that he is not a trump guy, but he seems to have this ill informed view on the Constitution and how he would change it rather than working with the facts: What the Constitution we have demands and what the evidence requires us to do. The case is clear cut and it cant move any slower if trump obstructs congress 100% by not cooperating even a tiny bit. So, this claim is bogus.

  33. MSNBC vomiting out lies and misinformation again. Complete misrepresentation of what Turley said.

    These are mere propagandists masquerading as journalists

  34. The cognitive dissonance is thick in this comment section……. What a pathetic flock of sheep so many on the left have become.

    Feel free to respond with all your impotent, puerile rage, but don't wait for a reply, as I won't likely waste any more time on you clowns than I already have.

  35. Trump is robbing a bank. The police are there with their guns out shouting, "POLICE FREEZE. DROP THE GUN, THE MONEY AND PUT YOUR HANDS UP MR. PRESIDENT." Trump just keeps putting the money in the duffle bag. Even during the impeachment trial Trump has Rudy Giuliani getting a foreign government to interfere in and America Democracy Election. The impeachment is moving too slow.

  36. George Washington would be sorely disappointed that Jonathan Turley is a professor at a University named after him. He must be known as the Trump of professors among his colleagues. What a joke he was. He should be teaching at an alternative school for an alternative constitution. I give the Republicans credit for doing their due diligence in picking this clown. Did he really think he would sound more convincing using that spiel about not voting for or even liking the orange buffoon? Well he didn't.

  37. alan dershowitz a dem and probably more qualified than almost anyone on constitution see what he thinks compared to the three people on panel

  38. Republicans were using the same tactics they used during the Intelligence Committee hearings. Deflect, Disturb and Promote Disinformation. Replace them on 2020! There are far better people out there who truly serves the good of the public.

  39. 1:04. Ari is a ego loser.

    1:51. Ari talks about Trump and accidentally talks about clintonpigmurderer without mentioning her name.

  40. Trump will be impeached. 😢😭🤧 Why is Trump so problematic? I thought we where so good together! 😭😢🤧 Why do break ups have to be so hard? Jk

  41. Trump is always a cheater and he also like to rip people off in the real real estate that's why Mexico kick him out of there city.

  42. So which court is turley being nominated for, or is he getting a private chamber in the current DOJ.

    You see punk that's how easy it is to explain your so called "Quid pro Quo".

  43. You're going to lose Democrats. Nobody new is convinced that wasn't already convinced in 2016 that Trump works for Putin. They're talking about constitutional law asserting crimes aren't necessary. One political party simply thinking the president would have broken the law is the standard by which he should be impeached. You can find "scholars" to argue either side of that forever. So what. Doesn't matter. What does matter is everyone that holds judgement until actual proof that crimes were factually committed is presented by people who were there which didn't happen. They can put up another 10 liberal activist teachers… it doesn't help. Would only make it worse actually.

  44. I want to see them take Turley's comments seriously, assume that they come from a position of constitutional preservation and have a real, comparative conversation about the merits of Turley's points. This should address the procedural discrepancies between Turley's thoughts and those of the other experts and really work to find the REAL answers to these questions. On the radio, I thought Turley's points somewhat compelling, and detected an undercurrent of disdain for Trump – almost as if Turley was saying "….you CAN do this the way you are, the way you want to, but if you REALLY want to sew this up, to make the impeachment STICK, I'll tell you how." I think they should listen.

  45. 👣💥🏡🤷‍♀️😉👌Now why wasn't Mr Roger's not singing lol there's a hellava place in the circus ?!

    👣🎪💥FOH🤗O'. He's weak🍿🤣🤷‍♀️

  46. I love hearing the msm spin things. These saps have ruined true journalism. They no longer present evidence of both sides letting you decide for themselves, they entirely spew opinion and obvious bias. It’s unfortunate so many people don’t actually listen to the whole trial and instead listen to manipulative talk like this. This is the one witness who actually sounded educated and unbiased in his response. The misuse of power coming from the House Democrats is far greater than anything Trump has done.

  47. Turley's testimony was the BOMBSHELL testimony. It totally blew away the democrats case. There's a reason why MSNBC, CNN, and the rest don't actually SHOW Turley's testimony, instead they only talk about it. Go watch the actual testimony:

  48. Lol MSNBS trying their best to cover for the embarrassment of the Dems and their witnesses. Turley was the only one who’s partisanship didn’t consume their thought process so of course we know who’ll they’ll target. Lol so predictable. If they weren’t so smug, ppl may actually feel bad for Dems and throw em a bone

  49. Jonathan Turley was the only rational one on the panel. Everything he said made sense. There is no evidence for an impeachment and the democrats are committing a gross abuse of power.

  50. Yeah, but he wasnt verbally assaulting a 13 year old child either. Only democrats would equate a 13 YO with adults. Something only pedophiles do. You have already covered up investigations of Epstein. Are You Pedophiles also. Care to explain yourselves.

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