Are The Radicals Of The Republican Party Becoming The Mainstream? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. So 2 miss America Pageant winners and 2 who had his whole charity threaten bc he was a trump supporter..yet we are the radical ones

  2. Remember when obama condemned BLM riots that destoryed Baltimore…no..oh he invited them to the white…oh what about when ppl in Obama's admin said black ppl can never be racist or charged with a hate crime bc of slavery…sounds pretty racist to me

  3. Please don’t call Republicans “conservatives”. They aren’t and haven’t been for over four decades.

    Google the “Two Santa Claus theory” for a guide to the cynical doctrine that the GOP has used to manipulate the country since 1976.

    Here's one of many links:

  4. I don't think these women want to accept that in our democracy that the Republicans of the House and Senate are staunchly representing the racist, homophobic and other fears of their constituents. They stand up for these hateful and sociopathic views every day as they enthusiastically follow the leader of their party.

  5. There will never be any prospect of enlightening T-rump's so called base. If you lack the mental facility to realise what trump is, you've lost. It is , indeed unsettling , to know how many there are, in this country. Education is the key , that many do not possess.

  6. I've always liked Christie Whitman and voted for her in 1990 and 1993 for U.S. Senate and Governor. She is in the mold of that great humanitarian Millicent Fenwick. When TRUMP falls, and he will, Christie will be around her help the GOP, if they listen to pull that party together. Or else it will go the way of the WHIGs. Christie is a woman of courage and intelligence.

  7. What is wrong with these Republican "men"? Are they all afraid of anyone who is different? Are they so afraid of women? What a sad bunch of cry babies. Dump the GOP! Vote everyone of these despicable men out of office. Then take a look at the Republican party and see if you can save it. If not, bury it.

  8. It isn't just Trump destroying America, it's his supporters as well. These people and their ideological views and beliefs are beyond sickening. The majority of these people have the worst of all mental illnesses a human being can have. Self righteousness, arrogance, narcesistic sociopathic apathetic heartless mentalities to the core. It must be a terrible thing to go through life with all that coursing through your mind constantly. To constantly be judging people, while believing that you are better than others. To constantly try to push your own standards for what you think a human being should be, and anyone who doesn't fit into their standards isn't normal. I'm glad that I don't have that kind of evil running my thoughts and constantly filling my heart with unjustifiable,self righteous, and arrogant hatred and animosity.

  9. trump IS the stake thru the heart of the republican party. More n More republicans are jumping ship, Is there a chance the party will come back ? Nope. How can you fix Dry Rot, Greed, and lazy ness, uncaring, racism, white nationalism ? You Can't.

  10. She left the Log Cabin Republicans, but remains in the Republican Party?
    Republican Morality: It's OK to demonize any minority except the one I belong to.

  11. No one can stop anybody from being bigoted or racist other than that person them self. But even though many of us harbor bad ideas of other people the one thing that you can not do is take that out into the public and exhibit it. That infringes on the rights of others. So hate if you think that you must, but keep it to yourself and never show it or hint at it in public. This is every American's country and America is made up of every race, creed and orientation and their rights are guaranteed under the same law that govern us all. Have enough respect for one another to leave them alone and allow them to enjoy the same benefits that you enjoy.

  12. Evangelicals still back Trump because they think that he was ordained by God. Now he has come out and compared himself to the 2nd coming. So, much of the hard core base of the Republicans are blasphemers.

  13. Why is it they never talk about the radical left like then they make all the open border, radical left presidental candidates look like they are normal wanting free college for all illegals that come in when the open the borders up to the whole world, not only free college, but free medical for the whole world as well. Now that seems radical, but they won't talk about this to you, will they?

  14. Being a "Republican" means complete subservience to Donald Trump. That's it. That's the full depth of modern mainstream Republican ideology.

  15. The GOP is simply revealed as what they have been for the last twenty years. This is their agenda. They just can't sugar coat the final steps to their dismantling of our rights. How bout a holiday for the election? Why not get say, 80% turnout? We are not Russia yet because we can vote

  16. Thats right they are not republicans anymore. So the current Republicans are the cult of tRump. That is the definition of the party. I am so tired of hearing from these people we have to take back our party. You gave up long ago. Start a new one or consign yourself to sit politics out.

  17. “There are milliions of republicans …” … 90% of them support a criminal mocking sexual assaulter who runs a corrupted administration by nepotism. As Obama said: “It’s not even a close call”

  18. I am a doctor, believe me, I know what I am saying. Duh! There are only two genders…as if there are only two personalities and two colors also. Why are they so afraid of transgenders?

  19. Progessive Humanist is right. We are a plutocracy not a democracy. Look it up if you have too, but look first before you condemn me for my comments.

  20. Trump is the first president in history to support marriage equality from DAY ONE of his presidency (Obama lacked the courage or was bigoted). Trump has advocated decriminalization of homosexuality across the world; Obama did not. Shame on her!

  21. It's hard to believe that these women voted for a person who knew who he was. The Christian Conservative Party has lose all credibility. For generations to come their children are going to carry their shame. A 100 years from now they are going to be talking about the terrible choice Christian conservatives made.

  22. Im sorry I don't trust anything a Republican says. Their true color is Red, they have blood on their hands. This evil has has always been here since the beginning. Now it's back out in the open for the world to see. They rather let innocent people suffer to further their agenda.

  23. Not sure what the GOP are going to do when these old white people die off and are replaced by their more tolerant kids and a more diverse demographic. Their eggs are all thoroughly in one basket.

  24. These Republicans that complain about Trump are no better. They espouse fiscal prudence and inclusion while blowing up the deficit and engaging in hate for marginalized groups. I'll believe their actions over their words.

  25. jennifer horn can go procreate with herself, i despise her and people like her, she advocates for lgbtq rights because she identifies as such, she doesn't promote immigrants, refugees or the working class, why? because she is a repugnant, repugnants!

  26. Russia owns the NRA; they bailed them out of bankruptcy! Russia owns the Republican party, because of greedy senators like Moscow Mitch, the commie traitor. Russia owns Donald Trump, because he owes them for years of loans for his failing business dealings. Russia's commie partner, Donald Trump, sold out America by asking for and accepting Russia's help in their interference in our elections so he could become president of the United States. Putin's master plan outsmarted the Republican imbiciles, and the American voters allowed this to happen. Vote Russia out, 2020! Vote Blue!!

  27. Republicans who oppose Donald Trump were never Republicans.
    They were ALWAYS Communist Traitors.

    Liberalism is destroyed most on America and if we have to destroy the rest of it to rid ourselves of Liberalism and Immigrants, then so be it.

    Trump Today
    Trump Tomorrow
    Trump forever

    MAGA 2020

  28. Republican and Donald Trump are a sick communist party, they deal with the Russians and they are treasonous to the American people. Moscow Mitch Is one of them

  29. How have these "log cabin Republicans" missed the hateful rhetoric employed by the Republicans for decades? Since the southern strategy and evangelical takeover of the party, racist, bigoted fear mongering has been used to motivate their voters. Trump is just not as subtle as the others.

  30. Excuse me but the Republican core principles are gone. Actions speak louder than words. If it does everything like a duck, it's probably a duck. The entire party and constituency have sold their souls gambling on an individual of poor character at best. It was always less than 50/50 odds it would go as promised. More like typical all-talk and hype salesperson that over promises and under delivers. However if it wasn't all bull$hit you have to give him credit for consistency.

  31. I say E-S (Everybody-Straight). Easier to say and describes straight people as a minority. Suggests that most people are on the spectrum

  32. The Republican party is going to split in two. People like Joe Scarborough, Ana Navarro, and others have lost their place in their party because they're sensible and accepting.

  33. When your parties only real goal is to assist billionaire oligarchs take & control everything – That will not work to well as a slogan , So instead you pander to white nationalism , fear , bigotry via endless misinformation (alternative facts)

  34. AND IF YOU THINK LAWS OR OUR CONSTITUTION WILL STOP THEM – your dreaming ! Only a massive rejection from the voters will do it ( otherwise we are toast)

  35. You can expect the SATANIC JEW TRAITOR REPUBLICAN to be a radical because of the god he worships…. JEEEBUS!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  36. Words, words, words, nothing but words. Same yammering just a different day! Action is necessary. First order of business, remove Trump from the WH. Physically if necessary. Mitch McConnell as well.

  37. Guys like Stephen Miller have too much influence on a President that was never really prepared for the job of POTUS and leader of the free world. Sadly, Donald Trump would be doing just fine as an economic advisor or US Trade Rep. to President Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney or Mike Pence… Unfortunately, he is the POTUS, and not a team player for the POTUS! This would be analogous to Secretary of the Interior, James G. Watt, being the 40th POTUS, instead of being a team player for President Ronald Reagan! When James Watt made his (politically incorrect) joke to the US Chamber of Commerce in September 1983, President Ronald Reagan did not take that seriously. He wanted to forgive and forget the foolish joke by James Watt. Unfortunately, James Watt did not publicly apologize for that joke, and he was later pressured to resign in October 1983. Had James G. Watt been the 40th POTUS, there would have been a lot of unhappy, frowning Americans in 1983! That would have been a very big deal! Fortunately, he was just a cabinet member and not the POTUS and leader of the free world! Clearly, James Watt did not have the right character and temperament to be POTUS! Likewise, clearly, Donald Trump does not have the right character and temperament to be POTUS and leader of the free world! His furious tweets and comments blasting individuals like: Stormy Daniels, Rex Tillerson, UK Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch, Danish PM Mette Frederiksen, and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell…. make James G. Watt look mild and tame to put politely! All we can do is pray for the 45th POTUS and his family and administration!

  38. Hey MSNBC WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON?? A RADICAL REPUBLICAN??? These REPUBLICANS don't do enough to be called " RADICALS"!! Watch out MSNBC your WEALTHY EXECUTIVE'S Republicans are showing!!

  39. Have you only started to notice these nutbags? The GOP took the handbreak off the far right years before Trump. All Trump did was give them licence to shout louder, and their voters to cheer "Yay! We can be racist and bigoted in public again!"

  40. Radicals or mainstream these are all fault by Republicans. Mostly they did not stand up and just allowed Trump to thrash our Country. No more Republicans come 2020.

  41. This always happens. For the Republicans in the 90s under Newt the Republican party embraced it's crazies and just have kept trying to out crazy themselves ever since.

  42. What rock has Ms. Horn been under the last 30 years or even the last 50? Why does she think the GOP keeps winning almost all the states of the defunct Confederacy? Tax policy? Infrastructure plans? Paul Ryan's ideas for cutting back on Social Security and Medicare spending? As has been pointed out by many, Pres. Trump is the result, not the source of the current condition of the Republican Party. He would not be president today if tens of millions of voters didn't exist who never heard of Everett Dirksen, John Rhodes or Howard Baker and were waiting for someone like Trump to make their private thoughts (or those expressed anonymously by talk radio callers) acceptable rather than an embarrassment. Republican leaders knew those voters were part of the GOP electorate but kept them in the background far away from the TV cameras photographing their candidates. Trump realized that they could easily be made to be more loyal to the party, or rather to him as he took over the party, than other traditional Republicans who focused on bread and butter issues. He surrounded himself with them rather than hiding them at his rallies. They would demonstrate an irrational allegiance to someone whose main skill was to flatter them and validate their feelings. Neither party can claim to have policies that never fail, but you'll always succeed by flattering people who want to be told they are superior. Who else did Ms. Horn think all the racial and sexual dog whistles were for, for the past three decades? Did she think it was OK to keep those voters on her side as long as she didn't appeal to them explicitly? Now they are the explicit mainstream of the GOP, while those like Ms. Horn are the fringe. Time to vote Democratic, which is where Log Cabin Republicans should have been all along. Ah, but for all those years, they put their love of money first. Tax policy was more important to them. Who would let you keep more of your "hard-earned money" (favorite phrase of those Republicans who believe that those helped through federal programs are not working as hard as, you know, a hedge fund manager) was more important than human rights or spending taxpayer money to benefit all Americans. None of us is capable of complete selflessness. We are biologically wired to seek first to preserve our own lives. We instinctively compete for advantage. If that is all we are about, however, if winning is all we care about, and the only way to win is to make others lose, what has the point been for the development of human civilization over the past 8,000 years?

  43. Radicals from the Republican Party??
    I didn't watch the video did they name one..🤣😄😁 what a joke this fake news is

  44. Republican Women called Michelle Obama a "Monkey".
    That's what GOP Women are!
    Ask your Racist Prominent White Women Republicans about THEIR OWN Racism!

  45. Acknowledging that there are two biological sexes in humans and that gender is based on these two sexes is incendiary now?

  46. Gallup polls on Party Affiliation show no such drop in Republican affiliation. Sorry but it is true. Latest figures July 2019 have 29% Repub's and 27% for the Dem's

  47. shakes_head – what “courage” from the GOP, to take a “stand” like that in the face of the systemic destabilization of our entire society earns her…NOTHING.

    Total sell-outs usually fare better when they STAY sold out…should o’ taken the zero and shut up about it….

  48. You can't really disagree with her but at the same time it is quite apparent that she is overstating the scope of the Republican Party, and whitewashing over the base and the leadership and most importantly; the power in the form of financial backing that controls the levers of the GOP.. hands down. In other words, today's Republican Party would be an opposition party, what they were formulated from, rather than a populist party that they now aspire to be, if it weren't for their financial backers. The question is, or rather.. the jury is still out on whether Trump has diminished, increased, or obliterated that???

  49. Title should be: Are the CRAZIES…. Radical is one thing, crazy is something else. Just look at The Don.
    Neither foot in reality nor is his mind.

  50. LBJ's favorite joke: A rich fellow was offered a choice of 3 hearts to be transplanted in him: an athletic man, a starlet, and a Republican banker. He picked the last, because he wanted a heart that had never been used.

  51. God bless our great president Donald Trump. MAGA. By the way ther are only 2 genders. That's not radical that's the truth.

  52. Did I hear Whitman's last comment right – that the Repube party has always been a party of racists, but the problem is that now they are now talking about it publicly and acting on their true beliefs? That's the problem? It's a true statement, but I still can't believe she just said it.

  53. I'm 51 i do not recall a moment in my life that republicans were not racist ,misogynistic homophobes why are they acting like there has been a shift? The screaming carrot is just too stupid to keep his white hood on in public.

  54. The Republican Party has been pandering to the Racists and White Supremists since Nixon they have just finally taken over the party. You reap what you sow and if you lie down with dogs?

  55. 94%? Where are the error bars and methodology. I bet only trump supporters respond to these polls anymore.

    But Trump is both a symptom and a cause of the Republican party racism, anti-intellectualism, and pious religiosity. Republicans have the Trump they created/adopted. Notice how Trump failed as a politician as both a Democrat and an independent. Republicans need to stop pretending they are not at fault and own their monster. Trump became the Republican candidate because he is a con man who found the right audience. Republican policies are bankrupt hypocrisy and Trump sold Republicans a cult of personality. Trump most definitely represents the Republican party.

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