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[Applause] I'm Megan Kelly we have got some good topics to discuss today and a great panel joining me so how are you guys good to see you NBC's Keir Simmons and Jolene Kent today with something that most of us are guilty of and that is social media envy right now I don't have Instagram probably for this reason alone but it can happen on Facebook it can happen on anything online where you know you scroll through your feeds and after a while instead of feeling happy for people in their perfect lives you just feel kind of blue you put the phone down and you just feel like I'm failing my life doesn't look anywhere near as perfect as these other people so why do I keep going on here oh my god all the time this is the fake meet you crying about like they've got the perfect cup of coffee and the perfect scarf tied just the right way and their children look so beautiful yes and they're beautiful books in the background and the brave it's just a perfect mug and like you're like where do you get that I don't like there's like sometimes you can go to Pottery Barn and try to recreate it nothing happy so there is something to it there's a new article in The Guardian that says social media has made us more envious there's University of Michigan Michigan psychology professors saying Envy right now modern-day society is being taken to an extreme because we're constantly bombarded by photoshopped lives that exert a real toll on us I think you could call it photoshopped lies to create envy a lot of people are thirsting to make people jealous of they're actually not that perfect life and what I always like to remember is whenever I see something perfect like that cup of coffee or that wonderful hairstyle is how much it was staged beforehand how long did it take to arrange the mug to make it look just saying and how awkward was that right and how's it feel to get at that can I tell you when I interviewed Kim Kardashian she did me a solid and told me something about cuz you know she's the queen of the selfie and it was right after she had taken these beach pictures and they showed some cellulite God loved her Oh God can we just talk about Kim Kardashian those pictures I just because there's a guy problem with social media which is because you're on your phone right so you're looking at your phone you're spawning through an insta but I have to tell you so she had just had this cellulite photos taken by a paparazzo and then she had these other amazing photos and I was like so what's the deal how do you feel and she said you know what the only difference between those two photos is 24 hours and a bottle of Sally Hansen legs go ahead and buy stock and sell again like right now she said I'm telling you was the same me same body I just put on a little body makeup and she said have your beach photos taken at 6 p.m. on a sunset night like 6 p.m. she said is the perfect but the point is actually doing and she stages the stuff and she was not afraid to let people know that so they do say that if you if you want to get past that feeling of envy you have to recognize you can survive without having whatever it is you see this person have you can survive without it and not having it does not make you less worthy and there's a technological innovation here too on the new iPhones that have just come out you can track how much time you're spending on social media and maybe do a little inventory of that are you spending too much time on Instagram or Facebook I know I definitely add mmm you just you don't really get when you're done with it or you could do what I do which is binge watch shows about serial killers [Laughter] [Applause] okay so you know I don't like PC culture at all and you I'm sure you're shocked to hear that but apparently I am not alone there is a new report that was just published in the Atlantic that says 80% of the general population believes political correctness is a problem in our country and in case you're thinking it's just you know fuddy-duddies right 47 I'm not sure I could I'm a fuddy-duddy yet it's not 74 percent of those who are aged 24 to 29 feel like PC culture is out of control sort of 79 percent of those under age 24 yeah that we've gone too far I'm trying to make sure no one's feelings ever get hurt in anything we say or do just a couple of examples okay now there's pressure on all couples not to use pink or blue whenever giving a baby gift any shower or footprint you notice you don't use green or yellow because we're eliminating gender Maggy air rollers well yes because you don't want a stereotype I mean you're very lucky we're expecting it's a girl and what I find so much it's really interesting because the gift really says a lot about the gift giver we get some really cute pink frilly stuff really beautiful we also get lots of gender-neutral stuff now too which is also really nice and cool and hip yeah so it really says a lot about where we are right now and I never like to try to shame somebody out of giving pink cuz it's a girl or blue kids it's like can you spare me if you don't like it if you're not one of those parents let's just get rid of it don't worry gift it to somebody yes when I am boys and girls and it's like I don't want your standards about what gender is or isn't or what color to be applied to me right right if you don't want blue pink or blue no problem I'll respect it for you but that rule doesn't have to apply to everybody first of all okay the turn bridge Wells Borough Council this is this is you this is intent UK has now decided that the word brainstorming is not politically correct you can't say brainstorming anyway it offends way cos like those with epilepsy might be offended or anybody with a mental illness of any kind and so therefore we can net we only can now say thoughts showers brainstorming right half of this can be solved just play good manners we don't have to have all these complicated rules [Applause] there is something right about treating each other with respect treating each other well in time but I guess in a sense you know why do we have to make up new rules I mean don't we so many of us have those rules in our faith and we love thy neighbor pretty well right but it works both ways right because those who are sort of demanding that we change our language to be more tolerant they need to be tolerant to by a majority of society then we move on from those terms and we've done well with that I have to move on there are people in New Zealand paying $65 for cans of fresh air would you ever buy this I mean we live in New York City so we need it from New Zealand to Beijing where I live for several years and you're living in that smog maybe you really should be stocking up on are you walking around with the pack on your back and the kind of you know punching you as you walk down a $2.00 a bottle and $65 for a four pack it's pure fresh New Zealand air but you know it's the picture there's a picture I gotta say this is how we felt when bottled water came out we were like what kind of or on would pay for water and now look at it I look at these stories and I think why can't I think of scams like that I could bottle hot dog water and call it ode to New York I need fiji water anybody thought about it there cannot be that much water on the island of Fiji to be in every I'm going to feed you yeah I'm going with a Megan and Harry to Fiji yeah it's work it's cool work I'm having some trouble persuading my wife that like lined up in Moscow with Putin and you're going to Fiji thank you all so much [Applause]

  1. Virginia Governor and A G both had selfies in black face? Proof! They really don't give a dam about RACIST as long as it's a Democrat

  2. Why didn't they mention the fact that political correctness was started (and is still enforced) by the dumb liberal left!?
    Or would saying that not be politically correct?

  3. I boycott political correctness. Regarding brainstorming in UK… those with mental illness and cerebral palsy are not stupid and perfectly capable of brain storming. UK sounds discriminatory.

  4. Even the people on the other side of the planet who have almost nothing to do with American politics/History/culture feel the effect of the American version of political correctness.

  5. Megyn is laughing all the way to the bank with 69 million. Love her and will drop NBC news for this ridiculous firing,

  6. Yes. PC culture is why I am no longer on the Left. Life is too short to be worried about idiotic things like cultural appropriation.

  7. My First Real Experience with Racism
    I’d actually call it my first experience of having a gun pointed directly at me. It brings you to another consciousness. Guns are around. We know that. We’ve seen them. We accept that. When one is pointed at you, even fired at you, your entire attitude about them will change on a deeply emotional and spiritual level.
    This is precisely the nature of racism when you experience it pointed directly at you. Do I need to repeat that? So I can be sure I know what I said?
    Nedde. done said.
    I DO NOT think Ms Megan owes me, us, an apology. I felt no 'racism' from her and I don't feel like anything was pointed at me because I'm black. Please let her keep her job.
    It might be helpful to know that I am a 54-year old African-America living in Savannah, Georgia.
    done said. L

  8. I was in love with Megyn Kelly when I was about 6 years old. on a hayride in Lancaster PA. Way before writing Winter Wars Aluded by Wu Tang Clan.

  9. A pretty Caucasian has more to do with pretty humans than human outlooks being opinionated than journaled.

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