where you're weighing whales hello there and welcome to this edition of our Krypton community chat fest and it's the our community what David Peterson carpet bomb edition because this morning while I was sleeping David came in to them luck community and the main community group to throw and share some fantastic bombs with the community now the community of the last few days was in a more low beat kind of mood many people ask you on a knit up on when apex when shadow went a pace when shadow when yours went ape excellent shadow so David you know of course naturally it was very tired from his running around that he still got more running around to do and deals to make and contracts to sign as he's working very very hard for the arbitration community for the art investors and we had some very very interesting conversation in the community chats today with our CEO so in my first video of this carpet-bomb edition series I will give you a quick synopsis on what was discussed and then we will go more in detail of how they do Peterson interacted with our community today and what he is working on so without further ado I will go to present the first part of the synopsis of the DPN community chat so basically what did they need to talk about basically was saying about going live in the first half of August we are working hard to deliver it together we will test the last steps then go like this basically he's talking about apex so basically you've got another month and a bit maximum to hold your margin trading skills and looking for the first half but you know obviously give them some time I would just say like just give it to end of August so that was a very very important point that they would discuss today actually giving Aneta on when apex go live another question that was asked about the new pairs on the IE are testing on our side now that was also a big step completed to go live so basically again this was discussing the three paths we've got you know our theory and pair already we want the a USD our prepare and the a USD s pair to go light so basically that should go live of course with apex going light because if you don't have those parents like how are you going to get apex like so we need those to go live at the same time as web paintings it's like focusing on the quiddity main reason for building partnerships why is the quiddity important because everybody keeps asking about how they are going to sell their a USD and also your quiddity for the art market because we would have a USD which is a more stable kind of on your token or whatever you want to call it basically and USD that's what it is and then we've got of course our arms so the liquidity will allow higher volume and that is what we want isn't it it's high volume to deliver as many use cases as possible so more stuff coming in the pipeline apex limits maximum 2 percent profit trade and maximum my husband cared they detail still to be decided this is basically for the arbitrage thing they still working on what they're going to do for the apex arbitrage traits John Max and the mister way or a and I own the process of a partnership that will become a monster in the space and everyone here will die rectly benefit from that Union very important point here directly benefit so he's not just doing stuff a willy nilly and just building other things without asking are meaning to benefit from that very important point there okay now synopsis Selleck a USD two F or author by DP said working on a few things for that please let me finish some deals before giving a short answer it's always my goal to make it as easy as possible so he'll be working on some things we aren't we don't know the final product on that but we will obviously see what things go like cards update banks in process so the cards have been processed normally okay which is which is great and one minute sorry every partnership is to make the liquidity growth so the highly liquidity it means the more volume on all the exchanges on all the pairings and the more liquidity and volume obviously would mean a higher price and demand yeah it's open another question put to the demand himself all shadow traders to be kyc verified so we're not having any shady Pro traders pretending to be pro traders they're all going to be screamed this is so important because we do not have want people crying that they're losing all their money to shadow traders of course not every trade is going to be profitable we know that you know but even if you say get 70% of your trades in the green then that for me makes for very betrayed that prove that one tech will go live in August again these are reiterating take online in August partnerships will provide the liquidity sailing a USD directly to fear at will put a USD in a different class or requiring more licensing and KY she will take time to do providing equipped ease the first step and will not require to align director of USD so people were asking basically if people could sell it alienate USD Sevilla this will take more of a process this takes more legislation and and other things you know it's more paperwork at the moment as long as there's a liquidity to be able to buy and sell with earth and then you've got the arts as well then I think that will be enough for the first phase of what is coming and we continue here with the synopsis leverage volume on CMC already on it also BGC on this okay launch new pears and ie first before partnership deals kick in so that again that is very important because we need these pears on the total exchange so we can buy and sell a US Navy because when our that when the price of art goes up and I got a sort of a big enough fish bag of our I'm going to want to buy more in USD to trade them putting the boost and also shadow for Team developers working on arbitrage so that's pretty decent multiple pairs up exchange BP said we have bigger plans than just multiple pairs and annarbor exchange so what these bigger plans are we have yet to see but obviously he will reveal in good time the shadow trading will start with five fully vetted traders will go alive with sign ups any day that is fantastic so obviously they've been testing the shadow traders they are fully vetted and that's why it's taken time so that's going to be fantastic I'm gonna be able to go on McAfee magic and open mine my shadow trading account there and because I bought the card the disruptor card I'm gonna be able to have one year of literally free free trading there and I'll just you know put some money in some USD team and buy notes or somewhere and just let them shadow it for me so DP guaranteed apex to go line before end of August aiming for before the first time and liquidity means and they focus and this is a synopsis I'm going to do a couple of more in-depth videos just so that you can see the to and through the actual man in convo himself but as you can see things are ramping up now and I already seen some action price action happening now on the internal exchange for Arps yesterday we were going lower in price that quite a few people were dumping but now the buying seems to be revving up on the internal so could be a good time to become up before the price really does start to moon as we go into full apex launch I hoped you liked this addition of VP carpet community watch edition and I'll see you in the next video


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