AOC’s NY Nightmare: New Poll of AOC’s Own Voters Shows She’s ‘Disliked, Distrusted, Unwanted’

Leftists bash President Donald Trump for having
an approval rating less than 50 percent. According to NBC, a 44 percent approval rating
is a “warning sign.” The same number garnered a label of “startling”
from Intelligencer’s Ed Kilgore. When the president posted a 41 percent showing,
a Bloomberg headline read, “Trump Should Worry About His Approval Rating.” When Trump was briefly at 39 percent, Gallup
said Trump was faltering. And, of course, whenever a poll shows something
liberals don’t like, they either ignore it or call it biased. Maybe that’s why the left doesn’t seem
to want to talk about a recent survey showing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s favorability
rating at 21 percent. That is a lower number than any favorability
poll result in Donald Trump’s presidency. According to the Washington Examiner, the
survey found AOC was “disliked, distrusted,” and “unwanted” — in her own congressional
district. The survey was conducted among registered
voters by a political action committee investigating alleged Federal Election Commission violations
by AOC. The committee, Stop The AOC PAC, found that
just 11 percent of Ocasio-Cortez’s constituents thought she had their best interests in mind. The survey results showed the cause was likely
AOC’s opposition to Amazon placing a major operations hub near her New York district. Per the Washington Examiner, the survey found
the following: • 42% are unfamiliar with AOC.
• 51% have an unfavorable view of AOC. • 33% are ready to vote against AOC, and
only 13% would vote for her. • Although Ocasio-Cortez clearly has a large
following on Instagram and Twitter, she doesn’t appear to be very popular with average constituents
in New York’s 14th Congressional District. • Her problem could be her vocal support
of socialism and buddy-buddy appearances with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. • Or it could be her whining like a goat
over the $4,500 raise she didn’t get. (But profits and capitalism are bad, ya’ll!) • Or it could be that she wants to outlaw
cow farts, hamburgers and airplanes. Or it could be that when one of the largest
employers in the world suggested it might come to her state bringing jobs and huge amounts
of tax revenue, Ocasio-Cortez and other liberals protested and ran the company off. People who needed jobs don’t have them because
of AOC’s foolish, soapbox chest-beating. And it’s those people that will go to the
voting booths next election. It’s not all the Twitter followers, it’s
not all the social media “friends,” it’s not all the mainstream media hosts who aren’t
even covering her 21 percent favorability rating that actually matter. No, it’s the people in the voting booth,
the average Americans who care more about feeding their kids than the gaseous emissions
from a bovine. They will be the ones making decisions in
2020. Good luck, AOC. She’s going to need it, ya’ll.


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